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Samsung S95D OLED review

DT Editors' Choice

“The astir agleam room-friendly OLED TV we've tested.”


  • Exellent brightness
  • Eye-popping color
  • Snappy operation
  • Great gaming features
  • Awesome for agleam rooms


  • Anti-glare curen is polarizing
  • Blacks whitethorn look lifted in agleam rooms

I person never, in each my years arsenic a tech reviewer, seen specified aggravated feelings complete a TV. That TV, of course, is The Samsung S95D QD-OLED — Samsung’s flagship OLED TV for 2024. We’ll get to The contention and hoopla in a moment, but first things first: The Samsung S95D is 1 hellhole of a TV, 1 of The brightest — and decidedly 1 of The best of The year.

Everyone who passed done The workplace while I was moving connected this reappraisal was blown distant by The S95D. All around, its image is excellent. With aliases without The lights connected its brightness capabilities excel, colour accuracy is awesome and well-saturated, and its highlights conscionable pop. It features Samsung’s One Connect container (that I’m a large instrumentality of), which allows a single-cable relationship to The TV to massively trim cablegram clutter, and immoderate respectable built-in sound for a TV pinch rear-firing speakers and 8 bass transducers lining The back.

It’s a well-rounded, premium TV. So what’s each The contention about, then? Unveiled astatine CES 2024, The Samsung S95D showed disconnected a characteristic that has since caused rather an uproar, albeit mostly among TV enthusiasts who person mucked up The speech astir this TV: its anti-glare/anti-reflective technology. Designed to thief dissipate immoderate ambient ray reflecting disconnected The screen, The tech spreads it retired crossed The screen’s surface, making for a less-harsh viewing experience, particularly in agleam rooms wherever traditional OLEDs thin to struggle. However, The dispersion does person an effect complete The full screen, and there’s a vocal number that would for illustration a much localized effect for illustration in astir different TVs.

These are each valid points of view, to beryllium sure, and I’m going to get into each of this in The review. So, let’s get started.

Video review

Samsung S95D OLED TV Review | The Most Versatile OLED TV?

Overview and features

Before I get into image quality, let’s screen immoderate basics. The S95D is simply a QD-OLED TV, which intends it Can fundamentally nutrient higher colour purity and a somewhat wider colour gamut, pinch amended saturation in very agleam colors than a WRGB OLED panel. That enhanced capacity is not thing truthful easy seen connected its own. But if you put this TV adjacent to, say, an LG G4, you Can spot The quality in immoderate cases — particularly in The measurement it handles reds. Whether you like that is up to individual preference. But from a measurements perspective, this TV exertion does person The expertise to nutrient stunning and meticulous color.

The S95D comes pinch Samsung’s One Connect box, which (long The bane of galore custom-installation professionals) allows for a single-cable relationship to The TV. Power, video, everything. One cable. This Can beryllium an advantage, truthful agelong arsenic you Can hide it The container itself, but it does let you to trim cablegram clutter and makes for a neat and tidy setup. I’ve been a instrumentality of The One Connect container for immoderate time, but it isn’t ever a large thief to everyone. But that’s really this TV comes, truthful location it is.

The S95D runs connected Samsung’s proprietary Tizen smart TV operating system, of which I person ne'er been a large fan. Some of that is because it takes excessively galore clicks to get to image settings and specified — a problem suffered much by reviewers than The mean user. That said, I will springiness Tizen points for being really snappy. The TV boots up quickly, and The smart TV interface is instantly usable, which is much than I Can opportunity for The acquisition you get from The LG G4 moving webOS.

Samsung S95D OLED reviewZeke Jones

But for my review, ultimately, I connected an Apple TV 4K streaming box, moreover if The TV does not support Dolby Vision. (No Samsung TV does.) I conscionable for illustration The acquisition connected The Apple TV complete what’s built into Samsung TVs, which, sorry Samsung, that’s conscionable really it is for me.

The Samsung S95D comes pinch The company’s solar-rechargeable remote. It’s benignant of small, but ne'er having to interest astir batteries is beautiful great. It’s besides beautiful small, which is good, but, that makes it a small easier to misplace. Additionally, The buttons are not backlit, though location really aren’t galore buttons to effort to support way of anyway.

I besides didn’t bask assembling The guidelines that comes pinch this TV. But erstwhile you’ve jumped done those hurdles, it is highly coagulated and supports The TV really well. Oddly enough, though, it does person conscionable The slightest thin backmost — astatine slightest The trial portion we were sent does.

Sound quality

In a batch of our TV reviews, we usually urge a bully soundbar to brace pinch your TV, because astir TVs person unspeakable sound retired of The box. The speakers built in to The S95D, however, amazed me. On The backmost of The TV are panels of rear-firing speakers lining The edges arsenic good arsenic 8 bass transducers that present immoderate decent debased end.

Samsung S95D OLED reviewZeke Jones

This speaker strategy useful champion if The TV is wall-mounted. (I’ve heard it that way, and it is impressive.) But it besides Can activity good if The TV is stand-mounted, too. It conscionable helps if The TV is placed in adjacent proximity to The wall down it, because it relies a awesome woody connected reflection of The audio waves to sound its best.

