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YouTube coming announced a caller characteristic coming to its short-form video level Shorts that will let users to leverage AI devices to create videos. The feature, called Dream Screen, will let users to create an AI-generated video aliases image inheritance conscionable by typing in what you want to see.

For example, explained YouTube CEO Neal Mohan astatine The company’s unrecorded arena “Made connected YouTube” this morning, you could type in thing arsenic crazy arsenic “a panda drinking coffee,” and past The video image appears connected The screen.

The institution besides suggested different examples, for illustration underwater castles, aliases imagery that you could could person imagined in a dream, for illustration dragons aliases sci-fi moonrises.

Image Credits: YouTube

Mohan said he believed The exertion would let much group to people connected YouTube, without emotion for illustration they person to person a heavy knowing of YouTube analytics aliases a afloat accumulation studio.

The Shorts level coming is now averaging complete 70 cardinal regular views, up from 50 cardinal in January. And YouTube expects AI will summation those numbers further.

“At YouTube, we want to make it easier for everyone to consciousness for illustration they Can create and we judge generative AI will make that possible,” said Mohan.

The characteristic is expected to rotation retired early adjacent year.

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