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The apical of Group D astatine Euro 2024 is connected The statement coming astatine Red Bull Arena in Leipzig erstwhile powerhouses France and Netherlands meet for a immense showdown. Both among The apical favorites entering The tournament, they each won their opener but in unconvincing fashion. Netherlands fell down early against Poland earlier rallying to a 2-1 victory. France’s powerful onslaught couldn’t lick Austria, but they were capable to compression retired a 1-0 triumph acknowledgment to an ain goal.

If you unrecorded in The United States, this 1 starts astatine 3:00 p.m. ET and will beryllium televised connected Fox. But if you’re looking for immoderate ways to stream Euro 2024, we’ve recovered each The champion options for watching a free unrecorded watercourse of Netherlands vs France today.

Is location a free Netherlands vs France unrecorded stream?

Fubo scatter surface connected a TV.Phil Nickinson

If you unrecorded in The United States, you Can watch a unrecorded watercourse of Netherlands vs France via immoderate live-TV streaming work that includes Fox, specified arsenic Fubo, YouTube TV aliases DirecTV Stream. There are immoderate others for illustration Hulu+Live TV and Sling TV that could besides work, but those first 3 options person a mates things moving in their favor: One, they connection Fox unrecorded in The astir markets, and two, they travel pinch a free trial.

Fubo would beryllium our recommendation. The “Pro” transmission package” includes 180-plus channels in total, including Fox (live in astir markets), FS1, FS2 and The Fubo Sports channel, which has exclusive sum of a fewer remaining Euro 2024 matches. It comes pinch a seven-day free trial, meaning you Can motion up and watch each Euro 2024 lucifer done The conclusion of The group shape earlier needing to salary aliases cancel your subscription.

Of course, if you only want to watch Netherlands vs France, and you want to do it for free, YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream will some activity perfectly for that purpose. They each see Fox (live in astir markets), FS1 and FS2, and they some connection a free five-day trial.

Watch The Netherlands vs France unrecorded watercourse connected Sling TV

Sling TV connected Apple TV.Sling TV

If you’ve utilized up each The aforementioned free trials, Sling TV is The cheapest measurement to watch a unrecorded watercourse of Netherlands vs France in English in The United States. The “Sling Blue” transmission plan, which is presently connected waste for conscionable $20 for your first month, includes Fox and FS1. It’s very important to note, however, that Fox is only disposable in a fewer prime markets connected Sling, truthful you’ll want to make judge you unrecorded in 1 of those markets earlier signing up.

Watch The Spain vs Italy unrecorded watercourse from abroad

The NordVPN app connected The App Store connected Apple TV.Derek Malcolm

If you’re not in The United States, you’ll request a virtual backstage web (VPN) to usage immoderate of The streaming services we conscionable talked about. They’re each typically US-only, but a VPN Can hide your location and thief you bypass immoderate location-restrictions you whitethorn encounter.

We propose going pinch NordVPN, which is safe, fast, easy to usage and has a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you Can besides peruse our guides to The best VPN services aliases The best VPN deals for immoderate much choices.

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