Unfortunately we person sound-absorbing slat-wall worldly in The reappraisal studio, truthful we did not get The champion sound retired of The S95D. Fortunately, I still person Samsung’s flagship Dolby Atmos soundbar, which remains 1 of The best soundbar systems you Can buy. And it, on pinch Samsung’s Q-Symphony sound utilizing The TV speakers arsenic enhancement, provides 1 hellhole of an at-home cinematic experience.

Nit Nerds, activate!

Those of you who are acquainted pinch my video reviews, I for illustration to do a heavy dive into a TVs image capacity pinch a conception I telephone Numbers for Nit Nerds. But if you aren’t concerned pinch specified things arsenic highest nits and delta E numbers and achromatic equilibrium errors, consciousness free to skip this section. I’ll beryllium getting to The image value takeaways in a moment. But, for you nit nerds retired there, I deliberation you’re going to find this beautiful interesting.

Samsung S95D OLED reviewZeke Jones

The S95D measured very well. I did request to alteration The colour somesthesia mounting in Filmmaker mode to Warm 2 to get The champion achromatic balance, truthful I propose you do The aforesaid if you want The astir meticulous picture. But in SDR Filmmaker Mode I sewage astir 200 nits, and of people you Can earnestly brighten that up if you want.

White equilibrium was admirable — a small dense connected blue, truthful a spot cool, but nary outrageous errors. Color accuracy was excellent, too. And grayscale, connected The whole, was rather good. In HDR, again, acheronian room for measuring. I sewage astir 1,450 nits from a 10% and 5% achromatic model — a small little than immoderate measurements I’ve seen elsewhere.

When The lights are up, really up, you whitethorn announcement that achromatic areas aren’t arsenic inky arsenic OLED TVs made pinch WRGB type OLED panels.

EOTF search was coagulated apical to bottommost nether normal testing conditions. (You Can show I’m alluding to something, right?) HDR colour accuracy was great, and The grayscale was very good, if not The champion we’ve seen from an OLED TV. Color gamut in HDR was outstanding — 100% of DCI P3 and astir 90% of BT. 2020 and The colour measurement was ace awesome — moreover The brightest colors stay really saturated. That’s that QD-OLED tech astatine work.

Another point I noticed is that erstwhile testing this TV’s highest brightness: The TV maxes retired its capabilities erstwhile it sees a model pattern. But erstwhile The full surface is lit up, I don’t deliberation you’re getting 1,400 nit highest highlights. Also, this TV does throttle The brightness aft astir 20 seconds pinch an excruciating trial shape for illustration this. You Can spot it dimming aggressively if you push it excessively hard. And you Can spot that it does get basking erstwhile pushed difficult — I measured a somesthesia summation of astir 50 degrees Fahrenheit earlier The TV started to unit a dimming down.

Samsung S95D OLED reviewZeke Jones

And this aggravated trial model besides caused a spot of image retention, though it goes distant beautiful quickly. Again, existent contented is not apt to origin this. This is simply a torture-test reaction. But if you watch, say, hockey, pinch The TV group to beryllium The brightest it Can be, truthful The APL is ace high, and you region it, aliases The image lingers a bit, you mightiness drawback car brightness limiter coming in concisely until The image moves again.

For much discerning viewers, location are a mates of things to consider. When The ambient lights are up, really bright, you whitethorn announcement that achromatic areas aren’t arsenic inky arsenic OLED TVs made pinch WRGB type OLED panels. Frankly, it’s ne'er bothered me. Once The surface is lit up pinch content, The opposition is still truthful bully that I Can look past ample swathes of acheronian areas not being arsenic inky. The advantage of pixel-level dimming is still evident, making it a much contrast-y image connected The full than astir LCD-based TVs pinch backlights.

Anti-glare coating

With The nerdy numbers retired of The way, let’s reside The elephant in The room. The S95D’s anti-glare technology, which immoderate for illustration to picture arsenic a “matte coating” aliases “matte finish,” is not a matte decorativeness in The consciousness that The sheet appears to person texture to it, for illustration Samsung’s The Frame TV does — a instrumentality that helps that TV’s image really look for illustration creation connected canvas.

No, this anti-glare exertion doesn’t spell that far. It does, however, support The TV screen’s aboveground from looking for illustration a acheronian mirror.

Samsung S95D OLED reviewZeke Jones

I deliberation it makes consciousness that Samsung would want to connection an OLED TV that could look awesome in conditions nether which OLED TVs typically suffer — namely rooms pinch a batch of ray in them. Part of The solution to that situation was to make a agleam OLED TV, which Samsung has done pinch The S95D. (More connected that later.) The different portion was to dissipate ambient light, alternatively than person it direct-reflected, by ditching The mirror-like effect communal connected OLED TVs.

The consequence is The following: Whether The ray root is nonstop and concentrated — for illustration a agleam ray bulb aliases sun-flooded model sitting correct down you — aliases much generalized, room-filling light, The S95D spreads that ray complete a ample magnitude of surface aboveground area, frankincense having a much gentle, little invasive effect. But it occurs complete astir of The screen.

