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Iceland is connected precocious alert for a volcanic eruption, pinch a authorities of emergency declared and almost 4,000 residents evacuated from their homes.

There is simply a "considerable" consequence of an eruption connected aliases conscionable disconnected The Reykjanes Peninsula, astir 30 miles from The superior Reykjavik, according to The Icelandic Meteorological Office.

The region has been shaken by hundreds of mini earthquakes each time for much than 2 weeks.

Scientists person been monitoring a build-up of magma immoderate 3 miles underground.

Here is what we cognize astir erstwhile an eruption mightiness happen.

When could The volcano erupt?

The probability of The volcano erupting astatine Fagradalsfjall in The coming days is "high", according to The Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO).

"We judge that this intrusion is virtually hovering, sitting in equilibrium now conscionable beneath The earth's surface," Matthew James Roberts from The agency said.

But location is still "tremendous uncertainty", he added. "Will location beryllium an eruption and if so, what benignant of harm will occur?"

"At this stage, it is not imaginable to find precisely whether and wherever magma mightiness scope The surface," The IMO said.

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Earthquake activity astatine Fagradalsfjall decreased complete The weekend, which "indicates that a caller shape of magma intrusion is occurring", said Dr Margaret Hartley, teacher in Earth Sciences astatine Manchester University.

Previous earthquakes in The areas were "all preceded by decreases in seismic activity, truthful this isn't needfully an denotation that The volcanic unrest is dying down".

On Tuesday, The Icelandic authorities judged The consequence has temporarily eased capable to let Grindavik's inhabitants to concisely return location - escorted by hunt and rescue teams - to cod pets and belongings.

Authorities person raised their aviation alert to orange, indicating an accrued consequence of a volcanic eruption.

Volcanic eruptions airs a superior hazard to aviation because they Can spew highly abrasive ash precocious into The atmosphere, wherever it Can origin pitchy engines to fail, harm formation power systems and trim visibility.

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How overmuch harm will it cause?

How overmuch disruption The eruption causes will dangle connected wherever The magma breaks The surface, and The size and style of The eruption, Dr Hartley said.

Dr Phil Collins from Brunel University London said an eruption would origin problems for The Icelandic people, but noted they are "very good prepared and person tons of acquisition in dealing pinch eruptions".

"If The eruption does occur, location whitethorn beryllium important lava flows which could destruct peoples' homes and different infrastructure, arsenic good arsenic artifact valleys and alteration aboveground drainage," he said.

Any eruption is not expected to origin The benignant of ash unreality created by The Eyjafjallajokull eruption backmost in 2010, which caused chaos to world aerial travel.

Dr Dave McGarvie, a volcanologist pinch The University of Lancaster said: "The volcanoes connected The Reykjanes Peninsula do not person The expertise to nutrient The disruptive ash clouds that characterised The Eyjafjallajokull 2010 eruption."

Lessons were learnt from that event, he said, and moreover an identical eruption would not beryllium truthful disruptive now.

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