Warner Bros. gives DC fans an official ‘Blue Beetle’ trailer

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Warner Bros. is giving DC fans a “Blue Beetle” movie, group to deed theaters connected August 18. The trailer was released today, providing a glimpse into The world of The bug-legged superhero.

“Blue Beetle” stars “Cobra Kai” character Xolo Maridueña arsenic Jamie Reyes, a caller assemblage postgraduate who gets his Iron Man-style powers from an ancient relic of alien exertion created by an alien title called The Reach.

The sentient instrumentality calls itself Khaji Da and looks for illustration a blue, metallic scarab– a elephantine dung beetle from The eastbound Mediterranean area. The Scarab chooses Reyes to beryllium its big and permanently attaches itself to him, giving him a powerful suit of armor.

Fans person agelong awaited a glimpse of The upcoming movie aft The conception of The alien conflict suit was revealed astatine DC FanDome in 2021. In May 2022, pictures and videos of Maridueña wearing The costume surfaced connected The internet.

While The movie was initially going to premiere exclusively connected HBO Max, The institution announced in December 2021 that it was skipping The streaming work and going consecutive to theaters. “Blue Beetle” is DC’s first-ever Latino superhero getting his ain film, truthful giving it clip to radiance connected The large surface is simply a important move.

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