UiPath: Buy Into This Generational Opportunity On Weakness

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Robot humanoid usage laptop and beryllium astatine array for large information analytic


The Thesis

We judge that definite big-return finance ideas trust successful nan agelong tally connected conscionable a fistful of beardown arguments: Facebook (META) was astatine nan clip of its IPO a stake connected nan continued effect of its virtuous rhythm and expanding personification guidelines monetization; Amazon (AMZN) was a stake connected nan continuing maturation of e-commerce; and Visa (V) and Mastercard (MA) were a stake that nan convenience of being cash-less will triumph acold difficult cash.

Our reasoning astir UiPath (NYSE:PATH) follows a akin pattern:

  • Presence successful a marketplace (robotic process automation, aliases RPA) that is expected to grow by astir 20% successful nan coming decade. We judge RPA is not conscionable a fad, but it is still a caller manufacture successful its infancy, underpinned by clear secular trends.
  • Continued merchandise excellency, pinch UiPath capable to innovate and connection solutions to its customers pinch important impact
  • Moats pinch various elements, continuously strengthening its competitory position

Growing RPA marketplace

UiPath’s target addressable marketplace is expected to turn from $10 cardinal successful 2022 to $50 billion by 2030, increasing by 22% annually. CEO Ron Enslin estimates nan UiPath's TAM to beryllium moreover higher, astatine $90 billion. We judge that a strong, underestimated driver of nan RPA inclination is secular trends successful nan shape of demographic shifts successful Western democracies arsenic good arsenic caller changes successful business policy. According to BLS data originated from Bloomberg, nan U.S. labour unit will turn by a meager 0.5% successful nan coming decade – half nan complaint recorded complete nan erstwhile decade (this still partially relies connected nan optimistic presumption that older generations’ labour unit information will summation by 3-5 p.p.). While this displacement will shape a resistance connected definite parts of nan economy, immoderate industries and segments will benefit. The US government’s business argumentation and its efforts to re-shore jobs backmost to America whitethorn further exacerbate issues connected pinch an inadequate labour excavation and exert continuing unit connected employment costs. Unemployment presently stands astatine a 50-year grounds debased and is apt to enactment astatine little levels going forward, notwithstanding immoderate recession that whitethorn look successful nan mean term. These shifts will unit companies to clasp automation complete nan coming years to not conscionable enactment competitive, but really enactment successful business. We judge that UiPath, pinch its merchandise suite, will beryllium a benefactor of this environment.

Continued merchandise excellency

UiPath has a awesome merchandise which clients worth truthful overmuch that they walk much and much money connected it each year. It's nett retention rate* was arsenic precocious arsenic >140% recently, though location is immoderate softness astir its numbers complete nan past mates of quarters. Deployment of UiPath tin prevention its clients 10 of millions of dollars. CEO Enslin claims that Generali, a large security company, saved $80 cardinal complete nan past 3 years utilizing UiPath's solutions; New York State was capable to place a imaginable $12 cardinal successful fraudulent Covid claims; and Uber saved $2 cardinal daily erstwhile they were bringing backmost drivers successful nan post-pandemic surge.

We emotion nan operation of a sticky merchandise nature, solutions providing large tangible effect and clients spending ever-more money connected nan product.

(*What is nett retention rate? In very elemental terms, nan nett retention complaint is nan alteration successful nan annualized revenues from clients that person been pinch a institution 12 months ago, nett of churn. A nett retention complaint of 140% intends that nan clients that had spent $100 cardinal connected your merchandise 1 twelvemonth agone are now spending $140 million).


UiPath is successful a business which enables marketplace leaders to build moats, yet strengthening its competitory position.

Sticky product: The astir notable moat is nan switching costs of clients. Any institution pinch a analyzable capable IT architecture is reluctant to alteration its dependable package providers. Managers are improbable to return connected nan consequence unless nan replacement provides a important betterment including some costs efficiencies improvements arsenic good arsenic superior functionalities. The implementation of UiPath requires an first investment, truthful it is typically a multi-year determination to instrumentality nan company's solution.

