Why We See 30% Upside Potential In Fastenal's Stock

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Fastenal business products and services distributor. Fastenal resells industrial, safety, and building supplies.


Quietly Printing Money

The celebrated money head Peter Lynch erstwhile expounded connected nan virtues of investing successful businesses that were inherently boring. Flashy business, he said (we are paraphrasing here), tended to pull a batch of hype and very small substance, while boring businesses and industries pinch stellar financials were often ignored by marketplace participants and truthful tin beryllium to beryllium fertile hunting grounds for value-oriented investors.

Industrial proviso is, perhaps, nan premier illustration of specified a boring--but financially lucrative--industry.

Most organizations person nan request for regular repair items from clip to time. When they do, repairmen will caput to a Grainger (GWW) aliases Fastenal (NASDAQ:FAST) store, aliases consult their tome-like McMaster-Carr catalog. Similarly, manufacturers successful request of components (screws, flanges, o-rings, straps, nuts, bolts, etc.) besides telephone connected these companies erstwhile it's clip to ramp up production. These organizations predominate an different fragmented market, and Grainger and Fastenal dress up nan lion's stock of nan revenue, pinch Grainger successful nan lead successful position of sheer size.

In different words, these companies are trading nan pickaxes (repair and manufacturing components) to miners (virtually immoderate institution that builds thing aliases whitethorn request beingness repairs of equipment). Those who regularly publication Ironside Research's activity will cognize that these are precisely nan kinds of businesses we activity out.

In this article, we will attraction connected why we judge Fastenal is trading astatine a value that investors whitethorn find rather attractive.

The Business

Industrial proviso is alternatively straightforward. Companies proviso 2 main types of customers, which were concisely described above--original instrumentality manufacturers [OEM] which are utilizing Fastenal's products to build something, and attraction and repair operations [MRO], which represents customers utilizing Fastenal's services erstwhile thing has gone incorrect and needs to beryllium fixed.

The existent instrumentality of having an enduring business proviso business is to find nan saccharine spot betwixt these 2 business segments. If a institution finds itself excessively intoxicated pinch nan regular, lucrative orders of nan OEM community, it whitethorn find itself successful a pinch erstwhile nan system turns and those regular orders barren up. MRO business is typically overmuch much economically resilient, but it unluckily lacks nan predictability of statement manufacturing (it's difficult to foretell really regularly things will break).

Theoretically, then, nan old-school quality of nan business lends itself to analytical simplicity. Inventory that is held seldom falls into obsolescence (unlike software, they are not consistently processing caller screws), and gross nickname is comparatively straightforward. Large players for illustration Fastenal are capable to leverage their size pinch suppliers to discuss favorable prices, which tin past beryllium turned into lucrative manufacturing income connected a contracted, spread-above-cost basis, aliases sold successful an MRO business for a substantially higher price.

It's against this manufacture backdrop that Fastenal operates. Customers tin either bid from Fastenal online aliases successful personification astatine 1 of their 3,306 in-market locations.

Efficiency Is King

As you whitethorn person guessed, operators successful this business unrecorded and dice by efficiency. Since nan products astatine rumor are mostly commoditized (it hardly matters whether a handyman buys a repair portion from Fastenal aliases Grainger), convenience, price, and readiness are nan cardinal drivers for customers.

Fastenal utilizes a process which is known internally arsenic Fastenal Managed Inventory [FMI] to guarantee that inventory guidance remains arsenic thin arsenic possible. Investors tin cheque successful connected this by examining nan company's days outstanding inventory, which measures inventory levels comparative to income to measurement inventory guidance efficiency.

Days Outstanding Inventory

Days Outstanding Inventory (Koyfin)

Inventory levels rising comparative to income indicates that either efficiencies are being mislaid successful nan inventory guidance process aliases that income trends are weakening. Over nan past 10 years, Fastenal has managed to summation its inventory ratio dramatically, pinch moreover nan astir caller Q4 bump successful days outstanding inventory remaining good beneath humanities averages.

To this end, companies successful nan business proviso abstraction obsess complete really to get merchandise to nan extremity personification faster than nan competition. Recently, Fastenal has travel up pinch a caller solution--an business vending instrumentality known arsenic FASTVend. FASTVend is conscionable what it sounds like: bins filled pinch often utilized parts placed successful contracted locations pinch definite customers wherever commonly needed items tin beryllium retrieved erstwhile needed alternatively than being ordered online aliases requiring a travel to a Fastenal location.

When a FASTVend bin is emptied of its parts, a customer simply places nan RFID-equipped bin connected apical of nan machine, and Fastenal is alerted that a refill is needed. For those unfamiliar pinch nan industry, this whitethorn look trivial. But those pinch knowledge of nan staid, dependable world of business proviso admit that innovations for illustration these tin beryllium important successful claiming marketplace stock and driving profits.


Unfortunately for investors today, Peter Lynch's proposal astir uncovering boring businesses is overmuch much mainstream than it was successful his day. Fastenal is hardly an chartless quantity, but that doesn't extremity nan marketplace from offering up buying opportunities.



After trading astatine a 10-year precocious of adjacent 24x guardant EV/EBITDA astatine nan commencement of 2022, Fastenal now trades astatine 16x, overmuch person to its 10-year mean of 16.2x.

Of course, this doesn't correspond a discount. However, successful a world wherever analysts are slashing profit estimates crossed nan board, Fastenal remains steady.

FAST Estimates


In fact, 1-year and 2-year guardant EPS estimates by analysts are really connected nan upswing overall.

Furthermore, Fastenal's banal value has mostly traded astatine a comparative parity erstwhile overlaid against guardant EBITDA. Recently, however, that inclination has surgery down.

Price vs EBITDA


In early 2022, Fastenal's banal value fell on pinch nan remainder of nan market, declining to a constituent good retired of bounds from nan stock's humanities narration pinch EBITDA. We would besides for illustration to constituent retired that EBITDA estimates successful this lawsuit (unlike galore different stocks) did not diminution by a important margin. In fact, it seems to america that Fastenal's value diminution was mostly nan consequence of nan wide marketplace displacement to nan downside successful 2022 alternatively than thing circumstantial to nan company.

Just a ocular cheque of nan floor plan shows really wide nan disparity of nan humanities narration is. We besides would for illustration to reiterate that we person not detected immoderate underlying weakness successful Fastenal's inventory guidance aliases accounts receivable--both of which tin beryllium killers successful this space.

We believe, then, that it's only a matter of clip earlier nan historical narration recovers.

The Bottom Line

We judge that Fastenal has a coagulated halfway business that will proceed to supply fantabulous returns for investors complete nan agelong run.

The institution has innovated successful a historically old manufacture via its FASTVend offerings, and has adroitly managed its inventory moreover done nan uncertainty of nan COVID pandemic. Further, we judge that a historical price/EBITDA discrepancy exists, and that nan banal could widen up to 30% to reconstruct that narration successful nan absence of underlying business weakness.

With each that said, we deliberation investors should springiness Fastenal banal superior information for their portfolios.

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