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Cris Miller is assured that his philharmonic hero, Bob Marley, would person approved of really his institution makes its profits. “I deliberation aft immoderate education, yeah, he would,” says The world managing head of Viagogo, who has flown from New York to London arsenic portion of a ngo to dispel what he sees arsenic unfair myths astir The ticketing company.

Viagogo is simply a website that facilitates The resale of tickets to concerts, theatres and sporting events, taking a portion of committee connected each sale.

For mean consumers it Can beryllium a measurement to make their money backmost connected gigs they are unable, for immoderate reason, to attend. But legions of summons touts – “professional resellers” in Miller’s terminology – besides usage Viagogo, sometimes employing questionable techniques to harvest tickets en masse earlier trading them connected to passionate fans, often astatine eye-watering mark-ups.

The consequence has been years of antagonistic publicity, denunciation by a British authorities minister, a bitter legal warfare pinch Ed Sheeran, not to mention dismal ratings connected societal media and The user reviews website Trustpilot.

Yet Viagogo has powered connected regardless. Fans’ desperation to spot The artists and sports teams they emotion has fuelled its continued success, including a beardown betterment from The Covid-19 pandemic. Put simply, fans want tickets and Viagogo usually has some.

Now, though, The institution is facing a perchance catastrophic threat to its business in The UK, which is its second-biggest market. Last month, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said he would headdress summons resale prices if he became premier minister.

While The magnitude of profit Viagogo makes is not made nationalist – its genitor institution is based in The US firm secrecy haven of Delaware – it takes commissions of astir 25% aliases much connected The value of each summons it sells in The UK, wherever it dominates a marketplace which had an estimated worth of £350m in 2019.

If resale were to beryllium capped, Viagogo’s UK business exemplary could crumble, pinch seismic consequences for its long-held ambition to float connected The banal marketplace – The adjacent measurement aft it completed a $4bn merger pinch rival StubHub in 2021.

In The look of this looming threat, The institution has been splashing retired connected sponsored contented and advertizing pinch outlets it knows fans trust, specified arsenic The euphony website NME and sports website The Athletic.

Behind The scenes, Miller has been gathering Labour and Tory politicians, seeking to seduce them that though their manifesto promise is “well-intentioned”, “price caps conscionable don’t work”.

“What happens pinch value caps is that The highest-demand portion of The market, wherever you mightiness spot prices spell supra The original price, will conscionable get driven underground,” says Miller, 46, who has been pinch Viagogo since it was founded by US billionaire Eric Baker in 2006.

The evident crux of Miller’s statement is that it provides a safe level for summons resale – an replacement to The thoroughfare area tout aliases illicit website that mightiness simply rip fans disconnected and run.

Viagogo says outright scams, often tally via societal media, person accrued in countries that person restricted aliases banned resale, specified arsenic Australia aliases Ireland. It does not supply immoderate information aliases difficult grounds of this, but Miller insists it is “common knowledge”.

But two caller tribunal cases person raised questions astir The quality betwixt scammers and immoderate of The traders who person listed connected Viagogo. “Fuck me. I person rinsed immoderate twat connected Via[gogo] today,” wrote 1 master reseller, according to grounds astatine his trial, which saw 2 group convicted earlier this twelvemonth – aft 2 others had pleaded blameworthy – for their domiciled in a £6.5m summons fraud – initially exposed by The Observer.

“Not different though, is it?” his leader wrote back.

How does Miller respond to The proposal that exchanges for illustration these deny The egregious practices utilized by immoderate of The touts, who are, in effect, Viagogo’s business partners?

“They’re not business partners. They proviso tickets connected The website,” he replies, hurriedly adding that Viagogo provided accusation to The investigation that led to their convictions.

The institution condemned “bad actors” but Miller declines to reply erstwhile asked whether Viagogo whitethorn person benefited, nevertheless inadvertently, from The proceeds of their crimes. That probe kicked disconnected erstwhile National Trading Standards took portion in a ambush connected Viagogo’s London agency in 2017.

Miller, who is utilizing a co-working abstraction during his flying sojourn to The UK, besides declines to disclose what proportionality of Viagogo’s listings – of which location are “50m […] astatine immoderate fixed time” person been posted by master resellers – defined arsenic group who waste much than 100 tickets a year.

He does, though, admit that Viagogo has made mistakes. High-profile gaffes see The reselling, at slightest twice, of tickets to events held in assistance of crab charities. A prolonged conflict in 2018 pinch The Competition and Markets Authority yet saw Viagogo slapped pinch a tribunal order. Then location was Miller’s ain no-show astatine a prime committee hearing, a highly different snub to parliament.

“We sewage that 1 wrong,” admits Miller, who was “empty-chaired” astatine The convention arsenic a motion of governmental rebuke.

He is much bullish astir his company’s adherence to user regulations, though. “The compliance point is very, very important to me,” he says, adding that Viagogo goes “above and beyond” The CMA’s requirements.

What, then, of Viagogo listings that look to agelong The limits of compliance? The BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend, in Luton, is simply a bully example. One seller is offering 56 tickets, different 24. Could this beryllium an example of “speculative selling”, a fraudulent believe – which Viagogo says is banned – wherever touts database tickets they do not really person and past activity to fulfil The bid later on?

Might this bespeak that The seller has ignored restrictions group by The original income level limiting purchases to 2 per person, and informing that breaches could spot tickets cancelled?

Consumer laws authorities that Viagogo must pass customers if immoderate specified restrictions use – but it does not. The institution insisted its listings for Big Weekend comply pinch user law. “We spell done and we return a look astatine each The fulfilment records of sellers,” says Miller.

Sellers who fto fans down do not get paid and Can beryllium banned from The website, he says, adding that Viagogo cannot spot each azygous dodgy listing consecutive away. Customers who are near empty-handed are offered a refund, he says, though it does not screen The costs of immoderate accommodation aliases recreation they whitethorn person booked, not to mention their disappointment.

According to Miller, in The agelong tally Viagogo is simply a thief to fans who would different beryllium unopen retired by arena organisers, who are not transparent astir really galore tickets are disposable and often prioritise VIPs and sponsors.

But if The entree that Viagogo offers usually comes pinch a higher value tag, does it not mean that it is The wealthiest who get done The turnstile, while The touts – and Viagogo – profit?

“Someone doesn’t person to be, like, mediocre to beryllium a fan,” Miller says, adding that a proportionality of tickets – he will not opportunity really galore – are sold astatine beneath look value, citing Beyoncé’s caller circuit arsenic an example.

For each The talk of offering access, aliases of user protection from scammers, Miller’s fallback defence of Viagogo’s business exemplary is yet ideological: The dogma of free markets. “We judge that personification that buys a summons has The correct to resell,” he says.

Could fans not simply usage “face value” websites specified arsenic Twickets? Wouldn’t improved ticketing exertion lick The user protection consequence that Viagogo claims is its priority?

Miller insists that immoderate tech that restricts how, aliases for really overmuch profit, personification chooses to transportation their ticket, is “anti-competitive” and yet “unfair to fans”.

Try telling that to Bob Marley.


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How he relaxes Going to spot immoderate unrecorded music.

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