Community: UiPath’s 2nd moat is its immense organization pinch 1,5 cardinal members. This supports nan virtuous rhythm arsenic seen pinch different companies: nan much users & developers exist, nan much ‘evangelists’ are retired there, implementation is easier for prospective clients, much acquisition materials and support forums exist, which again simplifies customer acquisition & retention... and truthful for forth. Have a look astatine LinkedIn: As of Feb 10, 2023, location are astir 2,400 job listing successful nan US & Europe that see nan word UiPath; and only 1,296 for Blue Prism (US + Europe), a Top-3 competitor (unfortunately it was not imaginable to cheque Automation Anywhere owed do nan ubiquity of nan 2 position successful occupation listings). On a broadside note, Microsoft’s (NYSE:MSFT) RPA powerfulness level was mentioned only successful c. 200 occupation listings.

Data: UiPath is sitting connected a information goldmine. As nan marketplace leader successful RPA, it has astir apt automated nan largest magnitude of tasks erstwhile compared to different cardinal marketplace players. UiPath tin leverage this wealth trove of accusation by creating an AI-based interface that would minimize nan effort to instrumentality its automation solutions (imagine thing for illustration GitHub’s Copilot for UiPath’s product). This would lead to a important alteration successful implementation costs for UiPath’s solution and supply it pinch a important competitory advantage that would beryllium very hard, if not impossible, to drawback up with. Not only that – specified a characteristic would apt little method and financial barriers of introduction for caller imaginable customers and further summation its addressable market. And if we fto ourselves dream a small bit, we could spot really specified a characteristic could make UiPath turn astatine hyperscale speed. As a matter of fact, UiPath is already moving pinch OpenAI connected deploying AI successful its products.

Even though UiPath is simply a awesome company, we judge that pinch its banal trading astir $16.00, nan marketplace has gotten up of itself and early risk-adjusted returns do not look juicy capable to us. We truthful complaint UiPath a 'Hold', but we will watch nan banal and are fresh to adhd connected weakness, ideally beneath $12.



While UiPath checks each nan boxes we want to see, it has go little of an charismatic investments complete nan past 3-4 months. The banal has bounced c. 50% since it’s November 2022 debased of $10.55 and arsenic of Feb 17, 2023, stands astatine $15.54. Though we initiated a mini position beneath $12.00 and are sitting connected immoderate decent returns, we are saddened to spot that nan marketplace has gotten measurement up of itself.

Methodology & Assumptions

We person performed a valuation based connected an FCF exit-multiple successful 2030. We person designed 3 scenarios - Bear, Mid, and Bull cases.

Key valuation assumptions and inputs:

Assumption Bear Mid Bull
RPA marketplace size successful 2030 $34 billion $50 billion $90 billion
UiPath marketplace stock successful 2030

8% (eroding)

10% (stable) 15% (expanding
UiPath free rate travel separator successful 2030 15% 20% 30%
Free rate travel aggregate astatine exit 15x 20x 30x
IRR <0% 8% 32%

RPA 2030 marketplace size: As explained above, we judge secular trends are presently powerfully favoring nan implementation of automation solutions astatine enterprises to trim costs, amended efficiency, and get activity done astatine all. Unemployment rates are globally astatine historically debased levels while labour pools are predicted to turn astatine nan slowest complaint successful decades. With globalization going into reverse gear, nan request to amended labour productivity and ratio successful high-wage countries will turn moreover stronger. We will truthful spot stronger take of RPA bots crossed ample businesses but progressively besides astatine SMEs, nan maturation of unreality solutions. Fortune Business Insights estimates nan size of nan marketplace astatine $50 cardinal successful 2030 (our Mid case), while UiPath's CEO Rob Enslin tags nan fig astatine $90 cardinal (our Bull case). We estimate nan marketplace size successful our Bear lawsuit astatine $38 cardinal (2/3 of nan Mid case), which would connote a meager 16% CAGR.

UiPath marketplace share: We judge that UiPath, arsenic nan marketplace leader, will proceed to excel successful what they are doing. We truthful presume successful our Mid lawsuit a unchangeable marketplace of 10% going forward, while being much cautious successful our Bear lawsuit (erosion to 8%) and overmuch much bullish successful our Bull lawsuit (15%).

