Udemy: Sit Tight Through Near-Term Volatility

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Investment thesis

Udemy (NASDAQ:UDMY) had mixed results successful their latest report, pinch FY23 guidance falling beneath statement expectations, mostly owed to nan business being impacted by a challenging macro situation that started affecting nan endeavor broadside of the business successful 2H of 4Q22. Consequently, Udemy is restructuring its costs structure, which includes a 10% simplification successful its world workforce and prioritizing important R&D investments. This move is anticipated to consequence successful adjusted EBITDA profitability successful nan 2H23 alternatively of nan earlier guidance of breaking moreover successful FY24 – This, I judge is nan champion news for nan 4Q22 results. That said, contempt having a affirmative outlook connected UDMY's semipermanent marketplace imaginable because of its product-market fit, it is expected that macro headwinds will persist successful 2023, causing a slowdown successful nan halfway business.

As such, my updated recommendation is to clasp connected to existing positions, and size down to a comfortable consequence level successful ray of nan near-term uncertainties.

Path to profitability

One important constituent to statement is that guidance expects to scope adj. EBITDA profitability successful 2H23 and for FY24, which is earlier than what they antecedently announced during their investor day. The logic down this anticipation is simply a simplification of 10% of their unit to thief realign their expenses pinch their gross targets, which could thief amended their profitability. I judge this news has different implicit effect, successful that statement tin now exemplary successful UDMY's profitability into their ain financial models, which helps pinch expanding estimates.

Udemy Business

Long income cycles pushed immoderate 4Q22 UB deals into nan pursuing quarter, according to management. NDR dropped for a 3rd consecutive quarter, landing astatine 115%. However, I was heartened to spot that nan NDR for UDMY stock's apical customers remained unchanged astatine 123%. Another encouraging motion of attraction connected learning is nan 129% y/y summation successful gross from multi-year deals, which now relationship for 42% of full revenue.


Management mentioned that location are presently astir 150 courses related to ChatGPT disposable connected their platform, which is importantly much than what their competitors person managed to connection truthful far. This supports my position that UDMY has a superior contented generating capacity compared to its competitors, enabling them to present contented much quickly. It's important to note, however, that UDMY's gross separator are besides structurally little owed to nan gross sharing agreements.

Reiterating nan constituent connected TAM

Despite each nan existent concerns and uncertainties, it's important to measurement backmost and look astatine nan large picture. The TAM for UDMY is enormous, and much importantly, Covid on pinch nan request for integer translator successful businesses, has led to a surge successful online learning needs. I expect this beardown secular inclination to proceed increasing arsenic younger generations progressively activity much innovative and interactive ways of learning, indicating agelong maturation up for nan online learning industry.


FY23 gross guidance that was fixed by UDMY fell importantly short of nan expectations of analysts. Specifically, nan gross forecast for FY23 was estimated to beryllium astir $715 cardinal astatine nan midpoint, representing a 14% year-on-year maturation complaint that is 8 percent points little than nan statement estimates. The gross for UB is predicted to slow down from nan mid-40% level successful 1Q23 and stay astatine mid-30% for nan remainder of nan year, while accounting for 60% of nan full gross by nan extremity of nan year. In particular, UDMY encountered delays successful income cycles successful 3Q22, chiefly successful nan debased extremity of nan market. This situation yet dispersed to nan endeavor broadside of nan business successful nan second half of 4Q22, causing definite deals to beryllium postponed to 1Q23. Although it is uncertain really galore of these deals person been finalized aliases delayed, I would expect income cycles to stay prolonged passim FY23, akin to guidance commentary. Consequently, nan guidance has decided to trim backmost connected spending for go-to-market teams successful regions and sectors that were astir affected by nan macro environment, and alternatively attraction much connected strategical R&D efforts.


My study of UDMY's business and banal capacity leads maine to nan conclusion that investors are looking for safer, yet still high-performing, companies. Nonetheless, Q4 showed caller signs of weakness. Net caller ARR maturation astatine UDMY slowed by 14% from nan erstwhile twelvemonth arsenic nan institution saw a slowdown successful UB Net New ARR, NDRR, and Customer additions. Also, nan commentary connected SMB churn did not thief pinch easing investors' concerns either. When taken together pinch nan unpredictability of nan user segment, these tendencies make it much difficult to person religion successful UDMY's FY23 guidance being little risky.

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