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SAN FRANCISCO — The Warriors mislaid their 4th consecutive game, to Minnesota, connected Tuesday night. Steph Curry sat retired out injured. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green were tossed into a kerfuffle and ejected earlier a constituent was moreover scored — and a suspension whitethorn beryllium imminent for The second arsenic The Warriors find themselves 6-6 still trying to find their flow.

But nary vexation publication connected coach Steve Kerr’s look aft The game, conscionable satisfaction.

“It was conscionable an astonishing capacity by our guys, to beryllium truthful shorthanded and to conflict and compete The measurement they did,” Kerr said. “It was conscionable beautiful to watch.”

The civilized triumph in this loss: The Warriors recovered ways to people without Curry connected The court. And rookie Brandin Podziemski whitethorn person taken The lead, for now, arsenic a much-needed root for buckets. He became The first non-Curry Warrior to people much than 20 points this play — 23 points shooting 3-for-8 from 3 against The NBA’s No. 1 defense in a career-high 39 minutes. It earned him a afloat clip job.

“He’s gonna play,” Kerr said. “He’s going to play each night.”

Lack of a 2nd scorer was a became accordant rumor done The 6-2 commencement and The four-game skid alike. With Andrew Wiggins missing bunny layups and shooting 15% from 3, Thompson taking less section extremity attempts and Chris Paul still looking for his mid-range arsenic he adjusts to life connected and disconnected The bench, each six wins mostly came down to Curry heroics.

Curry flurries abstracted The Warriors from The rest, but a smaller, older squad built to out-smart opponents and abstraction The level has to make shots to support defenses honest. Otherwise they get congested connected discourtesy and “drive into The overgarment pinch nary plan” arsenic Green put it aft their first nonaccomplishment to The Timberwolves.

Jordan Poole whitethorn beryllium remembered astir Warriors world for his late-game turnovers aliases ill-timed power checks, but astatine his champion complete 2 seasons he averaged 19.5 points per crippled shooting 35% from 3 connected 7.7 attempts per game. The Warriors request personification to capable that void.

Podziemski did thing of a Poole belief connected Tuesday, challenging The Timberwolves’ length, he deed floaters, took a fewer 3-pointers and drove to The rim for a fewer and-1 makes astir aliases complete The outstretched arms of their 7 footer duo of Karl-Anthony Towns and Rudy Gobert. It was a stunner fixed really Podziemski approached his 5 erstwhile stints arsenic much of a passer and high-flying rebounder.

“That’s what The crippled called for,” Podziemski said. “With The guys being retired there, maine and Chris (Paul) were The main scorers retired there. That is what The crippled called for. Some games I will get 1 changeable and immoderate games I will get 18 for illustration I did tonight.

“I talked to 30 (Curry) astir it and he said each changeable I took coming was a awesome shot. That is what The crippled called for and we spell from there.”

Podziemski sewage The verbal seal of support from Kerr, but it’s unclear wherever Podziemski’s minutes will beryllium carved out. He’s The team’s 4th constituent defender playing down 2 early Hall of Famers in Paul and Curry, which intends he whitethorn request to play retired of position for illustration he did connected Tuesday alongside Paul. Still, The backcourt minutes are mostly occupied pinch Thompson and Moses Moody in The fold.

Maybe minutes displacement if The Warriors are looking to play The basking hand.

“We talk astir it each The time, we don’t person immoderate regular rookies,” Paul said. “We sewage immoderate guys who salary attention, cognize what they’re doing. To beryllium connected a squad for illustration this, this early in The play playing valuable minutes in large games, it’s only going to beryllium bully in The agelong haul.

“Sometimes you only study by experience.The champion point astir being a rookie is you don’t cognize thing different. You conscionable play hard. And immoderate happens, happens. And we request that pinch this team.”

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