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Front 3 4th position of a beige 2024 Lucid Air Touring.Stephen Edelstein/

If you’re only going to waste 1 car, you’d amended make it count.

The Lucid Air electrical car finally took formation in 2020 aft years in financial limbo. While Lucid plans to motorboat an SUV called The Gravity and a statement of smaller, much mainstream models, The Air remains Lucid’s sole merchandise astir 4 years aft its launch. The Air has evolved in that time, adding aggregate configurations that let this 1 car to capable respective niches.

Lucid has changed The Air lineup aggregate times since The car’s launch, and is doing it again for The 2024 exemplary year. The lineup now consists of The guidelines rear-wheel thrust Pure, all-wheel thrust Touring, maximum-range Grand Touring, and maximum-performance Sapphire.

This reshuffling was arsenic bully of an excuse arsenic immoderate to revisit The Air and spot really The 4 versions compare. precocious had The opportunity to do precisely that, driving each 4 Air models back-to-back connected scenic roads and highways in The Hudson Valley conscionable extracurricular New York City.

Pure enjoyment

Front 3 4th position of a achromatic 2024 Lucid Air Pure in beforehand of a lake.Stephen Edelstein/

If you’re looking for a accelerated and luxurious EV pinch road-trip worthy range, The Lucid Air Pure guidelines exemplary whitethorn beryllium each The car you need. The Pure loses its all-wheel thrust action for The 2024, but The remaining rear-wheel thrust type starts astatine $71,400 and extracts 419 miles of scope from its 88-kilowatt-hour artillery pack. That’s awesome considering that a Tesla Model S requires astir 100 kWh of artillery capacity for 402 miles of range.

The single-motor Pure is The least-powerful Air model, but still generates 430 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. That will get this 4,564-pound sedan from zero to 60 mph in a Lucid-estimated 4.5 seconds, It has a apical velocity of 124 mph. We besides deliberation The Pure is simply a batch much nosy than its much powerful Touring and Grand Touring siblings.

We guided The Pure pinch The precision of Rebel pilots connected The Death Star trench run.

This rear-wheel thrust exemplary feels much eager to onslaught corners, in portion because The unpowered beforehand axle really made The steering travel alive. This isn’t a mini car, but we were capable to guideline it down twisty roads pinch The precision of Rebel pilots connected The Death Star trench run. We didn’t precisely miss The other powerfulness of The different Air variants erstwhile The roadworthy straightened out, either. The Pure is plentifulness quick.

The Pure besides doesn’t springiness up overmuch erstwhile it comes to animal comforts and tech. It has The aforesaid 34.0-inch show arsenic much costly Air models, pinch astir controls routed done a little touchscreen that Lucid calls The Pilot Panel. Wireless Apple CarPlay is supported, but Lucid still doesn’t connection Android Auto connectivity. Synthetic upholstery is modular alternatively of existent leather, but that’s for reasons of sustainability alternatively than cost.

More power, little urgency

Rear 3 4th position of a beige 2024 Lucid Air Touring.Stephen Edelstein/

The Touring is different carryover model, but pinch The deletion of The dual-motor Pure from The lineup for 2024, it’s now The least-expensive measurement to get an all-wheel thrust powertrain in an Air. Rather than conscionable a sop for snowbelt customers, though, The Touring is much astir splitting The different betwixt The Pure and Grand Touring models.

The value increases to $79,400 while output jumps to 620 hp and 885 lb-ft of torque, getting The Touring from zero to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and connected to a 140 mph apical speed. The Touring has a larger 92-kWh artillery pack, but scope drops somewhat compared to The Pure, to 411 miles.

The Air Touring emphasizes smoothness and serenity alternatively than sportiness.

Despite being quicker than a Porsche 911 Carrera, this is simply a laid-back car. On The highway, it lives up to its Touring sanction pinch thrust value that makes exploiting this EV’s generous scope an charismatic prospect. The Touring wasn’t caught retired by twisty roads, either, but The accent seemed to beryllium much connected smoothness and serenity than sportiness.

In summation to emotion little lively than The Pure, The Touring asks buyers to judge that they’re mostly paying for all-wheel thrust and quicker acceleration. We didn’t spot The Touring cockpit arsenic a immense upgrade complete The Pure cockpit, and instrumentality levels are reasonably adjacent betwixt The two. The interface and database of modular driver-assist features are fundamentally The same. The second covers The bases, pinch expected features for illustration adaptive cruise power and blind-spot monitoring, but Lucid leaves much precocious features connected The options list.

Reputation maker

A achromatic 2024 Lucid Air Grand Touring parked astatine The broadside of a road.Stephen Edelstein/

The Lucid Air Grand Touring is simply a car that headlines are made of. With 516 miles of scope from a 112-kWh artillery pack, it is The longest-range EV presently connected sale. It’s besides The fastest-charging Air variant, capable to retrieve 200 miles of scope in conscionable 12 minutes of charging astatine a suitably powerful DC fast-charging station, according to Lucid. However, The value climbs steeply to $111,400.

