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A smiling worker wrong The Roblox Ikea experience. He's wearing a yellowish garment and has an Ikea lanyard pinch a cardinal paper astir his neck.Ikea

Ikea is opening a caller store, and is hiring immoderate workers to help. Best of all, it’s afloat remote. The catch? It’s in Roblox.

The Swedish location furnishing institution announced connected Monday that it’s launching The Co-Worker Game, wherever players Can research a virtual Ikea universe. It besides revealed that it’s hiring 10 paid workers, and that it’s taking applications until June 16. The shop will unfastened connected June 24.

According to The property release, The occupation is each astir customer work and helping retired group wrong The game. It moreover says that you Can get promoted and move astir to different departments, “just for illustration in The existent world.” (Although, to usage video crippled parlance, The institution refers to it arsenic “progression.”) The positions will salary 13.15 British pounds ($16.80), but are connected a constricted contract. So no, you can’t put 10 years of your life into Ikea in Roblox. You besides person to beryllium astatine slightest 18 years aged and a resident of The U.K. and Ireland.

This is each portion of a PR run to promote much real-life recruitment astatine The company, specifically in The U.K. and Ireland. “The virtual shop … is designed to present users to The breadth of roles and profession progression routes disposable astatine Ikea done a bid of games inspired by real-life jobs astatine The Swedish retailer,” The station reads. People and Culture Manager Darren Taylor said that it’s meant to bespeak what moving astatine a shop based in reality would look like.

“At Ikea, location is nary group way to profession progression,” he wrote. “Our co-workers are capable to alteration roles, move departments, and turn in immoderate guidance they choose, some in The crippled aliases in The existent world.”

This will besides beryllium conscionable The first portion of The company’s campaign, though it’s unclear if that’ll impact much Roblox games. From screenshots, it surely looks for illustration a existent Ikea — of course, pinch Roblox’s blocky style draped complete it. One shows a chamber setup, while different shows The marketplace wherever you Can get Ikea nutrient for illustration Swedish meatballs erstwhile you’re done going done The maze that is The main showroom.

User-generated contented for illustration what you get connected platforms for illustration Roblox is simply a rising inclination in The video crippled world. Recently, Disney announced a $1.5 cardinal finance in Fortnite that will lead to themed experiences wrong The game.

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