Where Will Medtronic Stock Be In 4 Years?

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In nan immortal words of Bob Dylan, "Times They Are A-Changin'". After a astir 40-year tally of steadily falling liking rates, a "sea change" is occurring, and liking rates are now rising. Successful investors will request to accommodate to this change. While we don't cognize astatine what level liking rates will yet settle, nan likelihood are, 10-year rates will beryllium person to 5% than 0% complete nan mean term. If this occurs, it will beryllium a headwind for galore businesses that are not utilized to operating successful a 'normal' complaint environment, and it will apt origin fundamental-based investors to alteration really they estimate banal valuations arsenic well. For example, arsenic portion of my erstwhile valuation sum of Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) stock, I utilized a mean reversion presumption for nan stock's valuation based connected a period that occurred during nan past 15 years erstwhile liking rates were held acold beneath nan humanities norm. This apt produced a higher mean P/E ratio for nan banal during this clip period. So, if liking rates emergence and enactment higher for immoderate time, it stands to reason, each different things being equal, nan banal will waste and acquisition astatine a little mean P/E going guardant nether those conditions. When I first wrote astir Medtronic connected September 26th, 2019, astir 3 1/2 years ago, successful my article "Medtronic: A 10-Year, Full-Cycle Analysis", I rated nan banal a "Sell", moreover utilizing nan much generous mean reversion assumptions. It was still nan only Medtronic article published successful nan past decade pinch a waste standing connected Seeking Alpha. Here is really Medtronic banal has performed since past erstwhile compared to nan S&P 500 scale ETF (SPY):

ChartData by YCharts

The banal has produced antagonistic returns and massively underperformed nan S&P 500 scale complete this clip period.

Often (especially lately for immoderate reason) erstwhile I stock results of a beautiful basal valuation method for illustration nan 1 I utilized backmost successful 2019, I've received a assortment of critiques from readers. Here are immoderate of nan astir popular:

  • Some note, usually aft a short play of clip (days, weeks, aliases months) nan banal value has risen erstwhile I rated it a sell.
  • Some statement that, moreover if my expectations were correct, it is simply a sample of conscionable 1 banal and truthful is luck.
  • Some declare that it is intolerable aliases astir intolerable to estimate nan early returns of stocks, and it is futile to try.
  • Some declare valuation study is "market timing" and will not activity complete time.
  • Some declare that below-market-average returns are "good".
  • Some declare that below-market-average returns don't matter, and only thing for illustration nan dividend aliases dividend maturation matters.

While I can't wholly reside each of these concerns (like nan domiciled of luck), I person decided to commencement a caller valuation research that attempts to make nan astir compelling lawsuit I tin make, that complete nan medium-term of 3-5 years, banal valuations based connected net trends are (1) imaginable to estimate and astir correlate to early banal prices either connected a comparative aliases absolute ground (2) that valuation study is simply a accomplishment that mean investors tin learn, and (3) that it tin thief nutrient supra mean returns successful an unconcentrated portfolio.

How do I scheme to behaviour this experiment? I person decided to estimate nan 4-year returns for arsenic galore arsenic 100 stocks successful nan S&P 500, connected an absolute and comparative ground compared to nan scale itself and compared to rate balanced returns complete nan aforesaid clip period. This analysis, astatine its core, will beryllium akin to my accepted analysis, except, because of apt liking complaint changes, I will usage a generic mean reversion anticipation based connected semipermanent history alternatively of a stock-specific 1 based connected caller history. I will besides definitive my 4-year return estimate arsenic a elemental full return percent complete that clip play (instead of nan 10-year CAGR estimate arsenic I typically use). My dream is that nan return estimates and clip framework will beryllium much clear for readers and nan eventual sample size will beryllium ample capable to thief power for nan domiciled luck tin play. I will explicate much astir this research astatine nan extremity of nan article, but for now, let's get into nan caller Medtronic banal analysis.


The first point I cheque pinch almost each banal earlier I commencement nan valuation process is nan business's humanities net cyclicality. I mostly require astatine slightest 1 recession arsenic portion of nan information truthful I tin spot really net performed during that recession. Because 2020's recession was truthful unusual, I spot astir of nan weight connected nan 2008/9 recession erstwhile examining nan humanities net cyclicality. This tin besides thief maine measure nan semipermanent net trend, which I require to mostly beryllium increasing complete time. (I don't person immoderate liking successful shrinking businesses aliases turnaround stocks.)