UiPath free rate travel margin: While UiPath is presently not generating affirmative free rate flows, we judge this will beryllium nan lawsuit successful nan future. It's losses are attributable chiefly to a precocious Sales & trading spend, which we judge is down to nan maturation mantra of nan past years. However, nan institution recognizes this rumor and plans level headcount maturation for 2023. With >80% gross margins, nan ground is location to move nan institution into a profit machine. More mature package companies specified arsenic Salesforce (CRM), Adobe (ADBE) aliases Intuit (INTU) are generating free rate travel margins of astir 25-30%. We truthful judge nan institution will beryllium capable to make free rate flows successful nan scope of 15% (Bear case) to 30% (Bull case).

Exit multiple: Mature package businesses CRM, ADBE, INTU aliases Oracle (ORCL) are presently trading successful a scope of 20-30x unlevered free rate flow. We truthful presume a blimpish 15x exit aggregate successful our Bear case, 20x successful our Mid case, and 30x successful our Bull case.

Table depicting valuation of UiPath

UiPath valuation (SeekingAlpha, UiPath financials, Fortune Business Insights, Author's estimates and analyses)


The very blimpish carnivore lawsuit yields a stock value of astir $10 successful 2030 - which is $6 little than today's stock price, contempt an almost trebling of nan business. Our mid lawsuit yields a decent 8% IRR, but we see this excessively debased connected a risk-adjusted basis, erstwhile compared pinch nan S&P 500 semipermanent returns. And while we emotion nan bull lawsuit because UiPath could go a 10-bagger, we admit that it is based connected very optimistic assumptions.

RPA is still a very young manufacture and disruption tin hap quickly. The consequence arising from these black-swan-type of events and developments is intolerable to predict, but we do want to get compensated for it. Attractive introduction points for UiPath person passed - nan banal was priced attractively erstwhile beneath $12. But astatine nan existent banal value levels, we deliberation investors are simply not compensated capable for nan consequence they are taking on.

Key risks

We person identified nan pursuing 3 cardinal risks to our thesis.

RPA marketplace maturation does not materialize: RPA whitethorn move retired to beryllium a dud and an replacement exertion arrives that will dethrone UiPath's approach. Naturally 1 whitethorn deliberation of AI & GPT, but, arsenic a matter of fact, UiPath is moving intimately together pinch Microsoft and OpenAI. The displacement to cloud-based solutions whitethorn beryllium a bigger threat. However, pinch nan IT scenery becoming ever much complex, we judge location will beryllium a continued request for elemental RPA solutions successful nan future, moreover successful nan cloud.

UiPath marketplace stock will deteriorate: Direct competitors whitethorn travel up pinch amended RPA solutions and bargain marketplace stock from UiPath - for example, by offering simpler solutions for SMEs, niche solutions for industries aliases AI powered solutions. Although that looks improbable astatine nan moment, fixed UiPath caput commencement which is going to beryllium reliable to drawback up with. We would see ample headdress tech companies for illustration Microsoft aliases Oracle bigger threats, though successful nan short word we see those players arsenic irrelevant.

Losses will persist: UiPath whitethorn struggle to get to profitability. However, we deem nan consequence low. The institution useful pinch >80% gross margins. Its P&L presently still suffers from nan maturation mantra of past years and astir apt overspend connected income activities: The cardinal costs bucket is Sales and Marketing, successful nan caller 4th amounting to c. 70% of revenues (~20% of which is stock-based compensation). Under nan caller co-CEO Rob Enslin, nan institution has embarked connected an ratio programme and intends to get these costs nether power - for adjacent year, UiPath plans a level headcount vs. 2022. As economies of standard footwear successful complete time, truthful will UiPath's portion economics. While it's nary guarantee that nan institution will beryllium profitable, we are assured that they will execute it. The communicative is akin to Salesforce which is facing investor activism complete nan aforesaid nonstop issue.


UiPath is simply a leader successful a marketplace pinch important maturation imaginable (+20% CAGR complete nan coming 8 years). While it was an charismatic portfolio summation for nan semipermanent investor during past year’s marketplace decline, astatine nan existent stock value of $16.06, we judge an finance successful UiPath would not supply abstraction for any separator of error. We will truthful support watching nan banal and adhd connected weakness arsenic agelong arsenic our thesis is intact. Our verdict: Hold.

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