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A company’s size tin play an important domiciled successful nan type of consequence and return floor plan that a banal whitethorn beryllium expected to make complete time. Small– and mid–cap (SMID) stocks person exhibited compelling characteristics comparative to their larger peers historically that should ever support them successful consideration, but correct now whitethorn beryllium a peculiarly compelling clip to attraction connected this plus class. SMID headdress valuations are astatine decade lows compared to ample caps, and we judge investors should see this an opportunity to position for long–term growth.

Small– and Mid–Cap Stock Valuations astatine Decade Lows

Despite a agelong history of outperformance versus large–caps, valuations for SMID–cap companies person taken a noticeable haircut comparative to large–caps complete nan past fewer years. SMID headdress valuations began to diverge backmost successful 2018 and past saw further discounts astatine nan opening of 2021. Driving forces down nan widening discount during this play see nan aging of nan erstwhile record–setting bull market, increasing attraction wrong nan equity marketplace successful mega–cap companies, and different assemblage compositions of nan U.S. ample and small–mid headdress indices.

Most recently, hawkish monetary policy, fears of recession and a method carnivore marketplace for U.S. equities person excessively impacted nan stock prices of smaller companies. However, investors should see nan alteration successful monetary situation and turmoil successful markets arsenic an opportunity to position for long–term growth. Valuations for small– and mid–cap companies, successful position of guardant price–to–earnings, are now astatine 20–year lows comparative to ample caps. Pair this utmost valuation discount pinch eventual brighter days successful position of macro backdrop, and we judge SMID headdress stocks whitethorn beryllium to beryllium rewarding for diligent investors.

SMID Cap Forward P/E Relative to Large Cap Forward P/E

January 2004 – December 2022

SMID Cap Forward P/E Relative to Large Cap Forward P/E / January 2004 - August 2022

Source: Bloomberg. SMID Cap Stocks represented by nan Russell 2500 Index. Large Cap Stocks represented by nan S&P 500 Index. Past capacity is nary guarantee of early results. See disclaimers and descriptions astatine nan extremity of this presentation. See disclaimers and descriptions astatine bottommost of page.

Potential for SMID Caps to Outperform Large Caps

A seminal insubstantial by Nobel economics laureate Eugene Fama and co–author Ken French studied equity returns from 1926 done 1992 and recovered that, complete nan long–term, small– and mid–cap equities consistently outperformed large–cap equities during nan period.1 The beneath chart, which measures nan percent of clip SMID headdress stocks outperformed large–caps complete nan past 20 years, shows that this inclination to outperform still persists today. Looking astatine 10 twelvemonth monthly rolling periods, SMID–cap equities person outperformed large–caps complete 70% of nan clip since January 2000. While past capacity is not a predictor of early outcomes, this information provides a favorable humanities instauration for assessing nan way grounds of small– and mid–cap stocks.

Percent of Time SMID Caps Outperform Large Caps

January 2000 – December 2022

Percent of Time SMID Caps Outperform Large Caps / January 2000 - August 2022

Source: Morningstar. Defined clip periods rotation monthly. Small–Mid Cap Stocks represented by nan Morningstar US Small–Mid Cap Index. Large Cap Stocks represented by nan Morningstar US Large Cap Index. Past capacity is nary guarantee of early results. See disclaimers and descriptions astatine bottommost of page.

While nan capacity of SMID headdress stocks tin beryllium impressive, it is important to statement that accompanying this capacity tin beryllium further risk. Smaller companies are inherently taxable to greater consequence than ample companies, arsenic they thin to person little diversified business models, constricted entree to superior and higher leverage, among different factors. These characteristics tin lead to underperformance successful periods of economical uncertainty.

Large Universe to Uncover SMID–Cap Opportunity

From a full marketplace worth perspective, large–cap stocks relationship for nan mostly of nan $51 trillion2 U.S. equity market. However, erstwhile viewed successful position of number of stocks, nan magnitude of small– and mid–cap companies dwarf that of large–caps. Looking astatine nan Morningstar US Market Index, which represents 97% marketplace headdress sum of nan U.S. equity market, SMID headdress stocks relationship for 85% of nan stocks successful nan nationalist U.S. equity market. There are astir 5 times arsenic galore small–and mid–cap stocks arsenic location are large–cap stocks. For investors, this intends a importantly larger opportunity group successful position of number of imaginable winning stocks to identify.

Additionally, successful nan large–cap space, accusation dissemination and absorption has go highly efficient, but this is not nan lawsuit arsenic 1 moves down nan capitalization scale. This is due, successful part, to little levels of expert coverage. The mean small– and mid–cap banal has astir 8 analysts covering and penning investigation aliases recommendations connected it, and astir one–fifth of these companies person nary much than 3 analysts covering them. The communicative is rather different for larger headdress companies, wherever nan mean banal successful nan S&P 500 Index has astir 22 analysts covering it. This deficiency of expert sum results successful a perchance greater dispersion betwixt banal prices and adjacent worth that tin beryllium rewarding for investors.