Medtronic's humanities net trend

FAST Graphs

The greenish shaded area successful nan FAST Graph supra represents Medtronic's yearly net per share. The main point I'm checking for present is whether aliases not location are immoderate EPS maturation declines that are -50% aliases deeper. If location are, past an earnings-based study will apt not beryllium very useful. As it turns out, for astir of Medtronic's history, net maturation has been highly unchangeable and growing. The humble declines knowledgeable successful 2020 and 2021 tin apt astatine slightest partially beryllium attributable to nan pandemic. And this year's diminution is expected to beryllium humble arsenic well. Putting this each together, Medtronic has nan correct floor plan to beryllium a bully fresh for an earnings-based analysis.

Next, I request to prime nan humanities clip framework I want to usage successful bid to estimate nan net maturation rate. The clip framework from 2016-2023 looks beautiful typical of their astir caller inclination truthful that is nan clip framework I person chosen to use. Because I'm going to usage EPS successful bid to estimate earnings, I besides cheque for immoderate stock buybacks that occurred complete this period, because those will inflate nan EPS maturation complaint by lowering nan stock count. (A rising stock count, however, will already beryllium incorporated successful nan EPS fig truthful I won't make adjustments if nan stock count has risen.)

ChartData by YCharts

Medtronic has reduced its stock count by astir 6% during this clip period. I will make adjustments for those buybacks.

Medtronic Earnings Estimates

FAST Graphs

Above, I person different FAST Graph from nan clip play 2016 done 2023. I person annotated it pinch nan information I will usage for my 10-year collected net projections. Note that I americium pulling guardant 2023's expected EPS complaint of $5.27 per share, which, astatine nan existent value translates to a P/E ratio of astir 16.06, an net output of +6.23%. The net maturation complaint from 2016 done 2023, has been astir +1.87% if we return into relationship nan antagonistic maturation years and nan buybacks. (This is simply a small little than FAST Graph's calculation of +3.33% EPS maturation which does not relationship for those things.)

The measurement I deliberation astir this is if I bought Medtronic's full business for $100, it would gain $6.34 nan first year, and that $6.34 would turn astatine a complaint of +1.87% each year, for 10-years.

Below is simply a array that shows nan expected cumulative collected net complete 10 years.

Year Earnings for Year Cumulative Earnings


$6.34 $6.34
2 $6.46 $12.80
3 $6.58 $19.39
4 $6.70 $26.09
5 $6.83 $32.92
6 $6.96 $39.88
7 $7.09 $46.97
8 $7.22 $54.19
9 $7.36 $61.55
10 $7.49 $69.04
Total $69.04 $100 + $69.04 = $69.04

So, if you bought Medtronic astatine nan existent valuation for $100 and collected each nan net for yourself you would person started pinch $100 and ended 10 years later pinch $169.04. This is simply a compound yearly maturation complaint of astir +5.39%.

Next, what I will do is return that semipermanent mean net CAGR of +5.39% and fig retired what that useful retired to aft 4 years' time, since our extremity is to estimate nan returns complete that clip period. When I do that, it useful retired to a basal full return of +23.37%. So, complete nan adjacent 4 years, if we disregard marketplace sentiment and presume it stays nan same, treating MDT much for illustration a backstage business, we could expect our full return successful collected net aft 4 years to beryllium weighted astatine astir +23.37% if we presume nan net inclination will proceed for 10-years total.

This return is nan absolute return anticipation if we presume that marketplace sentiment for nan banal is akin to what it is correct now. But I deliberation it's besides worthy comparing this expected 4-year full return to replacement investments. The 2 alternatives I will comparison it to are nan S&P 500 scale ETF (SPY), and nan iShares Treasury Floating Rate Bond ETF (TFLO), which is what I'm presently utilizing arsenic my rate balanced for finance money. The logic we comparison to alternatives is to spot if location are amended elemental alternatives that don't require a batch of accomplishment to analyze, which fundamentally anyone could ain alternatively of nan individual stock.

Using a akin method that I utilized pinch MDT's earnings, I besides way astir half of nan S&P 500 stocks utilizing this method, which represents astir 2/3rds of nan S&P 500 weighting. If I usage that group of stocks to estimate their 4-year expected returns I get an absolute expected full return for nan scale of +27.48%. And, I mostly expect TFLO, aliases short-term treasuries to output astir 4% per twelvemonth complete this time, aliases to nutrient a 17.00% full return successful 4 years. Let's spot what benignant of return MDT is apt to nutrient compared to these alternatives fixed these estimates.

