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CME is simply a business apt acquainted to you, being 1 we person owned successful our world strategy since 2008 and which was our largest VG1 position astatine nan extremity of 2022.

CME operates futures and derivatives exchanges, including nan Chicago Mercantile Exchange, nan New York Mercantile Exchange, nan Chicago Board of Trade, and nan Dow Jones Index Services. On apical of this, CME besides owns different cardinal assets related to overseas speech trading & infrastructure and a strategical shareholding successful Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Index business.

The cardinal driver of trading activity for CME is successful its liking complaint derivatives products, wherever it has an effective monopoly successful nan speech trading of liking complaint derivatives successful nan United States, pinch benchmark products crossed nan entirety of nan liking complaint curve. Demand for liking complaint derivatives is driven by volatility successful liking complaint markets, whose effect is compounded by nan number of bonds held by those looking to negociate liking complaint consequence and, by extension, marketplace liquidity.

The beneath floor plan of mean regular volumes of liking complaint derivatives and US Federal indebtedness held by nan nationalist illustrates nan highly beardown narration nan size of nan US Treasury marketplace and volumes growth, though location are deviations astir this chiefly astir Fed involution (for example, astatine nan commencement of nan pandemic, volumes were suppressed by an tremendous magnitude of Quantitative Easing (QE) and efficaciously zero liking rates which reduced nan request for hedging products).

Size of nan US Federal Debt Held by nan Public vs Average Daily Volume of CME Interest Rate Contracts

Size of nan US Federal Debt Held by nan Public vs Average Daily Volume of CME Interest Rate Contracts

Source: CME Group, Congressional Budget Office.

We expect nan maturation successful nan size of nan US Treasury market, peculiarly successful narration to privately held US treasuries arsenic nan Fed undergoes a equilibrium expanse unwind, to stay a powerful underpinning of CME’s liking complaint derivatives business.

As such, we are precocious condemnation that nan reversal of QE and nan normalisation of enslaved marketplace conditions will supply a important tailwind for CME’s trading activity successful nan adjacent term, while its nett liking separator should use from greater finance income connected separator collateral. Other derivatives complexes, including equity and energy, are apt to besides use from a normalisation of marketplace conditions and we statement that incremental futures contracts make an highly precocious drop-through complaint to rate net owed to CME’s beardown operating leverage arsenic a chiefly integer platform.

As a result, we judge existent conditions are highly favourable for CME’s liking complaint derivatives business, different derivatives complexes and nett liking separator and we spot important upside consequence to statement net and free cashflow estimates. At writing, CME is trading astatine a CY23 PE of 20x, free cashflow output of 6% and dividend output of 5%.


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