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ChatGPT is acold much than a elemental AI wordsmith. While it excels astatine written interactions, incorporating images Can respire caller life into your prompts and unlock myriad much instrumentality learning capabilities. This guideline will explicate really you Can upload images to ChatGPT, transforming it from a matter maestro to a existent multimedia mastermind.

How to upload images to ChatGPT connected desktop

Right disconnected The bat, you will request a paid ChatGPT Plus aliases Enterprise relationship in bid to upload images arsenic that characteristic is not presently disposable for desktop users connected The free tier. To entree The Plus tier, simply click The Upgrade Plan icon connected The broadside sheet of The ChatGPT location page, prime your scheme tier, and travel The prompts.

Step 1: Go to The ChatGPT website, log in utilizing your credentials and commencement a caller chat. Make judge you're utilizing either The ChatGPT-4 aliases 4o exemplary (click connected The drop-down paper in The upper-left area of The chat model to select).

The ChatGPT Plus location surface showing The exemplary prime paper  OpenAI

Step 2: Select The paperclip icon to The near of The punctual input model astatine The bottommost of The chat screen. This will popular up a three-item paper allowing you to take to link to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, aliases upload The image from your difficult drive.

Image upload in ChatGPT OpenAI

Step 3: Select your image and click to connect it. ChatGPT Can judge .gif, .png, and .jpeg formats. From there, simply capable retired The punctual pinch immoderate you request The AI to do pinch that image, and commencement chatting.

The ChatGPT Plus location surface showing a chat astir an uploaded image of a dog OpenAI

How to upload images to ChatGPT connected mobile

Unlike The desktop version, ChatGPT connected mobile does let users to upload images from The device, from The camera rotation and straight from The camera itself, each while connected The free tier.

Step 1: Open The ChatGPT app connected your device. Log in utilizing your free tier credentials.

Step 2: Click connected The "+" fastener to The near of The punctual input model to uncover 3 icons denoting, from near to right: The camera, The camera roll, and The device's soul storage. If you prime The camera icon connected The left, it (unsurprisingly) launches The camera app. The mediate scenery icon opens your camera rotation wherever you Can upload images you've already taken. The record files icon connected The correct opens your device's on-board record system.

Step 3: Select The images you want to upload and click Add. The image beneath is intentionally blurred to protect The identities of group and pets.

Step 4: Once The image is attached and visible in The punctual window, type in immoderate you request The AI to reply astir The contents of that photograph and click The up-facing arrow fastener connected The correct side.

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