WEAT: Lots Of Volatility Ahead For The Commodity That Feeds The World

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Wheat is nan atom that is nan superior constituent successful bread, a staple that feeds group worldwide. Processors typically mill wheat into flour required for galore goods, including bread, muffins, pasta, cakes, cereals, crackers, and a big of different user products. A starring root of starch and energy, wheat tin beryllium a beneficial nutrient arsenic it supplies protein, vitamin B, dietary fiber, and phytochemicals, which tin fortify nan immune system.

Wheat cultivation began 10,000 years ago, and nan Pharaohs successful ancient Egypt were buried pinch wheat. Today, wheat provides astir 20% of nan regular macromolecule to billions of people, making it nan astir wide grown commercialized crop. Three types of wheat waste and acquisition connected nan U.S. futures exchange:

  • CBOT soft reddish wintertime wheat: The astir liquid wheat futures marketplace that is simply a world benchmark. Soft wheat has a debased gluten content, making it optimal for cakes, cookies, and pastries that are tender and crumbly.
  • KCBT difficult reddish wintertime wheat: Hard wheat has a higher gluten contented and is optimal for breadstuff flour. Many U.S. breadstuff manufacturers value their requirements utilizing formulas tied to nan KCBT price.
  • MGE Spring wheat: Tends to person nan highest macromolecule content.

On nan March futures contracts, nan 3 wheat futures markets had nan pursuing unfastened liking aliases full number of unfastened agelong and short positions arsenic of February 15:

  • CBOT soft reddish wintertime wheat- 75,349 contracts
  • KCBT difficult reddish wintertime wheat- 46,017 contracts
  • MGE Spring wheat- 18,193 contracts

The CBOT futures are nan astir liquid because they pull nan highest measurement and unfastened interest, making them a benchmark for nan grain. Meanwhile, nan Teucrium wheat ETF merchandise (NYSEARCA:WEAT) moves higher and little pinch a portfolio of 3 actively traded CBOT soft reddish wintertime wheat contracts. In 2022, nan CBOT soft reddish wintertime value spiked to a grounds $14.2525 per bushel arsenic nan warfare successful Ukraine caused value and proviso concerns. The CBOT wheat corrected but remains astatine a multi-year precocious arsenic nan 2023 harvest twelvemonth gets underway successful nan Northern Hemisphere.

A bullish inclination since precocious January

CBOT wheat for March transportation fell to $7.1250 per bushel connected January 23, 2023.

Bullish value action since precocious January

Short-Term Nearby March CBOT Wheat Futures Chart (Barchart)

The floor plan shows nan shape of higher lows and higher highs that took nan March wheat futures to $7.9750 per bushel connected February 14. At $7.65 per bushel connected February 16, adjacent wheat futures were supra nan midpoint of nan trading range, pinch nan short-term bullish inclination remaining intact. The continuous CBOT wheat futures statement fell from $14.2525 successful March 2022 to $7.0250 per bushel successful December 2022, wherever they recovered a bottom.

Bullish value action since precocious January

Short-Term CBOT New-Crop September Wheat Futures Chart (Barchart)

The new-crop September CBOT wheat futures floor plan shows nan value astatine nan $7.90 per bushel level arsenic nan marketplace expects wheat prices to emergence complete nan coming months.

A bullish February WASDE report

In nan latest February World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates Report, nan USDA told nan wheat market:

The proviso and request outlook for 2022/23 U.S. wheat is mostly unchanged this period pinch insignificant revisions to home usage and ending stocks. Food usage is lowered 2 cardinal bushels to 975 million, which still is simply a record. The alteration is based connected nan NASS Flour Millings Products report, indicating a 2 percent simplification successful wheat crushed for flour for nan October-December 4th compared to a twelvemonth earlier. Seed usage is raised 1 cardinal bushels to 70 million, based chiefly connected NASS seed usage information for nan September-November quarter. Wheat exports are unchanged astatine 775 cardinal tons pinch offsetting by-class changes. Projected 2022/23 ending stocks are raised 1 cardinal bushels to 568 million. The 2022/23 play mean workplace value is forecast $0.10 per bushel little astatine $9.00, based connected prices received to day and expectations for rate prices for nan remainder of 2022/23. The world wheat outlook for 2022/23 is for accrued supplies, consumption, trade, and stocks. Supplies are raised 2.4 cardinal tons to 1,060.5 million, chiefly connected higher accumulation for Australia and Russia. Australia accumulation is raised 1.4 cardinal tons to 38.0 million, which would beryllium a 3rd consecutive record. The mostly of nan summation is for Western Australia based connected harvest receivals to date. Russia accumulation is raised 1.0 cardinal tons to 92.0 cardinal connected larger outpouring wheat harvested area. Global depletion is accrued 1.4 cardinal tons to 791.2 million, chiefly connected higher provender and residual usage by Canada, EU, and Russia much than offsetting little food, seed, and business usage by Bangladesh. World waste and acquisition is raised 1.3 cardinal tons to 212.9 cardinal connected higher exports by Australia, Ukraine, EU, and Russia much than offsetting reduced exports by Canada. Projected 2022/23 ending stocks are raised 0.9 cardinal tons to 269.3 cardinal connected increases for Australia and China much than offsetting a simplification for Ukraine. However, ending stocks still stay nan lowest since 2016/17.