U.S. Equity Market by Number of Stocks

As of December 2022

U.S. Equity Market by Number of Stocks, arsenic of July 2022

Average Number of Analyst Coverage Per Security

As of December 2022

Average Number of Analyst Coverage Per Security, arsenic of July 2022

Source: Morningstar; FactSet. Small, Mid, and Large Cap Stocks represents securities wrong nan Morningstar US Market Index categorized by size according to Morningstar. SMID Cap Stocks Represents nan S&P 1000 Index. Past capacity is nary guarantee of early results. See disclaimers and descriptions astatine bottommost of page.

However, for some of these reasons, a ample beingness and mostly little expert coverage, investors seeking to make an allocation to small– and mid– companies should look for a strategy that does much than conscionable supply broad–market exposure. We judge a focused attack that selectively identifies companies by considering title and competitory advantages arsenic good arsenic valuations whitethorn beryllium a amended choice.

Built astir Morningstar’s proven moat investing accuracy and equity research, nan VanEck Morningstar SMID Moat ETF (SMOT) provides vulnerability to small- and mid-cap companies pinch sustainable competitory advantages and charismatic valuations.

Important Disclosures

1 Fama, Eugene F. and Kenneth R. French. “The Cross–Section of Expected Stock Returns.” The Journal of Finance.

2SIFMA US Equity Capital Formation Research Quarterly – 3Q2022.

The S&P 500® Index consists of 500 wide held communal stocks covering nan starring industries of nan U.S. economy. The Morningstar US Market Index covers nan apical 97% of marketplace capitalization of nan U.S. equity markets. The Morningstar US Large Cap Index consists of US stocks representing nan largest 70 percent capitalization of nan investable universe. Morningstar US Small–Mid Cap Index consists of US stocks representing nan bottommost 27 percent capitalization of nan investable universe. The S&P 1000® Index represents a wide benchmark for nan mid– to small–cap conception of nan U.S. equity market. The Russell 2500 Index represents nan 2500 smallest US companies successful nan broad–based Russell 3000 index.

This is not an connection to bargain aliases sell, aliases a proposal to bargain aliases waste immoderate of nan securities/financial instruments mentioned herein. The accusation presented does not impact nan rendering of personalized investment, financial, legal, aliases taxation advice. Certain statements contained herein whitethorn represent projections, forecasts and different guardant looking statements, which do not bespeak existent results, are valid arsenic of nan day of this connection and taxable to alteration without notice. Information provided by 3rd statement sources are believed to beryllium reliable and person not been independently verified for accuracy aliases completeness and cannot beryllium guaranteed. VanEck does not guarantee nan accuracy of 3rd statement data. The accusation herein represents nan sentiment of nan author(S), but not needfully those of VanEck aliases its employees.

An investor cannot put straight successful an index. Returns bespeak past capacity and do not guarantee early results. Results bespeak nan reinvestment of dividends and superior gains, if any. Certain indices whitethorn return into relationship withholding taxes. Index returns do not correspond Fund returns. The Index does not complaint guidance fees aliases brokerage expenses, nor does nan Index lend securities, and nary revenues from securities lending were added to nan capacity shown.

The Morningstar® US Small–Mid Cap Moat Focus IndexSM was created and is maintained by Morningstar, Inc. Morningstar, Inc. does not sponsor, endorse, issue, sell, aliases beforehand nan VanEck Morningstar SMID Moat ETF and bears nary liability pinch respect to that ETF aliases immoderate security. Morningstar® is simply a registered trademark of Morningstar, Inc. Morningstar® Wide Moat Focus IndexSM is simply a work people of Morningstar, Inc.

The S&P 500® Index is simply a merchandise of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC and/or its affiliates and has been licensed for usage by Van Eck Associates Corporation. Copyright © 2021 S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC, a section of S&P Global, Inc., and/or its affiliates. All authorities reserved. Redistribution aliases reproduction successful full aliases successful portion are prohibited without written support of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC. For much accusation connected immoderate of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC’s indices please sojourn S&P Dow Jones Indices S&P® is simply a registered trademark of S&P Global and Dow Jones® is simply a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC. Neither S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC, Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC, their affiliates nor their 3rd statement licensors make immoderate practice aliases warranty, definitive aliases implied, arsenic to nan expertise of immoderate scale to accurately correspond nan plus people aliases marketplace assemblage that it purports to correspond and neither S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC, Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC, their affiliates nor their 3rd statement licensors shall person immoderate liability for immoderate errors, omissions, aliases interruptions of immoderate scale aliases nan information included therein.

An finance successful nan VanEck Morningstar SMID Moat ETF whitethorn beryllium taxable to risks which include, among others, equity securities, small– and medium–capitalization companies, user discretionary sector, financials sector, wellness attraction sector, industrials sector, accusation exertion sector, market, operational, scale tracking, authorized subordinate concentration, caller fund, absence of anterior progressive market, trading issues, passive management, money shares trading, premium/discount and liquidity of money shares, non–diversified, and attraction risks, each of which whitethorn adversely impact nan Fund. Small– and medium–capitalization companies whitethorn beryllium taxable to elevated risks.

Investing involves important consequence and precocious volatility, including imaginable nonaccomplishment of principal. An investor should see a Fund's finance objective, risks, charges and expenses cautiously earlier investing. To get a prospectus and summary prospectus for VanEck Funds and VanEck ETFs, which incorporate this and different information, telephone 800.826.2333 aliases sojourn Please publication nan prospectus and summary prospectus for VanEck Funds and VanEck ETFs cautiously earlier investing.

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