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Seven assistance workers were killed in an Israeli airstrike while delivering nutrient to besieged Palestinians in Gaza pinch The kindness World Central Kitchen (WCK).

Three British nationals, an Australian, a Polish national, an American-Canadian dual national and a Palestinian were killed. Some had travelled The world, taking portion in assistance efforts in The aftermath of wars and earthquakes.

The Britons were each portion of WCK's information team, according to The charity. They were erstwhile soldiers and reportedly worked arsenic backstage information contractors for UK-based patient Solace Global.

Israel Defence Forces said The onslaught did not intend to target assistance workers, and a thorough investigation into The deaths will beryllium completed in The coming days. "It was a correction that followed a misidentification - astatine night, during a war, in very analyzable conditions. It shouldn't person happened," an charismatic added.

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Close friends condemn Israel

Here's what we cognize astir each 7 of The victims truthful far.

James Henderson

James Henderson

Image: James Henderson

The 33-year-old erstwhile roofer from Cornwall served for six years in The Royal Marines - an elite fighting unit of The Royal Navy, according to his LinkedIn page.

He described himself arsenic "extremely fresh and subject disciplined" - and arsenic personification who takes "the wellness and information of others very seriously".

He wrote his "true vocation lies in security" in a "civilian position".

"A highly disciplined, courteous and proactive individual who is mobile, offers elasticity and is consenting to return connected immoderate further training basal to connection The champion work possible," The page reads.

He near The subject in 2016 to prosecute information jobs for illustration The 1 in Gaza.

WCK's tribute to those killed said he was besides known arsenic Jim.

A adjacent friend told The Daily Mail: "Everyone is gutted, he was a beautiful lad. He hadn't been retired location long, only a mates of weeks."

John Chapman

John Chapman

Image: John Chapman

A erstwhile typical forces commando, The 57-year-old is said to person joined The subject consecutive retired of school.

He had only been in Gaza for a fewer weeks earlier he was killed, according to The Sun.

He was described arsenic a "brilliant bloke" by a erstwhile comrade, who told The newspaper: "He was a very well-liked guy, a very celebrated bloke and this is simply a immense nonaccomplishment for his family, his friends and for The seasoned community."

"People trying to present assistance into Gaza are doing The correct point and they request support and protection from group for illustration John and his colleagues to do their job," he added.

His uncle, George Chapman, who lives in Aylesbury wherever The joined father-of-two was born, told The Telegraph: "The past clip I saw him would person been erstwhile he was in The Marines. I went down to spot his passing-out parade. He went consecutive into The Marines from school."

Speaking astir his nephew's death, he said: "I don't judge it. I didn't cognize overmuch astir him, but he was an fantabulous man."

He near The Marines 4 years agone and had lived in Poole, Dorset, pinch his woman Tarnia and children Spencer and Fern, The Sun besides reported.

James Kirby

James Kirby

Image: James Kirby

The 47-year-old, from The Bristol area, was besides an Army seasoned - a erstwhile sniper marksman and rifleman.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he had "continued to create halfway information manufacture skills in The backstage sector".

"An experienced, SIA-licensed [Security Industry Authority] adjacent protection serviceman pinch a inheritance in executive protection, dispute and covert surveillance, information guidance and maritime security," The page reads.

"Former personnel of The British Armed Forces, afloat qualified in each aspects of adjacent protection, pinch acquisition moving pinch high-net-worth individuals, business leaders and their families and staff, globally.

"Willing and capable to activity connected world assignments, and free to recreation arsenic required."

He described himself arsenic personification who "maintains a calm demeanour nether utmost pressure, including life-threatening situations" and "experienced in moving in varied theatres crossed The globe, some connected onshore and astatine sea, including dispute and austere locations".

He besides worked arsenic a players' escort astatine Wimbledon in July 2021.

Lalzawmi 'Zomi' Frankcom

Australian World Central Kitchen (WCK) assistance worker Lalzawmi 'Zomi' Frankcom. Pic: World Central Kitchen via Reuters

Image: Lalzawmi 'Zomi' Frankcom. Pic: World Central Kitchen via Reuters

Known to her friends arsenic "Zomi", Melbourne-born Ms Frankcom was remembered arsenic a brave and selfless female who had spent The past 5 years moving for The WCK.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told Australian Broadcasting Corp: "We mourn this good Australian who has a grounds of helping retired her chap citizens.

"She is personification who intelligibly was concerned astir her chap humanity."

Relatives described The 43-year-old arsenic an "outstanding quality being" who was "killed doing The activity she loves delivering nutrient to The group of Gaza".

Her activity for The Washington-based WCK took her to places including The US, Thailand and her autochthonal Australia.

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Ms Frankcom's societal media highlighted visits to assistance those in request in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Romania and Haiti.

A WCK colleague, who met Ms Frankcom while responding to Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas in 2019, described her arsenic "larger than life".

"She worked each hours, she gave everything, and she believed in helping group who were little fortunate," she said.

Saifeddin Issam Ayad Abutaha

Saifeddin Issam Ayad Abutaha, 25,

Image: Saifeddin Issam Ayad Abutaha

The 27-year-old Palestinian was identified by relatives and infirmary workers.

According to his relative Ahmed Abutaha, he had worked for The WCK arsenic a driver since The commencement of The year.

Another relative told The New York Times Mr Abutaha had been truthful excited to administer The desperately needed nutrient it was "like they were going to a wedding".

Damian Sobol

Damian Sobol. Pic Reuters

Image: Damian Sobol. Pic: World Central Kitchen via Reuters

Hailing from The Polish metropolis of Przemysl, The 36-year-old had spent The past six months in Gaza aft moving crossed The globe connected assistance missions.

Posting connected Facebook, Przemysl politician Wojciech Bakun said location are "no words to picture really group who knew this awesome young man consciousness now".

Marta Wilczynska, of The Free Place Foundation, met and worked pinch Mr Sobol aft Russia's penetration of Ukraine.

He said English good and was a translator, and he was a skilled manager, she said.

"Always smiling, ever truthful helpful, he loved this job. I felt I had a relative in him," she added.

"He was a really bonzer guy. We were very proud of him."

Free Place Foundation president Mikolaj Rykowski said Mr Sobol was "the man for each task - he could flooded each difficulty".

Jacob Flickinger

Jacob Flickinger, 33, was portion of The alleviation team

Image: Jacob Flickinger

The 33-year-old dual US and Canadian national was portion of The alleviation squad moving to bring assistance to Gazans in need.

In a statement, World Central Kitchen named Mr Flickinger arsenic 1 of 7 "beautiful souls" killed during The 1 April attack.

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Those responsible for his and his colleague's deaths must beryllium held accountable, Canada's overseas affairs curate Melanie Joly said in a societal media station condemning The strikes.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken described The assistance workers arsenic "heroes" who were "simply trying to thief chap quality beings".

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