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The Arlo Pro 4 is 1 of The best information cameras of 2024, offering crisp footage, superior nighttime vision, and a generous 160-degree viewing angle. But if you're moving into immoderate pesky glitches aliases are gearing up to waste The camera, you mightiness beryllium inclined to execute a mill reset. Doing this will swipe each your settings and information from The device, allowing you to commencement caller aliases springiness it distant without handing The adjacent personification each of your data. Arlo made it easy to reset The Pro 4 – here's really to get The occupation done, including steps for a camera that's presently offline.

The Arlo Pro 4 location information camera installed outdoors. Arlo

How to mill reset The Arlo Pro 4 pinch The Arlo app

After opening The Arlo Secure App and ensuring your camera is online, here's really to reset your camera.

Step 1: Open The Devices menu.

Step 2: Select your Arlo Pro 4.

Step 3: Select The Settings icon (it's shaped for illustration a gear).

Step 4: Select Device Name.

Step 5: Select Remove Device, past corroborate The action by clicking Yes.

Step 6: If you'd for illustration to reconnect your device, simply caput to The Devices paper and click connected The Plus icon. You'll past beryllium fixed instructions connected really to reconnect The device. If you're giving distant your Arlo camera, there's nary request to reconnect it to your Arlo app.

Step 7: Note that immoderate versions of The Arlo app mightiness person menus pinch somewhat different names (My Devices versus Devices), but The wide steps should stay The same.

How to mill reset an Arlo Pro 4 that's offline

If your Arlo Pro 4 is offline, you'll request to usage The Sync fastener to execute The mill reset.

Step 1: Unmount your Arlo Pro 4 and find The Sync button. This is The mini fastener connected The bottommost of The device.

Step 2: Hold The Sync fastener for 15 seconds. The LED should commencement flashing blue. Release The button.

Step 3: The LED ray should now flash amber 3 times earlier starting The mill reset process. If The fastener was held excessively long, these amber lights won't appear. In that case, effort holding down The Sync fastener for 15 seconds again.

Step 4: You Can now jump into The Arlo app to mill reset The camera.

Step 5: From The app, spell to Devices, prime your Arlo Pro 4, past prime Device Name and Remove Device.

Step 6: You'll now person The action to either reconnect it to your Arlo app, aliases time off it in The mill reset position for The adjacent owner.

If your Arlo camera is still moving into trouble, beryllium judge to look astatine our guide to really to hole an Arlo camera that's offline. Possible solutions see powerfulness cycling The information camera, ensuring its somesthesia is wrong a normal operating range, and verifying you're utilizing The due charging cablegram for your batteries.

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