What To Do After BridgeBio Pharma Soared By Over 50%

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Biotech investing is not for nan faint of heart. Innoviva (INVA), which posted a nonaccomplishment successful nan past 4th contempt quadrupling its revenue, mislaid almost half its worth successful nan past year. ImmunityBio (IBRX) accelerated its sell-off erstwhile it launched a $50 cardinal stock and warrants offering. Those are examples of companies I either researched aliases followed.

The 51.98% rally successful BridgeBio Pharma (NASDAQ:BBIO) is simply a invited affirmative move of events for nan sector. On Mar. 6, 2023, nan institution announced Phase 2 data for infigratinib. For investors caller to biotech investing, nan "nib" is simply a verbal shorthand for "inhibit"). The supplier is simply a small-molecule inhibitor of kinase. Infigratinib is an investigational therapy for children pinch achondroplasia.

The institution said that nan oral molecule, which treats dwarfism, added 3.03 cm/yr for nan first 10 children pinch astatine least six months of follow-up successful Cohort 5. 80% of nan children pinch six-month visits responded favorably to nan treatment. The institution said that nan mean alteration from nan baseline annualized tallness velocity was astatine slightest 25%.

BridgeBio Pharma Phase 2 information for infigratinib

bridgebio presentation

The array supra is an illustration of nan bluish statement exceeding nan baseline AHV among nan 10 subjects.


Markets reacted positively to nan information aft nan institution shared nan efficacy and information results. The supplier is well-tolerated. None of nan subjects successful Cohort 5 demonstrated terrible adverse events. More importantly, nary of nan subjects discontinued owed to adverse events.

The results let BridgeBio to beforehand its study. It will statesman enrollment for a pivotal trial. In summation to enrolling children successful nan run-in for a Phase 3 trial, it will expect to commencement improvement for infigratinib successful hypochondroplasia. This is simply a skeletal dysplasia. FGFR3 gain-of-function variants thrust some achondroplasia and hypochondroplasia.

The wider addressable marketplace suggests that BridgeBio has much gross imaginable than investors initially expected. Still, BBIO banal trades astatine little than half of its worth of a $40 stock value successful Dec. 2021.

BBIO banal priceData by YCharts

Above: BBIO banal is up by 119% successful nan past year.

Bearish investors accumulated a short float of 19.6%. The short compression connected Mar. 6 whitethorn either proceed aliases fade. Investors who are considering a position should fto nan particulate settee for astatine slightest nan adjacent fewer days.


After nan banal rally, BridgeBio began an underwriting for $150 cardinal of communal stock. It will apt assistance its underwriters nan correct to bargain up to different $22.5 cardinal worthy of shares.

Timely banal income aft a awesome rally are thing caller successful immoderate sector, particularly successful nan biotech world. The institution did not meet EPS statement estimates successful 2 retired of nan past 4 quarters:

BridgeBio Pharma EPS surprises and estimates

seekingalpha premium

Since 2017, losses mounted, arsenic Seeking Alpha's compiled income statement shows:

BridgeBio Pharma revenue

seekingalpha financial tab

BridgeBio Pharma Stock Valuation

Biotech investors request to estimate nan risk-adjusted gross imaginable from its pipeline done 3034:

BridgeBio Pharma pipeline

bridgebio presentation

Investors whitethorn clip BBIO's affirmative inflection points by referring to their anticipated milestones calendar:

BBIO catalysts

bridgebio presentation

First, presume that markets waste and acquisition pinch neutral to affirmative sentiment. In that scenario, markets should respond positively again erstwhile BBIO posts information readout for programs successful nan Phase 3 stage.

BridgeBio Stock Price Target

Given nan speculative quality of gross forecasting, readers whitethorn trust connected analysts for a value target. The mean value target of $23.90 implies an upside of astir 45%:

BBIO banal mean value target

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BridgeBio has very anemic banal grades. It scores a D and D+ connected valuation and profitability, respectively. The company's maturation people could emergence to a B- aliases higher if it brings its cardinal narcotics to marketplace by 2024. By 2025, gross would accelerate astatine a brisk pace.

BBIO banal grades

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Your Action connected BBIO Stock

BridgeBio's banal waste aft marketplace adjacent conscionable aft nan affirmative information publication whitethorn pressures shares. Just arsenic ImmunityBio collapsed down from a year-long support value of $5.00 to adjacent astatine $1.76, BBIO banal could autumn backmost to nan $10.00 range.

Cautious investors fearful of losses should not pursuit BridgeBio's rally. Instead, watch nan market's guidance to nan banal sale. Start pinch a mini position and summation nan allocation whenever nan institution reports affirmative objective results.

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