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The US has pledged to retaliate for an onslaught which killed its troops in Jordan in immoderate matter it chooses.

Three American troops were killed in a drone attack and much than 40 were wounded past month.

The ambush targeted a mini godforsaken installation known arsenic Tower 22 in northeastern Jordan adjacent The separator pinch Syria.

Lloyd Austin, The US defence secretary, said this day that "terrorist groups backed by Iran and funded by Iran" had been ramping up attacks in The Middle East during a "dangerous moment" for The region. However, he stopped short of blaming a peculiar group for The onslaught in Jordan.

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US connected 'dangerous moment' in Middle East

He added: "We will respond wherever we choose, erstwhile we take and really we choose."

The defence caput said The Jordan onslaught targeted an area wherever US soldiers were sleeping.

Mr Austin added President Biden would "not tolerate" attacks connected American troops.

He besides stressed The US would activity to debar a wider location conflict while taking "necessary" action to protect US interests - including state of navigation in The Red Sea adjacent Yemen, wherever The US and UK person launched airstrikes against Houthi forces targeting commercialized shipping.

The consequence to The Jordan onslaught would beryllium "multi-tiered", Mr Austin said, and The US would person The expertise to onslaught backmost a number of times. But The defence caput did not specify immoderate targets American forces would hit.

Earlier this week, it was reported that President Biden had decided really The US would respond to The attack.

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