What Comes First: Thematic Investing Or The Egg?

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Last week astatine Exchange: An ETF Experience, I hosted a sheet called “Thematics - Separating Hype From Opportunity.” The sheet featured Laura Morrison, Chief Revenue Officer astatine Direxion and Ryan O. Issakainen, ETF Strategist astatine First Trust. Additionally, I spent 4 days astatine nan Fontainebleau having meetings, spontaneous conversations, and attending sessions. These are immoderate of nan takeaways regarding thematics (and more).

The progressive vs. passive statement extends to thematic ETFs. While I attraction mostly connected index-based strategies successful my research, progressive ETFs were wide discussed astatine nan convention - truthful I had to inquire my panelists astir nan progressive vs. passive statement from a thematic perspective. Passive, index-based ETFs connection simplicity (including transparency and little fees), which tin beryllium valuable erstwhile dealing pinch analyzable strategies. But progressive strategies person nan advantage of being elastic successful volatile markets. This is particularly existent for thematic strategies pinch constricted pure-play constituents. An progressive strategy whitethorn let nan money to put successful a broader scope of constituents and incorporated a taxable into a much diversified strategy, which whitethorn beryllium capable to enactment much defensively aliases aggressively depending connected nan existent marketplace environment.

ETF investors often clasp creativity. I started nan play astatine Exchange reasoning that thematic ETFs would beryllium an outlier successful conversations, but galore attendees were still consenting to talk thematics. The astir celebrated thematic taxable seemed to beryllium thing related to cleanable energy, replacement energy, aliases electrical vehicles. As I suspected, these benignant of thematic strategies thin to beryllium much popular, arsenic they are not only driven by disruptive exertion and user penchant but besides supported by changing world regulations. But a batch of attendees were representing ETFs that weren’t needfully thematic but fresh into nan meaning of imaginative and groundbreaking. These included ETFs for illustration nan Hypatia Women CEO ETF (WCEO) and nan Reverb ETF (RVRB). WCEO is nan first ETF to put successful only companies led by female CEOs based connected nan thesis that women person to break much barriers to gain a CEO role, and therefore, these companies whitethorn beryllium capable to make much return. RVRB weights its holdings based connected ratings collected via its proprietary Reverberate App wherever nan nationalist is invited to definitive its views connected each constituent.

Less chatter connected crypto and blockchain ETFs. While I discussed supra really ETF investors are embracing creativity, I deliberation astir attendees astatine Exchange agreed that overall, location was still a return to normalcy. At erstwhile ETF conferences, crypto and ESG topics dominated nan agenda. But this year, I didn’t spot immoderate sessions strictly focused connected either of those topics. I moreover told myself I wouldn’t inquire my panelists astir crypto, but we received a mobility from nan assemblage connected crypto and its narration to thematic investing. While crypto ETFs (futures-based Bitcoin ETFs and imaginable spot-based Bitcoin ETFs) aren’t straight related to thematic investing, blockchain and crypto system ETFs are considered thematic ETFs. I deliberation blockchain and crypto system ETFs are a bully illustration of a thematic strategy that saw a ample pull-forward complete nan past mates of years and past suffered from being overhyped. Now that we are seeing investors go much logical and Bitcoin prices level off, I deliberation blockchain ETFs still person nan imaginable to beryllium utilized arsenic a high-risk/high-reward finance arsenic a information of a larger tech allocation.

Artificial intelligence has ne'er seemed much real. Years ago, erstwhile I was starting retired arsenic an equity investigation associate, we thought robo-advisors could perchance switch investigation analysts. This evidently didn’t happen, but now pinch exertion for illustration ChatGPT, we could perchance spot aggregate industries reinvented. The rumor from an investing position is that location are very fewer nationalist companies to make this conception investable. It is much likely, however, that AI will permeate thematic ETFs indirectly. For example, AI exertion could amended autonomous vehicles (Chinese EV institution Jidu is already considering utilizing Baidu’s (BIDU) ChatGPT-like product). We could besides spot much precocious AI successful biotechnology which could perchance thief capable gaps successful aesculapian knowledge and diagnoses.

Eggs are expensive. Inflation was precocious crossed nan committee successful 2022, but retired of nutrient items and basal necessities, eggs saw nan highest ostentation pinch prices up 59.9% year-over-year. January CPI figures were released earlier this week, and while ostentation has shown immoderate motion of moderation, eggs were erstwhile again nan highest nutrient class - up 70.1% y/y. Why is this truthful important? Eggs are 1 of nan astir basal nutrient items that group bargain for breakfast, baking, and different meals. While overmuch of nan ostentation successful ovum prices tin beryllium attributed to little ovum accumulation from nan avian flu, location are besides higher costs related to proscription costs and higher atom provender prices which are passed done to ovum prices. So, while it is easy to make jokes and puns astir costly eggs, I deliberation it really supports a very important point. If nan user (which accounts for complete 2/3rd of U.S. GDP) cannot first spend basal nutrient items for illustration eggs, disruptive exertion for illustration artificial intelligence aliases autonomous vehicles do not look arsenic compelling - some from a user and an investor perspective. Once ostentation moderates, I deliberation unit investors will besides beryllium little risk-averse comparative to thematic strategies. Fortunately, thematic indexes person already seen affirmative capacity YTD pinch astir VettaFi indexes up successful nan double-digit range; however, I judge ostentation (including nan precocious costs of eggs) remains 1 of nan largest roadblocks successful nan adjacent term.

Total return capacity of S-Network, Alerian and VettaFi Thematic indexes

Associated thematic indexes and ETFS:

The Alerian US NextGen Infrastructure Index (INFRA) is nan underlying scale for nan First Trust Alerian US NextGen Infrastructure ETF (RBLD).

The S-Network Global E-Commerce Index (ECOMX) is nan underlying scale for nan First Trust S-Network E-Commerce ETF (ISHP).

The S-Network Global Travel Index (TRAVEL) is nan underlying scale for nan ALPS Global Travel Beneficiaries ETF (JRNY).

The S-Network Space Index (SPACE) is nan underlying scale for nan Procure Space ETF (UFO) and nan Procure Space UCITS ETF (YODA).

The S-Network Streaming & Gaming Index (STREAM) is nan underlying scale for nan First Trust S-Network Streaming & Gaming ETF (BNGE).

The S-Network Electric & Future Vehicle Ecosystem Index (FUTURE)is nan underlying scale for nan First Trust S-Network Future Vehicles & Technology ETF (CARZ).

The Alerian Galaxy Global Blockchain Equity, Trusts & ETPs Index (BCHAIN) is nan underlying scale for nan Invesco Alerian Galaxy Blockchain Users and Decentralized Commerce ETF (BLKC).

The Alerian Galaxy Global Cryptocurrency-Focused Blockchain Equity, Trusts & ETPs Index (CRYPTO) is nan underlying scale for nan Invesco Alerian Galaxy Crypto Economy ETF (SATO).

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