Fanatics Interview Experience for SWE-1 (On-Campus) 2022

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Fanatics Inc. came to our field for nan domiciled of Software Engineer-I (4 months Intern + FTE). There were 4 rounds, which are arsenic follows:

Round 1: Resume shortlisting information wherever astir 20 students were shortlisted for nan aptitude trial round.

Round 2: It was a HackerEarth aptitude + coding test, which included astir 10 aptitude questions connected CS fundamentals on pinch 3 coding questions- 1 easy, 1 medium, and 1 hard. 3 students were selected from this round.

Round 3: Technical question and reply information which was held connected Zoom and CodePad:

  1. Introduction
  2. Tell maine astir your summertime internship (it was written successful my resume)
  3. What is my favourite subject? I answered nan operating system.
    OS questions:
    1. Semaphore vs Mutex
    2. Which CPU scheduling algorithm is utilized successful Linux?
  4. OOP questions:
    1. Tell astir nan OOP concept
    2. What is polymorphism
    3. Why aggregate inheritance is location successful C++ but not successful Java
  5. DSA: what is your favourite information structure? I answered stack.
    1. Function to cheque if a singly linked database is simply a palindrome
    2. Search successful a row-wise and file wise sorted matrix 
    3. Boundary Traversal of binary tree 
  6. Do you person immoderate questions for us?

Round 4: HR information wherever introduction, what do you cognize astir Fanatics, why do you want to subordinate Fanatics and later CTC breakdown was discussed.

Final Verdict: I was selected.

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