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by Levi astatine StockWaves; produced pinch Avi Gilburt

A squad of virtuosos successful their respective fields has been mustered. We are privileged to person Lyn Alden supply her world-class basal viewpoint. Zac Mannes and Garrett Patten supply method study that gives clear parameters crossed nan beingness of stocks successful nan move marketplace. This is StockWaves - wherever fundamentals meet technicals. We person identified a setup successful Walmart (NYSE:WMT) that gives america a high-probability way for nan adjacent respective months. Follow on arsenic we talk nan basal scenery and past nan method model that points toward a rollback successful WMT value soon.

The Fundamentals With Lyn Alden

If you person had nan chance to publication Lyn’s activity present connected Seeking Alpha aliases are already an avid follower, you will person discovered that she follows the facts and backs up her findings pinch coagulated evidence. Her inheritance blends engineering and finance, pinch sum crossed worth investing pinch a world macro overlay. Note immoderate excerpts from her astir caller return connected WMT.

“I americium neutral-to-bearish connected WMT successful nan intermediate term. Most of nan maturation metrics stay decent, but nan valuation has been elevated for nan past respective years. I deliberation nan banal is apt to either drawback down to fundamentals, aliases inclination sideways for a while arsenic fundamentals yet drawback up. The slightest apt outcome, successful my view, is for nan banal value to soar anytime soon.”


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Fundamentals, Meet Technicals

It is astatine nan intersection of these 2 fields of study that we find high-probability setups, some up and down.



When we analyse a banal for illustration WMT we are keenly alert that it is not conscionable fundamentals that are astatine activity pressuring price. The broader nan information successful immoderate fixed issue, nan much that crowd behaviour will play its role. Put different way, sentiment - fearfulness and greed.

Sentiment exerts overmuch much power successful a megacap banal for illustration WMT than it does successful an emerging biotech stock. Sentiment operates connected a continuum. The spectrum of this continuum being based connected nan number of participants progressive successful nan buying and trading of said issue.

So, pinch a banal for illustration WMT, we usage this convergence of fundamentals pinch technicals to framework our viewpoint. Here’s what nan technicals are showing astatine nan moment.


StockWaves / MotiveWave


StockWaves / MotiveWave

Both of our lead method analysts work together that WMT is fresh for a rollback. What’s more, they besides task that this adjacent limb down will beryllium a [C] wave. There is immoderate value to that. But, first we must understand what nan basal nomenclature intends to observe what that is. More connected that soon.

Here is nan basal setup: location is simply a spot much room successful this existent corrective bounce up to nan $148 level. From there, we will beryllium looking for nan adjacent limb down that should return it to nan caller lows astatine $138. It is nan break of $138 that apt ushers successful moreover little prices. The eventual target for this full building is $105 - $110 complete nan adjacent respective months.


Remember that we look astatine nan markets from a probabilistic viewpoint. Yes, location will beryllium times that a circumstantial banal aliases nan marketplace itself does so return what appears to beryllium nan little probability path. In fact, that will hap 2 to 3 times retired of 10, obviously. However, please callback Lyn’s comments mentioned astatine nan outset:

“The slightest apt outcome, successful my view, is for nan banal value to soar anytime soon.”

This is besides what nan technicals show us. But, should WMT summon immoderate benignant of bonzer spot and return retired nan $155 level, we would reassess this adjacent word diminution scenario.

What Can Fibonacci Pinball Do For You?

If Elliott Wave Theory is truthful great, past why don’t much group usage it? And, what’s more, why is Fibonacci Pinball a existent game-changer pinch regards to nan due exertion of Elliott Wave Theory? These and much are questions that we person often addressed. The laminitis of, Avi Gilburt, responded successful extent to these questions successful an article from a fewer years back. Here is an excerpt from that piece:

“Why don’t much group usage Elliott Wave analysis? Well, first let’s commencement pinch nan knowing that it takes a batch of elaborate activity and calculation successful bid to execute a due Elliott Wave analysis. Moreover, it is simply a very analyzable method to learn. So, nan introduction into this methodology is not easy and to execute a due study is not easy. But, then, show maine thing that is genuinely worthwhile that does not require an first finance and difficult work.

To this end, astir of what I spot being claimed arsenic Elliott Wave study is thing much than what I telephone ‘wave slapping’. This is erstwhile an expert places numbers and letters connected a floor plan based either upon nan ‘look’ of nan chart, aliases to support their anterior bias astir marketplace direction. Since I would categorize astir study presented arsenic Elliott Wave study arsenic such, resultantly, astir study is seldom correct much than 50% of nan time. And, this lends to nan statement astir Elliott Wave being excessively subjective successful nature.

So, erstwhile investors travel this type of ‘analysis’ and spot really often it is wrong, they make nan presumption that Elliott Wave really does not work, and are turned off.

Unfortunately, moreover immoderate ‘famous’ Elliotticians person been blameworthy of allowing their bias to unreality their objectivity. This has led to galore Elliott Wave counts I person seen which I would see akin to scratching your correct receptor pinch your near manus by going complete nan apical of your head. And, arsenic galore person noted, their study and way grounds surely person near a batch to beryllium desired.

For those that person followed our activity done nan years, you would cognize that we are strict adherents to nan purity of nan Elliott Wave study methodology. We analyse each nan sub-waves of a building to guarantee ourselves that we person travel to nan astir meticulous study imaginable of nan larger structure. In different words, we do nan item activity which is needed to summation nan probability that our study will beryllium correct.

Furthermore, we person created an nonsubjective model for Elliott Wave study that we telephone Fibonacci Pinball. This addresses nan statement astir Elliott Wave study being excessively subjective.”

So, boil it down for us. What tin Pinball do for me? In this circumstantial case, WMT should find a precocious successful nan $148 region and past move down to nan $138 region aliases lower. It will beryllium astatine nan constituent that we tin place a marketplace pivot, apt to beryllium successful nan $136 - $138 region. Once value moves beneath that pivot, alternatively of being adjacent word support, it will move into resistance. Thereafter, value should beryllium contained beneath this pivot until nan full 5 waves of nan larger [C] activity complete. As well, we will move nan marketplace pivot down and proceed to little our perfect guidance arsenic nan floor plan fills retired further.

Pinball provides a circumstantial building that should incorporate nan mostly of value action until a shape completes. It tells america erstwhile to displacement our weight to a different stance should our superior script not being playing retired arsenic drawn up. Pinball is simply a existent game-changer successful nan world of Elliott Wave mentation analysis. It is thing that you must acquisition to believe.

I would for illustration to return this opportunity to punctual you that we supply our position by ranking probabilistic marketplace movements based upon nan building of nan marketplace value action. And if we support a definite superior position arsenic to really nan marketplace will move next, and nan marketplace breaks that pattern, it intelligibly tells america that we were incorrect successful our first assessment. But here's nan astir important portion of nan analysis: We besides supply you pinch an replacement position astatine nan aforesaid clip we supply you pinch our superior expectation, and fto you cognize erstwhile to adopt that replacement position earlier it happens.

There are galore ways to analyse and way stocks and nan marketplace they form. Some are much accordant than others. For us, this method has proved nan astir reliable and keeps america connected nan correct broadside of nan waste and acquisition overmuch much often than not. Nothing is cleanable successful this world, but for those looking to unfastened their eyes to a caller beingness of trading and investing, why not see studying this further? It whitethorn conscionable beryllium 1 of nan astir illuminating projects you undertake.

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