For 2024, Lucid eliminated The erstwhile 1,050-hp Grand Touring Performance, leaving The modular Grand Touring pinch “only” 819 hp and 885 lb-ft of torque, enabling a zero to 60 mph clip of 3.0 seconds and a 168 mph apical speed. That’s astir apt conscionable arsenic well. The 0.4 2nd quality in zero to 60 mph acceleration betwixt The Touring and Grand Touring is difficult to announcement without a stopwatch.

The Grand Touring is The astir user-friendly 819-hp car you’re apt to encounter.

There isn’t overmuch to separate The Touring and Grand Touring models erstwhile it comes to handling, either. The Grand Touring adopts The aforesaid laid-back cognition arsenic The less-powerful Touring model, which is really a spot funny considering really overmuch powerfulness is connected tap. The specs opportunity Ferrari, but The driving acquisition says Rolls-Royce. The chassis seems group up to negociate The powerfulness alternatively than utilization it. That does make The Grand Touring The astir user-friendly 819-hp car you’re ever apt to encounter.

Inside, The Grand Touring didn’t consciousness very different from The Pure and Touring models, though that’s mostly because Lucid chose to support interior fittings accordant throughout, alternatively than inexpensive retired connected The lower-level grades. The Grand Touring’s 516 miles of scope is its raison d’etre. It’s a showcase for Lucid’s expertise to technologist an businesslike EV, and a powerful statement against EV naysayers fixated connected scope anxiety.

A gem of a capacity car

Profile position of a bluish 2024 Lucid Air Sapphire.Stephen Edelstein/

The Sapphire is Lucid’s reply to The Tesla Model S Plaid, and for illustration The Plaid, it uses a tri-motor powertrain. A azygous beforehand centrifugal and dual rear motors harvester for a numerically satisfying 1,234 hp, arsenic good arsenic 1,430 lb-ft of torque. The capacity figures are predictably impressive: zero to 60 mph in 1.8 seconds, a quarter-mile clip of 8.9 seconds astatine 158 mph, and a 205 mph apical speed. A 118-kWh artillery battalion provides 427 miles of scope — but astir apt little if you thrust The Sapphire arsenic intended.

This is much than conscionable an Air Grand Touring pinch an other motor, though. Upgrades for illustration unsocial suspension tuning, c ceramic brakes, and staggered wheels (20-inch in beforehand and 21-inch in back) pinch Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summertime capacity tires make The Sapphire a complete capacity car that’s some competent and entertaining.

The Sapphire is awesome in portion for what it isn’t. Cars pinch bragging-rights powerfulness outputs Can still beryllium dull to thrust erstwhile you’re not utilizing each of that power. And The play of speedy acceleration Can drown retired different aspects of The car, for illustration nutrient drenched in excessively overmuch basking sauce. That isn’t The lawsuit here. The Sapphire feels arsenic speedy arsenic The specs suggest, but The steering and suspension are arsenic overmuch a portion of The experience. You get each of The flavors, not conscionable The heat.

That’s because The Sapphire isn’t conscionable astir what happens erstwhile you push The correct pedal. It feels remarkably delicate and precise for a large sedan, flowing done corners in a measurement that ever makes you consciousness connected to The car’s movements. It’s besides decently comfortable, and still has much scope than immoderate different EV presently available. The only drawback is that The Sapphire costs $250,500. At that price, it needs to beryllium this good.

Force multiplier

Rear 3 4th position of a achromatic 2024 Lucid Air Pure in beforehand of a lake.Stephen Edelstein/

The Lucid Air has grabbed headlines pinch its world-beating scope and charging speeds, but The afloat lineup shows that The basal Air level has unthinkable bandwidth. The reshuffled lineup besides provides a clearer favoritism betwixt models than The existent BMW i7 aliases Mercedes-Benz EQS lineups, while giving customers much choices than Tesla, which has whittled down The Model S lineup to 2 variants. The existent Air lineup acts arsenic a unit multiplier, allowing Lucid to capable arsenic galore niches arsenic it Can pinch conscionable 1 vehicle.

Some issues can’t beryllium addressed by tweaking powerfulness output, artillery size, aliases price. The Air’s styling whitethorn not beryllium for everyone, and The aforesaid goes for its touchscreen-heavy interface, which requires usage of a surface to set The mirrors and steering wheel. The Air Touring seems to beryllium mostly to capable a value gap, and moreover The cheapest Air Pure remains firmly in luxury-car territory astatine a clip erstwhile precocious prices are 1 of The main factors holding backmost EV adoption. But until more models arrive, The Air should beryllium much than capable to clasp The statement against Lucid’s rivals.

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