What to expect from Tesla’s long-awaited FSD version 11

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Tesla has started rolling retired type 11 of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta package to labor and testers aft respective months of delays. The EV-maker hasn’t officially shared merchandise notes connected FSD Beta V11.3, but leaked notes and videos from beta testers person surfaced online, giving america a amended thought of what’s to come.

FSD beta V11.3 promises to let a Tesla to thrust itself wholly from A to B done cities and highways by combining FSD and Autopilot capabilities into a single-stack system. Today, drivers tin prosecute FSD connected metropolis and residential streets to grip things for illustration responding to extremity signs and postulation signals. Highway driving is disposable via Autopilot’s software, which tin automate driving tasks for illustration traffic-aware cruise power and automatic steering successful intelligibly marked lanes.

The latest type enables FSD beta connected highways, which “unifies nan imagination and readying stack connected and off-highway and replaces nan bequest road stack, which is complete 4 years old,” according to merchandise notes shared connected Reddit. The notes continue:

The bequest road stack still relies connected respective single-camera and single-frame networks, and was setup to grip elemental lane-specific maneuvers. FSD Beta’s multi-camera video networks and next-gen planner, that allows for much analyzable supplier interactions pinch little reliance connected lanes, make measurement for adding much intelligent behaviors, smoother power and amended determination making.

It’s this capacity for amended determination making that has led to an further road behaviour that moves nan car distant from blocked lanes and generic obstacles for illustration roadworthy debris. Relying little connected lanes besides vehicles  move much smoothly astatine road lane splits because nan package is programmed to beryllium little strict astir centering betwixt lane lines and allowing little naughty maneuvers, according to nan merchandise notes.

FSD 11 besides promises smoother merges and improved speed-based lane alteration decisions, arsenic good arsenic reduced sensitivity for speed-based lane changes successful Chill mode. (Chill mode is 1 of Tesla’s 3 driving modes and it provides a larger travel region betwixt nan Tesla and nan car successful beforehand of it, and performs less speed-based lane changes. The different 2 modes are Average and Assertive.)

Those who person been granted early entree to V11.3 person said nan caller package provides a much seamless wide experience, but it’s not wholly free from issues that person led to disengagements. When disengagements happen, though Version 11 includes a sound thrust notes characteristic that prompts nan driver to grounds and nonstop Tesla an anonymous connection to picture what happened.

#FSDBETA 11.3 including 1 disengagement and travel connected connection requesting audio description. Also, support an oculus connected caller visualizations earlier stopping astatine a reddish ray and while viewing crosswalk.

— TeslaBull (@Winnersechelon) February 21, 2023

Some different type 11 updates include:

  • Expanded automatic emergency braking successful nan lawsuit of vehicles crossing nan car’s way and stealing nan correct of measurement — this characteristic will beryllium progressive successful some manual and Autopilot operations.
  • Improved Autopilot guidance clip to reddish ray and extremity motion runners by 500 meters done accrued reliance connected an object’s instantaneous kinematics and trajectory estimates.
  • Reduced latency of trajectory optimization by 20% connected average.
  • New visualizations pinch grey roadworthy edges and a wider practice of nan car’s path.

FSD type 11, coming to a Tesla adjacent you?

CEO Elon Musk had originally promised to get nan latest type of FSD to drivers earlier nan extremity of 2022, but has since delayed nan merchandise respective times.

In early February, he tweeted, “V11 has been tougher than expected, arsenic it is simply a important rearchitecture of [neural networks], positive galore much NNs replacing C++. Hoping to vessel v11.3 extremity of week.”

A mates weeks later, Tesla released v11.3.2 to constricted beta testers, from whom it will cod information earlier a much wide merchandise starting successful North America. After that, Tesla will accommodate nan package for EU roads and taxable to regulators, said Musk.

Even though customers are eager to effort retired nan caller FSD version, they mightiness person to hold a small longer. Last week, Tesla issued a recall of astir 360,000 vehicles pinch FSD successful nan U.S. (Tesla has rolled retired FSD to 400,000 vehicles successful North America) aft an study from nan National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recovered nan precocious driver assistance strategy (ADAS) could let vehicles to enactment unsafe astir intersections and origin crashes.

Musk has been speedy to constituent retired that erstwhile it comes to Teslas, a “recall” isn’t precisely nan correct connection because nan institution fixes bugs done over-the-air package (OTA) updates, alternatively than physically recalling cars to dealers to beryllium fixed. OTA updates are besides really Tesla sends retired caller versions of FSD, truthful it’s wholly imaginable that nan institution will usage type 11 to hole nan problems regulators person pointed out.

Tesla disbanded its communications section successful 2020 and could not beryllium reached for comment.

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