Vicarious Surgical: Moving Toward A Completed System - But Risks Remain

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On its past net call, Vicarious Surgical Inc. (NYSE:RBOT), a institution that is successful nan process of processing single-incision surgical robot for nan intent of performing minimal invasive surgery, announced its Beta 2 strategy was complete, and was now moving toward its adjacent system, nan v1.0.

In nan existent economical climate, including nan precocious costs of capital, nan institution has decided to alteration its strategy successful bid to trim its costs while extending its rate runway.

To that end, it has trim backmost on 14 percent of its workforce and lowered spending, which has introduced a timeline consequence element, on pinch nan further consequence associated pinch dense reliance connected its first design, now that nan simplification successful spending won't let it to spell down parallel paths arsenic it had successful nan past.

In this article, we'll look astatine immoderate of its caller numbers, specifically successful respect to rate burn, expenditures, and its changing strategy.

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Some of nan numbers

With 2022 being nan first afloat twelvemonth arsenic a publically traded company, guidance apparently decided to chiefly springiness a full-year report, moreover though it was nan 4th fourth 2022 net call.

Total operating expenses for each of 2022 were $80.1 million, up 110 percent from nan $38.2 cardinal successful wide operating expenses successful 2021. R&D expenses for full 2022 were $43.9 million, up from R&D expenses of $22.1 cardinal successful afloat twelvemonth 2021.

G&A expenses climbed to $29.7 cardinal for 2022, successful comparison to $13.2 cardinal successful G&A expenses successful each of 2021. Sales and trading costs came successful astatine $6.5 cardinal for full 2022, compared to income and trading expenses of $3.0 cardinal for afloat twelvemonth 2021.

Adjusted nett nonaccomplishment for afloat twelvemonth 2022 was $(78.8) million, aliases -$(0.65) per share, compared to an adjusted nett nonaccomplishment of $(38.3) million, aliases -$(0.40) per stock for afloat twelvemonth 2021.

Even though nan institution generated nary gross successful nan 4th aliases year, for each of 2022 it did nutrient GAAP nett income of $5.2 cardinal arsenic a consequence of an $84.00 cardinal summation successful adjacent worth from its warrant liability, resulting successful net per stock of $0.04.

Cash pain for afloat twelvemonth 2022 was $67.00 million, gathering nan guidance scope of $65.00 cardinal to $70.00 million. One point nan institution did specifically study for nan 4th fourth was it had revenge a support registration pinch nan SEC which besides had an ATM installation pinch it. Using nan facility, nan institution was capable to trim its nett rate pain to $57.00 cardinal by converting "$10 cardinal of inbound investor demand."

After cutting 14 percent of its workforce and cutting different costs, rate pain for afloat twelvemonth 2023 is projected to beryllium successful a scope of $55.00 cardinal to $65.00 million. At nan extremity of almanac 2022 nan institution had $116.00 cardinal successful rate and rate equivalents connected its equilibrium sheet.

Where things guidelines astatine this time

RBOT completed its Beta 1 tests successful 2021, and successful 2022 has finalized its Beta 2 development, which included nan performing of extended cadaveric testing to finalize that shape of development. Beta 2 was finalized astatine nan completion of "cadaveric ventral hernia procedures astatine Tufts Medical Center."

Management reported nan procedures were performed by well-known master successful robotic abdominal wall reconstruction, Dr. Igor Bellinski. At its December System Demonstration Day, nan institution released nan video showing nan procedures to various representatives of assemblage hospitals successful bid to show really its strategy could beryllium used. Now that its Beta 2 strategy has been completed, it's taking steps toward its adjacent strategy - v1.0. What's included successful that process is first, getting feedback from its experiences pinch Beta 2 via its surgeon Luminary Group and its Center of Excellence partners.

Vicarious Surgical Systems

Company Form 10-Q

Based upon nan feedback, nan institution will beryllium capable to iterate by making nan needed adaptations to its diligent attraction cart docking, strategy arms, and its attack to diligent entree to it. The institution sees it being capable to finalize v1.0 successful nan first half of 2023.Where nan consequence lies successful nan process is its reliance connected nan existing design, successful that it will person to beryllium capable to make nan needed changes based upon that design, alternatively than utilizing parallel designs arsenic it had earlier making nan determination it needed to trim costs.

In different words, nan institution is exposed to it being capable to make adaptations based upon nan main creation it has successful place, aliases a mini fistful of designs erstwhile objective tests begin. If location are immoderate important obstructions successful nan process, it would beryllium a dense rustle to nan institution successful respect to its timeline consequence and rate runway. On nan affirmative side, getting a batch of feedback from surgeons could presumably mitigate overmuch of that risk, and I'm assuming that nan creation it chose to build upon was based upon that feedback.

Partnerships to expedite nan process

In mentation for imaginable merchandise of its system, RBOT has entered into partnerships successful bid to accelerate take of its strategy erstwhile it's fresh for premier time.

To that extremity it has formed nan Luminary Group, which includes 20 knowledgeable surgeons which person been fixed nan task of supply nan type of expertise that will thief guideline nan company's exertion successful each objective aspects associated pinch it.

It has besides entered into agreements pinch wellness attraction networks for illustration Pittsburgh Creates and HCA Healthcare for nan intent of leveraging their expertise and resources successful bid "to support strategy development, regulatory clearance and commercialized launch."

RBOT besides added 3 caller members to its committee of board that person nan needed expertise to thief nan institution done its adjacent shape of development.


RBOT is making bully advancement toward its extremity of having an FDA submission for ventral hernia by nan second portion of almanac 2024. Management said, astatine this clip it's still connected way to execute that goal, but added location is now much timeline consequence because of nan trim backmost successful spending.

Based upon rate and rate equivalents of $116.00 million, nan institution sees a runway of astir 2 years, which of people would bring it adjacent to nan FDA submission clip frame, depending connected erstwhile nan submission was made.

But really I spot it, not only is location a timeline consequence now successful place, but location is besides a consequence connected to nan loop process, wherever location isn't a batch of room for correction connected immoderate large scale. Any important interruption successful nan process would alteration a batch of things for nan company, particularly pushing nan timing of a market-ready strategy further out.

Under that scenario, RBOT would beryllium forced to raise a important magnitude of superior to support operations and boost income and marketing, which would beryllium captious astatine that shape of development.

With nan type of strategy RBOT is developing, I deliberation it has a bully chance of being approved of, taking into information nan institution must execute connected its strategy.

That said, cutting backmost connected spending has introduced much consequence for nan institution complete nan adjacent mates of years, and it leaves little room for correction than it had before. For that reason, it remains highly speculative, and isn't apt to immoderate sustainable upward moves successful its stock price, particularly aft bouncing disconnected its 52-week debased of $1.69 per stock connected December 27, 2022, and trading astatine $3.16 per stock arsenic I write.

For investors willing successful RBOT stock, it would astir apt beryllium champion to hold for a pullback because location was nary visible catalyst to trigger nan upward move, which suggests to maine a correction is connected nan horizon.

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