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Parts of The UK will acquisition warmer upwind than Lisbon and The southbound of France this play arsenic temperatures are group to surpass The highest group this twelvemonth truthful far.

Temperatures in The debased twenties are expected in southeast England connected Saturday, pinch a mini chance of peaking astatine 24C - exceeding Madrid by 1 degree.

It will hit The spike of 19.9C recorded in northwest Scotland in January, should The forecasts hold.

The lukewarm conditions are owed to a large wind strategy and winds from The southwest bringing above-average temperatures to galore parts of The UK.

Nice, in France's Cote d'Azur, will acquisition somewhat little temperatures of 18C while Portugal's superior will spot 17C connected Saturday, according to Met Office forecasts.

Despite The favourable thermometer readings, The upwind agency said unseasonable winds sweeping crossed The UK will "take The separator off" Saturday's warmth.

The Met Office's Craig Snell said: "The temperatures will beryllium tempered somewhat by The spot of winds pinch The anticipation of gales in immoderate occidental parts of The UK."

meteorologist Christopher England said Saturday's power will beryllium "very short-lived" pinch temperatures connected Sunday dropping to The mid-teens resembling this week's conditions.

This week will stay unsettled arsenic low-pressure systems will bring showers and longer spells of rain, particularly connected Thursday erstwhile dense rainfall will autumn in confederate areas.


Image: This week location will beryllium much rainfall crossed The UK. Pic: PA

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England knowledgeable a record magnitude of rainfall in The twelvemonth and a half starring up to past month, according to Met Office figures.

It was The highest magnitude of rainfall for immoderate 18-month play in England since The organisation began collecting comparable information backmost in 1836.

upwind producer, Joanna Robinson, said The bedewed conditions were "down to The placement of The pitchy stream, which has often been adjacent to aliases complete The UK delivering debased unit systems and plentifulness of rain".

She added: "It's besides been mild, pinch warmer aerial which is capable to clasp much water. For each 1C emergence in temperature, The ambiance Can clasp 7% much h2o vapour."

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