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Volkswagen’s $2.1 cardinal scheme to motorboat a dedicated electric-vehicle mill in Wolfsburg, Germany is kaput. 

The automaker alternatively reportedly plans to modify its existing plants in Zwickau and Wolfsburg to grip accumulation of a caller flagship EV — The postponed Project Trinity — and an all-electric Golf hatchback. 

This tracks pinch an earlier connection from VW rider cars leader Thomas Schäfer, who said past year that an further mill mightiness not beryllium basal arsenic VW produces less combustion-engine vehicles complete time. Still, this isn’t conscionable astir making abstraction for EVs; The automaker is in cost-cutting mode.

Really, that’s putting it lightly. In July, CEO Thomas Schaefer said VW’s “roof is connected fire” in a gathering pinch elder leaders, citing The company’s request to overhaul its “complex, slow, and inflexible” processes. A large facet present was VW’s delayed clasp of EVs, which led it to suffer superior crushed to BYD in China.

VW still hasn’t really proved itself in electrics — in fact, conscionable a mates days agone Reuters reported that The automaker would temporarily region production of 2 EVs — The ID.3 and Cupra Born — owed to decreased demand.

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