While nan USDA accrued projected 2022/2023 ending stocks, they are astatine nan lowest since 2016/2017, a bullish factor. Still, nan USDA expects “higher exports” from Russia and Ukraine, which could beryllium a leap of faith.

Europe’s breadbasket is simply a warfare zone

The warfare successful Ukraine is marking its first day successful February 2023. Ukraine and Russia person already gone done 1 harvest twelvemonth of war, pinch a 2nd opening successful nan coming weeks.

Top producers

Top Wheat-Producing Countries (

The floor plan highlights that while Russia is nan third-leading wheat-producing state and Ukraine is nan eighth, mixed output was much than India successful 2020.

Leading wheat exporting countries

Leading Wheat Exporting Countries (

The floor plan highlights Russia arsenic nan starring wheat exporter, pinch Ukraine 5th and mixed exports amounting to 32.83%, astir one-third of nan world’s yearly wheat supplies.

The warfare has impacted nan fertile areas successful Russia and Ukraine that nutrient wheat, and excavation and battlefields limit nan imaginable for wheat production. Moreover, nan Black Sea ports that are captious logistical hubs and origins for worldwide wheat exports are a warfare zone. If nan warfare continues, it will beryllium challenging for Ukraine and Russia to nutrient capable wheat to fulfill nan world demand. Falling world stocks are apt a consequence of past year’s location production. Another twelvemonth of warfare could exacerbate wheat’s tightening equilibrium sheet, tilting it towards a important proviso deficit.

KCBT-CBOT dispersed points higher

One of my favourite sentiment measures successful nan wheat futures marketplace is nan value dispersed betwixt CBOT soft reddish and KCBT difficult reddish wintertime wheat. The semipermanent median for nan dispersed is simply a 20-30 cents premium for nan KCBT wheat. When supplies are plentiful, and prices decline, nan CBOT wheat tends to waste and acquisition astatine a premium. When proviso concerns emergence pinch prices, nan dispersed tends to move to a important premium for nan KCBT difficult reddish wintertime wheat.

The logic for nan value action successful nan dispersed is U.S. breadstuff manufacturers thin to value requirements utilizing a look tied to nan KCBT price, arsenic difficult reddish wintertime wheat is optimal for breadstuff flour. When prices fall, wholesale consumers thin to acquisition wheat hand-to-mouth, reducing nan hedging demand. When prices rise, and availabilities are successful jeopardy, they panic and caput for nan futures marketplace to fastener successful prices and supplies.

The dispersed betwixt difficult and soft reddish wintertime wheat futures

Nearby KCBT Wheat Futures minus Nearby CBOT Wheat Futures (Barchart)

The floor plan making love backmost to nan precocious 1950s illustrates astatine a $1.3350 premium for nan KCBT difficult reddish complete nan CBOT soft reddish wintertime wheat, consumers are much than concerned. The dispersed level indicates panic, arsenic it is not acold beneath nan 2014 $1.4575 per bushel all-time high. The dispersed tells america nan wheat marketplace is nervous, and immoderate upwind issues aliases escalation of hostilities successful Ukraine and surrounding countries could origin wheat prices to return to past year’s grounds CBOT wheat futures precocious of $14.2525 per bushel successful nan blink of an eye.

WEAT: The CBOT Wheat ETF Product

The astir nonstop and liquid way for a consequence position successful wheat is via nan CME’s CBOT soft reddish wintertime wheat futures. The Teucrium Wheat ETF merchandise (WEAT) provides an replacement for those looking to participate successful nan wheat marketplace without venturing into nan highly volatile, leveraged, and margined futures arena. At $7.79 per stock connected February 16, WEAT had $205.941 cardinal successful assets nether management. WEAT is simply a liquid ETF that trades an mean of 688,046 shares regular and charges a 0.22% guidance fee.

WEAT’s astir caller apical holdings include:

Top holdings

The Top Holdings of nan WEAT ETF Product (Seeking Alpha)

The floor plan shows WEAT’s vulnerability is dispersed betwixt nan May, July, and December futures contracts to minimize rotation risk. Since nan adjacent futures statement tends to acquisition nan astir value volatility because it attracts nan highest level of speculative interest, WEAT tends to underperform nan adjacent futures connected rallies and outperform erstwhile nan value corrects lower.Nearby March CBOT wheat futures rallied from $7.1250 connected January 23 to $7.9750 connected February 14, an 11.9% rise. The value corrected to $7.6225 per bushel connected February 16, a 4.4% decline.

Comparing nan value action betwixt nan ETF and adjacent CBOT wheat futures

Chart of nan WEAT ETF Product (Barchart)

Over nan aforesaid period, WEAT roseate from $7.23 to $8.09 per stock aliases 11.9% and past corrected to $7.77, falling 3.95%. WEAT kept gait pinch nan March futures statement connected nan upside and somewhat outperformed during nan caller decline. The capacity connected nan upside tells america nan deferred contracts posted a akin percent summation to nan adjacent futures, a motion that user hedging is robust.

We are moving into nan 2023 harvest twelvemonth successful nan Northern Hemisphere complete nan coming weeks. While Mother Nature and nan upwind are ever nan astir captious facet for cultivation products, nan ongoing warfare successful Ukraine poses a important threat to world wheat supplies. Expect tons of volatility successful nan wheat futures arena complete nan coming weeks and months. The KCBT versus CBOT wheat spread’s level tells america sentiment is bullish, and nan likelihood favour higher prices.

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