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Siemens Advanta is an MNC company. I sewage selected for The question and reply done a coding competition. The question and reply was held in 2 rounds arsenic follows:

Technical Round:

This information lasted for 45 minutes. Initially, The interviewer asked immoderate questions based connected my resume and my last project. After that, immoderate method conversions are arsenic follows:

Interviewer: Are you comfortable in C language?

Me: Yes

Interviewer: Shared a codification in C connection and asked maine to debug it.

Me: Examined The codification and explained The error.

Interviewer: How galore languages do you know?

Me: C, Java and Python.

Interviewer: Explain The quality betwixt ArrayList and Array in Java.

Me: Both are utilized to shop elements of akin information structures but ArrayList is utilized erstwhile we request move representation allocation i.e., size Can beryllium modified later. For an Array, representation is fixed and we specify The size of The array during initialization itself.

Interviewer: Why do we usage Abstract Class?

Me: To person a communal format, truthful arsenic to instrumentality its features galore times i.e. polymorphism and besides to hide The specifications of The code.

After a bid of questions for illustration this, The interviewer asked maine to stock my surface and past asked maine to constitute codification for The fixed question. I person written The code. Finally, The question and reply ended.

HR Round:

Asked astir my existent moving company. I explained it. Asked my logic for choosing Siemens Advanta. I person already done investigation astir The company, truthful I explained The same. Finally aft The chat astir activity and net expectations, The question and reply ended.

After a fewer days, I sewage The connection missive from The company.

Last Updated : 07 Aug, 2023

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