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The title to win Mark Drakeford arsenic leader of Welsh Labour will participate its last stages this period erstwhile statement members person their ballot papers.

Labour is The largest statement in The Senedd and it is expected The winning campaigner will beryllium confirmed arsenic first curate of Wales pursuing a ballot of The parliament's members.

Education curate Jeremy Miles and system curate Vaughan Gething are The 2 candidates who person thrown their hats in The ring.

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With some contenders now having published their manifestos, takes a look astatine what they scheme to do if they win.


Mr Gething says The NHS would ever beryllium The "budget priority" nether his government.

The erstwhile wellness curate says he intends to found a women's wellness plan, arguing that women's voices are "too often not taken earnestly enough" in healthcare.

Mr Miles has pledged a "new deal" for Wales's largest wellness board, Betsi Cadwaladr, which he says will fast-track betterment and rebuild spot in The committee pursuing recent criticisms.

He has besides vowed to fortify accountability wrong NHS Wales, looking astatine The roles of wellness boards, The wellness service's executive and The Welsh government.

 Morgan James

Image: Vaughan Gething. Pic: Morgan James


A Vaughan Gething authorities would perpetrate to creating caller clusters of environmentally-friendly businesses, known arsenic cleanable maturation hubs.

He says a caller adjacent activity money would besides beryllium established to support projects which are looking to champion amended moving practices.

Mr Miles says increasing The Welsh system would beryllium his apical privilege and he would group up a caller nationalist economical assembly to counsel The government.

His management would motorboat a "make it in Wales" run in a bid to retain and pull talent - including financial incentives for caller graduates to enactment in The country.

Education and environment

Mr Gething has pledged a caller nationalist ngo to guarantee everyone has The skills they request for The future.

Mr Miles has promised to activity towards introducing free Welsh lessons for parents whose children be Welsh-medium schools.

On The environment, some candidates person said they would tighten rules astir protecting quality by mounting up an biology governance body.

Mr Miles has besides pledged a phased extremity to greyhound racing in Wales - which has been one of The astir well-supported petitions connected The Senedd's website.

 Thursday August 18, 2022.

Image: Jeremy Miles. Pic: PA

Housing and culture

Mr Gething says he would present a programme of retrofitting existing lodging banal to thief trim c emissions.

He would further guarantee The imaginative industries person The skilled workers they request done establishing Creative Academy Cymru.

Mr Miles says he would research a caller "Rent to Own" scheme.

He besides says his management would return each steps wrong its powerfulness to prohibition conversion therapy - a committedness already made by The Welsh government.

What does The guidance say?

Leader of The Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, says some Mr Gething and Mr Miles are "continuity candidates".

"It's clear that whoever replaces Mark Drakeford, each Wales will get is much of The same," he added.

What happens next?

Ballots will spell retired to Labour members in Wales connected 16 February.

The consequence of The activity predetermination will beryllium announced connected 16 March in Cardiff.

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