Samsung S95D OLED reviewLeft: LG G4 OLED; Right: Samsung S95D Zeke Jones

My conjecture is that astir folks will for illustration much diffused ray complete a much intense, focused reflection. But from The comments I’ve been reference astir this TV, galore enthusiasts would for illustration The other — to person conscionable 1 portion of The surface affected, leaving The remainder of The surface looking better.

Now, arsenic galore commenters correctly pointed retired in my Anti-glare vs. Glossy OLED video, I didn’t talk astir really The Samsung S95D looked in those dim, light-controlled conditions. And possibly that was a mistake. I wanted to talk astir The S95D’s merits arsenic a bright-room TV connected its ain (it’s go my regular driver, actually), figuring I would get to The dim aliases dark-room capacity present in this review. And I will below.

Picture quality

Let maine commencement pinch a small summary that’s going to put The S95D into perspective. Every azygous personification I showed this TV to has been thing short of gobsmacked — conscionable smacked each up in their gob — astatine really gorgeous The image value is. I brought in friends, family, neighbors, and master videographers and imaging professionals, and they all were like, “Dayum, that TV looks amazing.” With The lights on, in full darkness, everyone says this TV is consecutive fire.

I deliberation that reasonably represents what astir folks are going to deliberation of The S95D. The TV tends to beryllium a spot brighter than what’s considered meticulous in SDR, moreover in its Filmmaker Mode image preset. And past of people you Can really juice up The brightness by picking a brighter image mode aliases conscionable turning up The OLED ray level.

Samsung has besides introduced a caller colour booster mounting which, again, strays from accuracy by juicing up colour saturation, but that’s a look a batch of folks like, truthful it’s bully to person The action available. And arsenic a bonus, it doesn’t conscionable wholly flip accuracy to The upwind — it’s conscionable a small other oomph that is apt to delight a batch of viewers.

And arsenic for The S95D’s anti-glare capacity in really agleam rooms goes, The curen makes The image much watchable than pinch glossy screens, I think. But there’s nary denying that The TV will suffer immoderate of its opposition arsenic The ray is scattered. But I support that in harsh lighting conditions, this is still The astir watchable OLED TV connected The market.

Everyone I showed this TV to thought it was incredible.

In dim rooms (with, I’d say, astir 70% to 75% of The lighting scenarios I tried) while moving ray sources astir to various places in The room and varying The strength by 3 different levels, I recovered The S95D looked great. We’ll analyse really it looks compared to an OLED TV for illustration The LG G4 (stay tuned), but achromatic levels looked inky, opposition was outstanding, and The image has luster.

Is that luster slightly, marginally little than competing glossy OLED TVs? Yes, it is observable in a comparison. But in isolation I deliberation The S95D looks fantabulous in astir scenarios. It whitethorn not beryllium The brightest OLED TV connected mean (I deliberation that grant will person to spell to The LG G4), but it is much than sufficiently agleam for dim-room applications.

Samsung S95D OLED reviewZeke Jones

HDR highlights person pop, and colors are agleam and well-saturated. More to The point, astir of The clip I watched this TV I did not spot an evident hazy, smearing effect moreover though The measurements show objectively that it is happening.

I’m going to support watching and testing, but The mobility solution connected this TV hasn’t bothered maine yet. After astir 3 weeks into watching this TV, I’ve conscionable enjoyed it a bunch.

Samsung S95D OLED reviewZeke Jones

But what’s Game Mode for illustration connected The S95D? The image whitethorn beryllium a small over-brightened, super-enjoyable connected balance. I’m not a large gamer and I’m not going to dress to beryllium qualified to opportunity that this is an excellent gaming TV. But I’ll opportunity that I deliberation The crippled mode and crippled dashboard is beautiful great.

Final thoughts

So, is The Samsung S95D a reference-grade OLED TV? No. Is this TV going to summarily triumph shootout matches pinch different OLED TVs nether The astir ardent of master scrutiny? Probably not. But is it an fantabulous TV that is apt to onshore in much homes than different likewise priced OLED TVs? Yeah, I deliberation it will.

In regards to The S95D’s anti-glare feature. I was incorrect if I ever said that The anti-glare surface connected this TV was going to beryllium indistinguishable from a glossy OLED TV in astir conditions. In a wholly acheronian room, I deliberation astir would person a difficult clip identifying it. But erstwhile ray is involved, you Can spot a quality if you person a keen eye. So, for The record, I admit it: The anti-glare surface does visibly change The image in galore different viewing scenarios.

But I guidelines by my return that The anti-glare is simply a nett affirmative in most situations and is going to beryllium a use to The astir magnitude of customers. But I besides work together pinch The galore commenters of my Anti-glare vs. Glossy OLED video — that a type of The S95D without The anti-glare curen would beryllium a awesome thought (Samsung, we’re looking astatine you).

But let’s beryllium clear: We’re talking astir Samsung’s flagship QD-OLED TV here. It starts astatine a baseline of awesome. After that, The scrutiny has to spell heavy to find its flaws. And I’ll do my champion to show you those erstwhile I put this up against The LG G4 and possibly immoderate different OLED TVs. On The whole, though, it is beautiful.

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