What is Network Security Key & How to Find It?

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If you ever travel crossed nan Wi-Fi settings, you person astir apt heard of nan network information key. This information cardinal is thing but different sanction for nan Wi-Fi password. These information keys dwell of strings aliases codes of characters that are utilized to link nan devices to nan wireless network.

How to Find Network Security Key

However, galore users don’t cognize astir nan network information key and extremity up getting errors while uncovering it. So successful this guide, we will springiness you complete specifications astir a network information key and nan methods to find it

What is simply a Network Security Key?

As we person mentioned, a network information key is simply a group of characters that authorize you to access a network. This cardinal gives a unafraid connection between nan serving network and nan requesting client

A powerful web information key must incorporate much than 8 characters mixed pinch letters and numbers. If you don’t make nan web information cardinal complex, it mightiness go vulnerable to third-party attacks

Moreover, hackers and cybercriminals tin easy entree nan web if it does not incorporate immoderate information key. Majorly, location are three types of wireless information encryptions which are utilized to fastener nan web information key: 

1. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

Wired Equivalent Privacy, or WEP, is 1 of nan oldest wireless information encryptions utilized successful outdated systems. This network encryption provides minimum protection, which is easy to break but difficult to configure simultaneously. 

WEP uses nan static encryption code, which you tin entree done immoderate decryption software. Many information experts don’t urge WEP owed to nan lesser secured encryption. 

2. WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)

Wi-Fi Protected Access, besides known arsenic WPA, is nan advanced type of WEP. This information encryption eliminates immoderate vulnerabilities of nan WEP cardinal because it contains precocious protocols and further features. 

Although WPA comes successful computing devices pinch wireless connections, it is not unafraid enough from cyber attacks. WPA web information cardinal was developed to activity pinch network adaptors but whitethorn not activity decently pinch older routers.

3. WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) 

WPA 2, aliases Wi-Fi Protected Access 2, is nan astir precocious web information key. This information cardinal is nan upgraded type of WPA to destruct nan chances of cyber attacks. 

It uses AES encryption, making this information cardinal nan astir suitable prime for business and location networks. WPA 2 encrypts nan net data to forestall it from immoderate unauthorized access. 

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How to Find a Network Security Key?

Let’s now look astatine nan methods to find nan web information keys successful different devices specified arsenic Linux, Windows, Android, etc. 

On Windows

Open nan Control Panel and alteration nan icon position to Large icons. Here you will spot “Network and Sharing Center,” truthful click and unfastened it:

How to Find a Network Security Key connected Windows

In nan Network and Sharing Center option, click connected nan Wi-Fi connection to unfastened nan Wi-Fi Status:

How to Find a Network Security Key?

In nan pop-up model of Wi-Fi Status, you will spot nan Wireless Properties, truthful click and unfastened it: 

Step to find web information key

Click connected nan Security pane, and you will spot nan specifications astir your Wi-Fi. Now, click connected nan Show characters to show nan password: 

Find a Network Security Key

On Linux

You tin cheque nan network information key from nan terminal successful Linux. First, please tally nan cd bid to make nan system.connections arsenic nan existent directory of nan terminal: 

cd /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/

network information cardinal information3

Now, tally nan ls command to cheque nan files of nan system-connections directory: 

network information cardinal information2

Here, you will get nan record that contains each nan accusation astir nan wireless connection, truthful you tin show it done nan cat command: 

sudo feline <Wi-Fi NAME>

network information cardinal information

As you tin spot successful nan supra image, nan psk contains nan web information cardinal of nan connected Wi-Fi. 

Note: We are utilizing Rocky Linux for this process, but you tin tally nan supra commands successful immoderate different Linux distribution.  

Protecting Network Security Key is Essential

The network information key is important to link your instrumentality to nan wireless network. If you are utilizing an ethernet (LAN) connection, you don’t require a web information key. However, protecting nan web information cardinal is basal because it gives anyone entree to your web and tin sometimes go problematic. 

That’s why we person explained everything astir nan network information cardinal and ways to find it. We person included a fewer elemental steps for Windows and Linux to get a information key. 

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