4-Year No Mean Reversion 4-year full return expectation

4-year return anticipation minus SPY's +27.48%

4-year return expectation minus TFLO +17.00%

MDT +23.37% -4.11% +6.37%

Overall, if sentiment remains nan aforesaid for MDT and nan wider market, MDT should beryllium expected to return akin returns arsenic nan wider marketplace (23.37% vs. +27.48%).

It's ever bully to commencement pinch dependable sentiment arsenic a guidelines for a valuation, but I've recovered that complete nan longer-term (and 4 years is starting to get into nan "longer term") banal net valuations thin to revert toward a mean of astir a +7.00% 10-year net CAGR. (For a banal pinch nan aforesaid net maturation expectations arsenic MDT of +1.87%, we would expect an mean P/E ratio of astir 11.46 to beryllium nan "normal" P/E nan marketplace would beryllium apt to pay.)

In bid for MDT's expected +5.39% 10-year CAGR anticipation to get up to a 7.00% 10-year CAGR and a P/E of 11.46, nan banal value needs to travel down because nan value 1 pays for a banal has an inverse narration to early returns. For this reason, my preferred measurement to estimate early full returns erstwhile we get retired to 4 years is 1 that includes this generic 7.00% CAGR mean reversion expectation. So, next, I will analyse what would hap to nan banal value if nan P/E reverted from its existent 16.06 level, to a much reasonable 11.46 level complete nan people of 4 years.

With a Generic 7% 10-year Mean Reversion Assumption 4-year full return expectation 4-year return anticipation minus SPY's +13.62% 4-year return anticipation minus TFLO's +17.00%
MDT -4.93% -18.55% -21.93%

For comparison, if nan S&P 500 scale were to revert to a 7.00% CAGR anticipation complete 4 years it would nutrient a +13.62% full return based connected my estimates. TFLO's returns would beryllium expected to stay astir nan aforesaid arsenic earlier pinch a +17% return. If MDT's business net nutrient an mean return valuation by nan market, it is apt to suffer astir -4.93% complete nan adjacent 4 years connected a full return basis. This is -18.55% (or -1,855 ground points) of quality betwixt nan S&P 500's +13.62% expected 4-year return. That's a beautiful large difference, but not arsenic large arsenic nan nonaccomplishment compared to TFLO pinch a -21.93% (or -2,193 ground point) spread. This implies that complete nan mean word connected a comparative basis, MDT is astir apt a small overvalued compared to nan S&P 500 and a small much overvalued compared to apt returns from a rate equivalent.

Ratings & Explanations

Assuming my estimates are reasonably close, location are respective ways to construe these results. The things we don't know, moreover if nan net return estimates extremity up being reasonably accurate, is what benignant of temper nan marketplace will beryllium successful and really nan wider economical conditions mightiness power nan returns successful 4 years. If we are successful a heavy recession astatine that peculiar time, past we would people expect nan net to beryllium lower, while if we are successful immoderate benignant of economical boom, we would expect them to beryllium higher. So, utilizing comparative returns is simply a measurement to somewhat power for macroeconomics. If we are successful a recession, past it's apt SPY will execute poorly arsenic well, truthful nan quality betwixt those returns is what we attraction astir if we want to power for macro conditions.

Using mean reversion, connected nan different hand, helps to relationship for really group consciousness astir definite stocks astatine definite times and what benignant of returns investors are consenting to accept. If liking rates and ostentation are low, past getting +5.39% per twelvemonth from net mightiness beryllium acceptable to galore investors. But if ostentation and liking rates rise, past a +5.39% yearly return whitethorn not beryllium acceptable for astir investors. My mean reversion anticipation of a 7.00% 10-year CAGR from net is astir nan aforesaid arsenic nan marketplace being consenting to salary an 18 P/E ratio pinch net increasing 10% per twelvemonth for nan mean banal successful nan market.

