Infineon Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus)

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Infineon Internship OnCampus Interview Experience

This was an internship + wait-for-PPO opportunity wherever hiring was done for 3 roles (Hardware, Software, and System)
An online trial was conducted.
This shortlisting was based connected Percentages successful 10th, 12th, CGPA, and Active Backlogs. The online trial consisted of 3 papers, Hardware, Software, and System. Systems insubstantial was compulsory and 1 among Software aliases Hardware had to beryllium given.

The trial consisted of aggregate sections for illustration JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, C++, Aptitude, Computer Networks, Operating systems, and different electronics-related subjects. Every conception had a 10-12 minutes clip limit. Proctoring was done done a Mobile camera kept astatine nan side, and PC Screen sharing. After this, immoderate students were shortlisted for interviews.
The interviews were completed successful 1 day.

Round 1
This information consisted of shared IDE successful a browser, The interviewer gave a mates of Data structures and algorithms questions based upon strings, arrays, maps, and hashing. These questions’ levels were easy to mean (depending connected personification to person). Some of these questions were:

  • Check whether strings are anagrams,
  • Print array elements pinch decreasing frequency, etc

Round 2
This was a speedy information wherever I was told to constitute a C programme for pass-by-reference. Also, knowledge of pointers was checked via C strings.

Round 3
In this round, nan interviewer asked maine astir nan introduction, projects, operating systems, machine networks, and tech stacks I person worked pinch successful projects. Specific questions: 

  • What are nan types of scheduling algorithms
  • What are nan layers of nan OSI model?
  • They asked for GUI acquisition and Databases I worked in.

Round 4
This was conducted connected Online Compiler by sharing screen. The interviewer asked maine nan pursuing questions on pinch their code:

  • Copy constructor pinch details
  • Static personnel initialization, assignment.
  • Virtual destructor use
  • Order of execution of constructors and destructors erstwhile an entity reference is of nan guidelines people and entity type is derived class.
  • Virtual keyword successful polymorphism. Vpointer and Vtable (Because I mentioned it)
  • Bit manipulation questions were asked and knowledge of and, or, negation, setBit, getBit, and clearBit was checked.
  • Some basal questions were based connected numbers for illustration printing digits successful reverse order.
  • Find nan 2nd maximum successful an array. 
  • Then Linked List-based mobility was asked. Merge 2 linked lists without utilizing immoderate other space.

Result: I sewage selected. 

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