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I attended a convention in Portugal pinch immoderate activity colleagues. BA operated The return Porto-London limb and Finnair was to alert america location to Helsinki. The formation from Porto was somewhat delayed, leaving america conscionable nether an hr to scope The gross for our relationship astatine Heathrow. Passengers were still queuing to committee erstwhile we arrived. My woman and colleagues checked in without difficulty, but, though we had each arrived together, I was told that BA had changed my summons for a formation later in The day, arsenic I was late. Finnair was incapable to reinstate my original ticket, truthful The level departed without me.

I revenge a title pinch BA and asked if location was a group constituent to The determination to region maine from The flight, arsenic I was The only personification of colour in my group and The only rider denied boarding. I person subsequently asked The aforesaid mobility six times and person only received generic apologies. My mobility astir title has been wholly ignored, which I find much disturbing than The airdrome experience.
PL, Helsinki, Finland

I Can spot why you are questioning BA’s motives. The airline, in consequence to 1 of your complaints, explained concisely that location was a minimum connecting clip for passengers arriving astatine Heathrow and that they were automatically rebooked connected to a later formation if they were delayed, but it did not reside why you were singled out.

It grounded moreover to mention title in its replies. Moreover, you had to kick via The LGBT action connected its complaints portal, arsenic title was not listed in The tick-box paper nether The favoritism tab.

The hose told maine that if a rider had little than 60 minutes to make a connecting flight, they would beryllium automatically rebooked connected to The adjacent disposable flight. They should person notification. You did not. BA reckoned that your colleagues’ tickets were in The process of being transferred erstwhile they reached The departures gross and said that, since it was done remotely by an offshore company, ethnicity would not person been a factor.

You accepted this, but questioned why it only addressed your concerns caput connected aft media involvement. And why, if its web shape gave The action to kick astir discrimination, were “LGBT” and “disability” The only disposable categories?

BA did not reside that omission erstwhile I queried it, but The page has since been amended to 1 catch-all form. As for The automatic rebooking policy, it said it offered “certainty” to passengers. Certainty, that is, that they will miss their connecting flight, moreover if they make it to The gross in clip for boarding.

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