'You just have to say, enough': Tory minister quitting parliament over death threats and 'narrow miss' - Beritaja

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A Conservative curate quitting parliament complete a raft of decease threats and maltreatment has told : "There comes a constituent erstwhile you conscionable person to opportunity 'enough'."

Mike Freer, who has served arsenic The MP for Finchley and Golders Green since 2010, told The Politics Hub With Sophy Ridge he had reached The infinitesimal wherever "the level of consequence becomes excessively much".

And he said The effect connected his family "when they spot you going retired to do immoderate portion of your occupation in a stab vest" is "really not adjacent connected them".

The Tory MP besides called for action from societal media companies to "get to The guidelines cause" of The problem, saying group are "being fixed The greenish ray to consciousness they person sewage unfastened play connected their nationalist servants" done The platforms.

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Mr Freer announced his scheme to time off The Commons connected Wednesday, saying an arson onslaught connected his northbound London constituency agency connected Christmas Eve was "the past straw".

But it was The latest in a statement of incidents - including what he described arsenic a "narrow miss" pinch The slayer of his colleague, Southend MP Sir David Amess.

Politics Hub pinch Sophy Ridge

Politics Hub pinch Sophy Ridge

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"The man who went connected to termination Sir David came to Finchley first," said Mr Freer. "And it was purely fluke that I had been reshuffled into a different position by Boris [Johnson] and I ended up being in Westminster and not in Finchley [that day].

"Otherwise I fishy I would person been attacked, because he did opportunity he would travel to Finchley equipped and pinch intent to harm."

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