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About The college:

JNTUH College of Engineering, Jagtial precocious became autonomous. It is located astatine Pillala Marri of Jagtial District. People who get bully scores in Eamcet get a spot here. The assemblage had a full of 3 buildings.

  1. The management artifact which includes first-year classes of each branches
  2. The different building includes ECE, EEE and Mechanical branches
  3. The last building includes CSE and IT branches

The situation of The assemblage is very good. You Can find a bully number of trees and a cool situation arsenic it was connected The wood side.

My journey:


First-year was a memorable acquisition arsenic we make caller friends. This is wherever we study physics and chemistry isolated from our halfway branch subjects. I started processing an liking in coding, arsenic everyone will person C connection arsenic a taxable in The first year. The teachers utilized to behaviour seminars. Through seminars, we create nationalist speaking and connection skills.

Second twelvemonth to last year:

This is wherever we participate into our halfway subjects. We will go acquainted pinch our halfway taxable teachers. You Can inquire arsenic galore doubts arsenic you can. The teachers are very friendly. Slowly, by The 3rd year, we will go very superior astir getting a job. Everyone will commencement learning aptitude to ace The written trial of respective companies. The last twelvemonth task is very important for a occupation interview. So take your last twelvemonth task wisely. We enjoyed a batch in The assemblage fest which was conducted each year. Fest is simply a beautiful opportunity to stock your knowledge to The world.

About placements:

TCS is simply a awesome institution in our college. A batch of students get placed in TCS each year. Apart from TCS, we will beryllium having galore different companies for illustration Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Deloitte, Cognizant etc. Companies commencement hiring from 3rd twelvemonth itself. So, it will beryllium a awesome opportunity to get hired.

My Learnings:

At B.Tech, you get plentifulness of time, truthful usage it wisely. Through I did a batch of online courses, I excessively wasted a batch of time. You request to deliberation astir your occupation and early from The first twelvemonth itself. This measurement you won’t regret it erstwhile you are in The last year.

Last Updated : 07 Aug, 2023

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