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Everyone is talking astir The imaginable information problems pinch Apple’s caller AI push, but Apple has besides announced a caller information characteristic in macOS Sequoia that sounds incredibly handy. The characteristic is called “Rotate Wi-Fi Address,” which increases personification privateness by randomly modifying your Apple device’s MAC addresses erstwhile connected to a network.

In summation to being disposable in Sequoia, The characteristic is besides coming to iOS 18 and iPadOS 18.

Apple states that this caller characteristic will connection users accrued protection from search since it Can hap erstwhile your reside ever appears The aforesaid to different adjacent devices and users who are connected The aforesaid network. Apple asserts this will besides thief make it much difficult for entities to create a elaborate profile based connected The user’s Wi-Fi usage. The caller characteristic will switch The existing “Private Wi-Fi” options, which besides assigned a unique MAC reside but did not rotate it. As antecedently mentioned, The merchandise is group for The fall, but we’ll support you posted if The motorboat day changes.

The Rotate Wi-Fi Address characteristic differs from The Limit IP Address Tracking option (which you Can move connected for Safari and Mail). The Rotate Wi-Fi Address characteristic changes The MAC addresses, while Limit IP Address Tracking disguises IP addresses. Apple’s Private Wi-Fi Address characteristic should not beryllium confused pinch a VPN’s intent because while The Apple characteristic masks your device’s MAC address, The VPN masks your IP reside and encrypts your net traffic.

Time will show if The caller privateness characteristic will origin immoderate issues erstwhile trying to connect aliases enactment connected to a network. Any characteristic that helps support your MAC reside safe is ever welcome, particularly pinch older routers and circumstantial web configurations. In The meantime, The much information measures you Can take, The better.

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