Weekly Forecast, Feb. 17: 2-Year/10-Year Treasury Negative Spread Won't End Soon

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Today's study shows that nan antagonistic 2-year/10-year U.S. Treasury dispersed looks apt to persist good into fall, 2023 and beyond. As explained successful Prof. Robert Jarrow's book cited below, guardant rates incorporate a consequence premium supra and beyond nan market's expectations for nan 1-month guardant rate. We archive nan size of that consequence premium successful this graph, which shows nan zero-coupon output curve implied by existent Treasury prices compared pinch nan annualized compounded output connected 3-month Treasury bills that marketplace participants would expect based connected nan regular activity of Treasury yields since 1962. The consequence premium, nan reward for a semipermanent investment, is ample for nan afloat maturity scope to 30 years. The chart besides shows that humanities movements successful Treasuries connote a dependable diminution successful expected 3-month rates for 5 years aft an first peak.


SAS Institute Inc.

For much connected this topic, spot nan study of U.S. Treasury yields done December 31, 2022 fixed successful nan appendix.

Inverted Yields, Negative Rates, and U.S. Treasury Probabilities 10 Years Forward

The antagonistic 2-year/10-year Treasury dispersed has now persisted for 156 trading days, presently astatine a antagonistic 78 ground points compared to antagonistic 76 past week. The array beneath shows that nan existent streak of inverted output curves is now nan 4th longest successful nan U.S. Treasury marketplace since nan 2-year Treasury output was first reported connected June 1, 1976:


SAS Institute Inc.

In this week's forecast, nan attraction is connected 3 elements of liking complaint behavior: nan early probability of nan recession-predicting inverted output curve, nan probability of antagonistic rates, and nan probability distribution of U.S. Treasury yields complete nan adjacent decade.

We commencement from nan closing U.S. Treasury output curve and nan liking complaint switch quotations based connected nan Secured Overnight Financing Rate published regular by nan Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Using a maximum smoothness guardant complaint approach, Friday's implied guardant complaint curve shows a speedy emergence successful 1-month rates to an first highest of 5.07%, versus 4.92% past week. After nan first rise, location is simply a diminution earlier rates highest again astatine 3.76%, compared to 3.66% 1 week ago. Rates yet highest again astatine 4.80%, compared to 4.75% past week, and past diminution to a little plateau astatine nan extremity of nan 30-year horizon.


SAS Institute Inc.

Using nan methodology outlined successful nan appendix, we simulate 500,000 early paths for nan U.S. Treasury output curve retired to 30 years. The adjacent 3 sections summarize our conclusions from that simulation.

Inverted Treasury Yields: Inverted Now, 94.9% Probability by August 18, 2023

A ample number of economists person concluded that a downward sloping U.S. Treasury output curve is an important parameter of early recessions. A caller illustration is this insubstantial by Alex Domash and Lawrence H. Summers. We measurement nan probability that nan 10-year par coupon Treasury output is little than nan 2-year par coupon Treasury for each script successful each of nan first 80 quarterly periods successful nan simulation. 1

The adjacent chart shows that nan probability of an inverted output remains high, peaking astatine 94.9%, compared to 93.9% 1 week before, successful nan 91-day quarterly play ending August 18, 2023.


SAS Institute Inc.

Negative Treasury Bill Yields: 4.9% Probability by August 13, 2027

The adjacent chart describes nan probability of antagonistic 3-month Treasury measure rates for each but nan first 3 months of nan adjacent 3 decades. The probability of antagonistic rates starts adjacent zero but past rises steadily to highest astatine 4.9%, compared to 4.7% 1 week earlier, successful nan play ending August 13, 2027:


SAS Institute Inc.

U.S. Treasury Probabilities 10 Years Forward

In this section, nan attraction turns to nan decade ahead. This week's simulation shows that nan astir apt scope for nan 3-month U.S. Treasury measure output successful 10 years is from 1% to 2%. There is simply a 24.14% probability that nan 3-month output falls successful this range, a alteration from 23.80% 1 week before. For nan 10-year Treasury yield, nan astir apt scope is from 3% to 4%. The probability of being successful this scope is 22.43%, compared to 20.82% 1 week prior.

In a recent station connected Seeking Alpha, we pointed retired that a forecast of "heads" aliases "tails" successful a coin flip leaves retired captious information. What a blase bettor needs to cognize is that, connected mean for a adjacent coin, nan probability of heads is 50%. A forecast that nan adjacent coin flip will beryllium "heads" is virtually worthy thing to investors because nan result is purely random.