Different investors mightiness person different assumptions and expectations astir sentiment and macro conditions will be, truthful that's why I besides provided nan anticipation without assuming mean reversion. That said, I do mostly presume that aft a play of 4 years, nan chances are bully that mean reversion will return spot for astir stocks, so, personally, I attraction astir nan mean reversion estimates nan most. Additionally, I purpose for a 4-year mean reversion expected return that is astir 75% earlier I bargain a banal based connected net valuations. If I constitute astir a banal (and net are not expected to driblet because of a near-term recession) and it has a 75% 4-year return expectation, I will bargain it, and those stocks will gain a "Strong Buy" standing from me.

Because I cognize I'm aiming for higher returns than galore different marketplace participants, I will complaint stocks a "Buy" if nan 4-year mean reversion full returns are 25% (2,500 ground points) higher than some SPY and TFLO, because these will apt beryllium supra marketplace mean returns and supra rate mean returns.

If nan 4-year mean reversion returns are wrong 25% (+/- 2,500 ground points) of SPY, past I would see that banal a "Hold". I don't see immoderate of my estimates superbly precise. They are meant to activity arsenic a unsmooth guide, wherever we tin return action if they scope extremes. So, wrong this range, I don't person a beardown sentiment astir nan banal 1 measurement aliases nan other.

If nan 4-year mean reversion returns are apt to underperform SPY or TFLO i.e. cash, by -25% (-2,500 ground points) aliases more, past that banal would get a "Sell" standing from me.

And, finally, if a banal is apt to underperform some SPY and TFLO by much than -25% aliases (-2,500 ground points) complete nan people of 4 years past nan banal would beryllium a "Strong Sell".

I usage -25% arsenic nan period because it's capable of a quality that a personification could waste a stock, salary a afloat 20% semipermanent superior gains taxation connected nan sale, and still travel retired ahead. If a personification is dealing pinch a bigger taxation measure than 20%, past they should do nan mathematics and fig retired what that level is and usage that arsenic a guideline for their trading threshold.

At today's price, Medtronic is expected underperform rate (TFLO) by -21.93% (-2,193 ground points) complete nan adjacent 4 years if mean reversion occurs. That makes it overvalued coming comparative to cash, but it does not transverse my -25% period to go a "Sell". So, moreover though it is close, I still complaint Medtronic banal a "Hold" astatine today's price.

Please publication nan adjacent conception if you would to for illustration study much astir my valuation research and really I will measurement nan results of my predictions complete nan adjacent 4 years. If you aren't willing successful that information, skip to nan conclusion wherever I summarize my expectations and stock nan value astatine which MDT would go a "Buy" aliases a "Strong Buy" for me.

Measuring The Results of This Valuation Experiment

Writing astir investing and nan banal marketplace tin beryllium useful to readers successful respective different ways. Articles tin stock strategies, talk investing philosophy, analyse businesses and their prospects. Articles tin besides make predictions astir early banal prices, behaviour experiments, and stock valuation techniques. With specified a wide scope of possibilities location is simply a batch that could beryllium covered wrong immoderate fixed investing universe. Typically, my preferred attack is to attraction connected a fixed individual banal alternatively than nan macro pinch my articles because I americium committed to chiefly sharing articles and ideas that are clearly actionable for readers. One logic I do this is truthful nan outcomes tin beryllium measured. I thin to debar telling stories successful my articles, which tin sometimes make them little compelling for readers unless I connection thing much valuable than a communicative (like nan imaginable of supra mean returns). My extremity is to connection actionable banal study that produces market-beating returns successful nan aggregate.

This creates a assortment of difficulties, but I've noticed respective of them which person been occurring pinch much wave pinch my articles. Perhaps nan astir common, are investors who aren't focused connected achieving supra mean full returns. At nan portfolio level I mostly purpose for 15% yearly returns complete nan long-term. My estimate is correct now nan S&P 500 will apt present little than half that complaint of return complete nan adjacent 5-10 years. So, location is simply a large spread betwixt my goals and wherever I estimate nan existent valuation of nan marketplace is at. One measurement to deliberation astir this is I purpose for a 400% 10-year return while nan marketplace is apt to only nutrient a 100% 10-year return from coming going forward. This intends I either request to bargain stocks erstwhile they are very inexpensive comparative to existent earnings, aliases I request to bargain stocks that will turn faster than expected for longer (thereby being very cheap, too, conscionable successful a different way).

