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Jacob Rees-Mogg has commented aft he was chased by demonstrators arsenic he near a speaking engagement astatine Cardiff University. 

While concerns were raised complete The "unacceptable" harassment of politicians, The Tory MP called it a "legitimate and serene if noisy protest".

The activists hurled maltreatment astatine Sir Jacob arsenic they waved Palestinian flags, while information unit could beryllium seen warding disconnected group trying to unreserved him.

Sir Jacob said: "The Cardiff University information squad was exemplary in allowing a lawful protestation while keeping everyone safe.

"Universities ought to beryllium bastions of free reside and arsenic some The protesters and I were capable to springiness our views without fearfulness aliases intimidation, The due traditions of adversarial statement were upheld."

The erstwhile business caput had been astatine The university's Conservative relation connected Friday, giving a talk that The students' national described arsenic being astir his "values and ideology".

He was chased by a shouting crowd of demonstrators arsenic he was escorted to a waiting car by 8 information guards.

One protester draped himself complete The car's bonnet earlier being pulled distant by guards.

Conservative Party president Richard Holden wrote connected X: "No elected leader should person to put up pinch this shrill intimidatory idiocy."

Jo Stevens, Labour's protector Welsh secretary, said: "I disagree pinch him connected almost everything, but we cannot judge a civilization of intimidation in our politics.

"The correct to lawful protestation is sacrosanct, but harassment and intimidation is unacceptable."

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The protestation was organised by Welsh Underground Network and Cardiff Communists, pinch The erstwhile tweeting afterwards: "We helped organise a objection against this imperialist politician.

"We managed to artifact The doors, shutting them wrong for respective (hours).

"Mogg near nether a barrage of our anger, anger astatine his zionism, anger astatine his cruelty to The moving class, anger astatine his very existence."

A Cardiff University spokesperson said The protestation was organised by outer groups and it was not yet clear whether immoderate students were progressive in The protest.

The speaking arena itself went up without incident, they said, and was "in statement pinch The university's committedness to state of speech".

"It's captious that we alteration students to induce outer speakers to talk issues wrong The law, and pinch respect and tolerance.

"It's disappointing that a fewer individuals chose to disrupt The extremity of The event."

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