The aforesaid is existent for liking rates.

In this conception we coming nan elaborate probability distribution for some nan 3-month Treasury measure complaint and nan 10-year U.S. Treasury output 10 years guardant utilizing semi-annual clip steps. We coming nan probability of wherever rates will beryllium astatine each clip measurement successful 1 percent "rate buckets." The forecast for 3-month Treasury yields is shown successful this graph:


SAS Institute Inc.

3-Month U.S. Treasury Yield Data:


The probability that nan 3-month Treasury measure output will beryllium betwixt 1% and 2% successful 2 years is shown successful file 4: 25.32%. The probability that nan 3-month Treasury measure output will beryllium antagonistic (as it has been often successful Europe and Japan) successful 2 years is 1.19% positive 0.03% positive 0.00% = 1.22% (difference owed to rounding). Cells shaded successful bluish correspond affirmative probabilities of occurring, but nan probability has been rounded to nan nearest 0.01%. The shading strategy useful for illustration this:

  • Dark blue: nan probability is greater than 0% but little than 1%
  • Light blue: nan probability is greater than aliases adjacent to 1% and little than 5%
  • Light yellow: nan probability is greater than aliases adjacent to 5% and 10%
  • Medium yellow: nan probability is greater than aliases adjacent to 10% and little than 20%
  • Orange: nan probability is greater than aliases adjacent to 20% and little than 25%
  • Red: nan probability is greater than 25%

The floor plan beneath shows nan aforesaid probabilities for nan 10-year U.S. Treasury output derived arsenic portion of nan aforesaid simulation.


SAS Institute Inc.

10-Year US Treasury Yield Data:


Appendix: Treasury Simulation Methodology

The probabilities are derived utilizing nan aforesaid methodology that SAS Institute Inc. recommends to its KRIS® and Kamakura Risk Manager® clients, who presently person much than $38 trillion successful assets aliases assets nether management. A moderately method mentation is fixed later successful nan appendix, but we summarize it successful plain English first.

Step 1: We return nan closing U.S. Treasury output curve arsenic our starting point.

Step 2: We usage nan number of points connected nan output curve that champion explicate humanities output curve shifts. Using regular information from 1962 done December 31, 2022, we reason that 10 "factors" thrust almost each movements of U.S. Treasury yields.

Step 3: We measurement nan volatility of changes successful those factors and really it has changed complete nan aforesaid period.

Step 4: Using those measured volatilities, we make 500,000 random shocks astatine each clip measurement and deduce nan resulting output curve.

Step 5: We "validate" nan exemplary to make judge that nan simulation EXACTLY prices nan starting Treasury curve and that it fits history arsenic good arsenic possible. The methodology for doing this is described below.

Step 6: We return each 500,000 simulated output curves and cipher nan probabilities that yields autumn successful each of nan 1% "buckets" displayed successful nan graph.

Do Treasury Yields Accurately Reflect Expected Future Inflation?

We showed successful a recent station connected Seeking Alpha that, connected average, investors person almost ever done amended by buying agelong word bonds than by rolling complete short word Treasury bills. That intends that marketplace participants person mostly (but not always) been meticulous successful forecasting early ostentation and adding a consequence premium to that forecast.

The distribution supra helps investors estimate nan probability of occurrence from going long.

Finally, arsenic mentioned play successful The Corporate Bond Investor Friday overview, nan early expenses (both nan magnitude and nan timing) that each investors are trying to screen pinch their investments are an important portion of finance strategy. The writer follows his ain advice: screen nan short-term rate needs first and past measurement retired to screen much distant rate needs arsenic savings and finance returns accumulate.

Technical Details

Daily Treasury yields shape nan guidelines humanities information for fitting nan number of output curve factors and their volatility. The humanities information is provided by nan U.S. Department of nan Treasury.

An illustration of nan modeling process utilizing information done December 31, 2022 is disposable astatine this link.

The modeling process was published successful a very important paper by David Heath, Robert Jarrow and Andrew Morton successful 1992:



For technically inclined readers, we urge Prof. Jarrow's book Modeling Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Options for those who want to cognize precisely really nan "HJM" exemplary building works.

The number of factors (10 for nan United States) has been unchangeable for immoderate time.


  1. After nan first 20 years successful nan simulation, nan 10-year Treasury cannot beryllium derived from nan first 30 years of Treasury yields.

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