There is simply a ample abstraction betwixt marketplace mean 10-year returns of 100% and my extremity of 400% wherever investors could successfully bargain stocks astatine higher prices than I americium consenting to salary and besides outperform nan market. Historically, I person only written "Buy" articles erstwhile I really purchased a banal myself. That was a measurement for maine to "eat my ain cooking", truthful to speak. But because I purpose for very precocious returns, it meant my "buy prices" were overmuch little than different investors would beryllium happy with, and erstwhile an investor intends for debased prices, they get less opportunities to buy. I actively show hundreds of stocks successful my marketplace service, The Cyclical Investor's Club, truthful it's uncommon that an easy opportunity to bargain a precocious value banal astatine a inexpensive value slips past maine unnoticed. But location are investors who don't person a banal monitoring strategy for illustration I do, truthful they are going to beryllium much apt to miss opportunities, and that intends they request to beryllium consenting to salary higher prices successful bid to get capable opportunities for their portfolio unless they are ace concentrated (which I don't urge for astir investors).

So, pinch this article series, I person created a caller class of banal "Buys", that I expect to outperform nan S&P 500 by 2,500 ground points astatine immoderate constituent during nan adjacent 4 years. So if nan S&P 500 returns 10% complete a fixed clip period, I expect nan buy-rated banal will return 35% aliases better. Or, if compared to cash, if rate returns 15%, past I would expect nan buy-rated banal will return 40%. "Buy" rated stocks should outperform SPY aliases Cash by 2,500 ground successful bid to beryllium considered a successful rating. Importantly, that dispersed tin hap astatine immoderate clip during nan 4-year period. Because if that dispersed opens up, a personification could past rotate backmost into nan scale aliases rate if they chose and beryllium 25% amended disconnected than before. The finance would person met it's medium-term extremity based connected nan valuation.

In bid for my "Strong Buys" to beryllium considered successful we will want them to return 75% astatine immoderate constituent complete 4 years aliases to outperform nan S&P 500 scale and Cash complete 4 years.

Having 2 categories of "Buys" will create immoderate room successful my study for stocks that are apt to outperform nan market, but are not arsenic apt to nutrient nan really large returns I'm looking for myself.

My scheme is to way nan occurrence aliases nonaccomplishment of my banal ratings and 4-year full return estimates each quarter. Over time, I expect I'll person astatine slightest an 80% occurrence complaint for each class of standing utilizing nan standards I described above. This intends that location will beryllium immoderate stocks that don't do arsenic I expect. But I won't cognize which ones will neglect up of time, which is why erstwhile it comes to my individual portfolio I usage an equal-weighted unconcentrated attack erstwhile it comes to starting first positions, and I usually weight each position 1%. If a personification has a really concentrated portfolio of little than 30 stocks, they will request to do deeper activity connected each business earlier trying to instrumentality a numbers-based strategy for illustration mine. I dress up for deficiency of heavy activity by moving quickly and monitoring a very ample number of imaginable positions, sometimes being overly conservative, and past playing nan odds. Sometimes this intends I'll miss a large victor because I'm excessively cautious and don't understand thing that makes that businesses special, and sometimes I bargain a large loser because I don't understand a threat that doesn't show up successful my preferred metrics. That's okay. I usually person 4 retired of 5 positions nutrient affirmative returns complete 4 years, and galore of my winners are large winners. This is really I dress up for my deficiency of deep, time-consuming activity connected an individual business. So, I will beryllium search to spot what percent of stocks meet my expectations and what percent do not complete time.

The eventual extremity is to supply useful information to readers whether I execute my goals aliases not.


Medtronic is expected to denote net adjacent week. It is imaginable that net could origin nan banal value to move a batch successful either direction. This has been a weird net play successful position of nan contiguous marketplace guidance to expectations truthful far, pinch nan marketplace mostly being beautiful forgiving erstwhile it comes to disappointments. If net are mostly successful statement pinch expectations, and nan banal bounces a batch higher, it could push nan banal into "Sell" territory again. If nan net estimates stay nan same, supra astir $88 per stock Medtronic banal would go a "Sell" again. The value would request to autumn beneath $62 to go a "Buy". And, assuming each nan aforesaid net metrics, successful bid for nan banal to go a "Strong Buy", and for maine to bargain it, it would request to autumn beneath $45 per share.

If you person recovered my strategies interesting, useful, aliases profitable, see supporting my continued investigation by joining nan Cyclical Investor's Club. It's only $30/month, and it's wherever I stock my latest investigation and exclusive small-and-midcap ideas. Two-week tests are free.

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