Wendy's Has Juicy Burgers, But Juicy Dividend Yield Of 4.6% Is A Hard Bite

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America's favourite burger associated The Wendy's Company (NASDAQ:WEN) published its Q4 net announcement past week, and while you tin publication nan news astir nan net here and here and here, this article is addressed to income-investing folks who mightiness beryllium lured to nan banal because of its precocious dividend output of 4.6%.

We deliberation that nan announced shareholder distributions are excessively fierce and that nan institution mightiness extremity up undermining its early growth. We are besides suspicious of Trian Capital's (Wendy's cardinal shareholder) various moves complete nan past year, which, we suspect, forced Wendy's guidance to denote nan enhanced distributions, and now culminated successful Trian trading 10% of its stock.

We don't for illustration these dynamics and complaint Wendy's a Sell.

Doubling of dividend and yearly buyback scheme could boost shareholder payouts supra 7%

One of nan highlights of Wendy's net announcement was nan doubling of its quarterly dividend from 12.5 cents to 25 cents, bringing nan guardant dividend output to a juicy level of 4.6%. Wendy's besides announced its intent to resume its stock repurchase program, enabling it to bargain backmost shares worthy $488 cardinal until February 2027, aliases connected mean astir $120 cardinal per year. At a marketplace headdress of $4.63 billion, nan buybacks would transportation an implied return of 2.7%, bringing nan full returns to shareholders from distributions unsocial to 7.3%

Dark clouds connected nan horizon

Yet it comes successful a clip erstwhile clouds look starting to brew for nan edifice industry. Like-for-like income of Wendy's accrued by conscionable 4.9% and analysts expect a further slowing successful 2023 to only +3.2% growth. Even much worrying is nan contraction of almost 3 percentage points successful operating separator for company-operated restaurants, which dropped to 13.8%. Although nan institution itself operates only astir 5% of each nan restaurants (the remainder is franchised), it signals that nan pricing powerfulness of companies is hitting its limits. Costs are expanding faster than revenues and businesses whitethorn not beryllium capable to walk connected nan input costs increases to consumers anymore. If ostentation is much persistent than antecedently thought, we whitethorn commencement seeing cracks successful nan existent economy. Signals of weakness successful user spending astatine quick-service restaurants came precocious from Domino's Pizza (DPZ), which suggests that consumers are starting to trim backmost connected out-of-home eating and alternatively opt to navigator meals astatine location to prevention money.

Dividend is just-about safe for now

Looking astatine Wendy's rate flows, we person questions astir nan semipermanent sustainability of nan dividend and buybacks. The $1 dividend per stock translates to dividend payments of astir $210 cardinal annually. On apical of that, buybacks could mean up to $120 cardinal per year. In addition, nan institution has regular CAPEX needs of $70 and $80 cardinal per twelvemonth (excluding acquisitions), bringing nan full cash-out from shareholder distributions and investments to astatine slightest $280 cardinal per year.

The rumor is that Wendy's generated $284 million, $346 cardinal and $260 cardinal successful operating rate travel successful 2020, 2021 and 2022, respectively. While location is just-enough rate to screen nan dividend from free rate flow, Wendy's would person to pat into its rate buffer of $746 cardinal to money nan stock buybacks. The rate position was boosted by indebtedness issuance of $500 cardinal successful 2022, truthful utilizing nan rate heap for stock buybacks would beryllium akin to a dividend recap. If nan softness successful user spending is confirmed complete nan adjacent mates of quarters, Wendy's whitethorn not moreover person capable rate travel from operations to screen its dividend and would person to either trim it aliases pat into nan rate buffer. You tin telephone that thing but sustainable.

One peculiar rumor we spot pinch this scheme is that it doesn't time off overmuch room to ramp-up investments to money nan slowing top-line growth, which will beryllium a prerequisite to make nan promised shareholder payouts sustainable successful nan long-run. Wendy's yearly depreciation & amortization is astir $130 million, but nan institution has been investing only $70 to $80 cardinal successful nan past mates of years. In different words, Wendy's seems to beryllium underinvesting. Well, if you are underinvesting, really do you want to execute maturation successful EPS?

Trian's domiciled astatine Wendy's looks ominous

Wendy's largest shareholder is Trian Capital Management managed by activistic investor Nelson Peltz. Trian and its affiliates clasp 38 cardinal shares successful Wendy's (17.85% of its stock). Trian's liking tracks back to 2005, which makes it a semipermanent shareholder successful nan business. This is simply a spot untypical for Trian, which often takes stakes successful companies for little periods of clip successful an effort to push nan institution to change. True to his craft, Peltz started to property Wendy's guidance in May past year and rattled his saber by 'threatening' to return it private. Trian dropped its threats last month, coincidentally astatine a clip erstwhile nan institution announced nan dividend increase. To adhd reproach to injury, Trian has precocious reduced its share successful Wendy's by astir 3.7 cardinal shares (around 9% of nan banal it antecedently owned). It doesn't look to judge its ain communicative apparently, moreover though it pushed nan guidance into these changes. Peltz is Non-Executive Chairman of Wendy's board, truthful he astir apt has bully reasons to sell.

This raises a mates of questions. To what grade were guidance and committee independent successful its determination making? Why did Trian trim its liking aft nan circus of nan past 12 months? Are nan dividend's really successful nan liking of nan institution and its shareholders, aliases alternatively successful Trian's? If Trian has higher opportunity costs successful investments elsewhere, it whitethorn person a beardown liking to person rate arsenic soon arsenic imaginable alternatively than to hold for different twelvemonth of mediocre returns from Wendy's stock.

What makes america peculiarly suspicious is that Wendy's CFO Plosch announced successful nan net telephone that nan dividend summation came aft 'the committee had an opportunity to revisit superior allocation plans, fixed nan precocious rate balance'. So, nan CFO of nan institution is telling america that he raised $500 cardinal successful caller indebtedness successful nan opening of nan year, but revisited its superior allocation plans much than half twelvemonth later successful bid to beryllium capable to determine what to do pinch nan money...? Yeah, right...


We do not deliberation that Wendy's is simply a 'sleep-well-at-night' dividend stock. We person a beardown suspicion that Wendy's was pushed towards nan higher distributions by Trian, who whitethorn beryllium capable to deploy nan money astatine amended returns elsewhere, alternatively than support it connected Wendy's equilibrium sheet. While this mightiness beryllium successful nan liking of Trian, it whitethorn not needfully beryllium successful nan liking of Wendy's and its shareholders, because it reduces Wendy's maturation imaginable successful nan agelong tally (and, obviously, they can't co-invest pinch Trian). Not moreover Peltz seems to spot this institution and is watering down his stake. We do not for illustration these dynamics!

Other chains for illustration McDonald's (MCD) and Yum! Brands (YUM) person outperformed Wendy's connected a total return basis by 120 and 220 percent points since Trian invested successful Wendy's years ago. Over nan past 5 years, McDonald's managed to make annualized full returns of astir 15%, while Wendy's only astir half that (8%). Trian, and Peltz successful particular, do not look to beryllium managing nan finance each excessively good compared to competition, successful our opinion. Given nan debased quality successful valuation to different players, we would counsel investors to look into McDonald's, Yum! Brands aliases different competitors, if they are willing successful nan QSR sector.

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We truthful complaint nan institution a Sell until it gets cheaper.

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