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 Global Crisis


The early of nan US Dollar is not promising. The handwriting is connected nan wall. “MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN”. The prophet Daniel explained these cryptic words as: “Your days are numbered, you person been weighed and recovered wanting, your kingdom will beryllium divided up betwixt nan Medes and Persians.” (The Book of Daniel, 5). As is known, things did not spell good for King Belshazzar of Babylon. He was killed successful 539 B.C. erstwhile nan Persians conquered nan city.

The lawsuit of nan greenback is different. A abrupt decease of nan US Dollar is highly unlikely. 59% of cardinal slope deposits are successful dollars, and astir 85% of each transactions successful nan $5 trillion regular Forex markets are successful dollars. The US still has nan largest system successful nan world. There are, however, signs that nan reign of nan greenback is not going to past forever. The diminution is apt to beryllium gradual and whitethorn spell connected for years. According to Roubini location whitethorn beryllium a bipolar financial world wherever nan US Dollar is nary longer nan only main world currency. It is improbable that location will beryllium a total collapse of nan greenback.

At immoderate complaint nan Saudis person fixed signs that they are fresh to judge currencies different than nan US Dollar for oil. At nan WEF gathering successful Davos Saudi Arabia declared it would judge replacement currencies for oil. The extremity of nan power of nan petrodollar is only a mobility of time. It is simply a mobility of when, not if. (Saudi Arabia)

The petrodollar is nan ground of nan power of nan US currency. Simply putting into mobility this basal pillar of world finance is thing investors should salary attraction to. The Saudis whitethorn only beryllium utilizing nan threat of accepting different currencies for lipid successful bid to summation concessions from nan US, but past again they whitethorn beryllium superior astir it. The caller sojourn to Saudi Arabia of nan Chinese leader and adjacent relations pinch Putin bespeak that nan geopolitical business is changing.


Dedollarization has go a communal taxable of marketplace observers. An Internet hunt is revealing because it shows that respective countries are considering ways to debar nan US Dollar. Brazil and Argentina are discussing a communal currency. If they should agree, this would mean little request for US dollars successful South America. (Latin America)

There are reasons why respective countries are looking for ways to debar nan power of nan US currency. The US has utilized nan rate arsenic a limb by employing economical sanctions, freezing assets and sometimes outright confiscation arsenic financial intends to power countries that do not travel Washington’s wishes. The astir caller illustration of specified practices tin beryllium seen successful nan measures imposed against Russia successful relationship pinch nan conflict successful Ukraine. The ruble and nan Russian system person not been ruined by sanctions, and nan Russians person truthful acold not been convinced to propulsion retired of Ukraine. What they person done is to summation waste and acquisition pinch India and China. It should beryllium clear that this writer is not trying to make propaganda for Russia but alternatively to show that utilizing nan rate arsenic a limb is not a bully idea. Other countries will person seen nan powerfulness and unit of sanctions, and this realization whitethorn lead them to see intends of dedollarization.

Another logic for uncertainty successful nan spot of nan greenback is nan statement astir nan indebtedness ceiling presently connected nan level successful Congress. We tin expect antics akin to what happened successful nan past earlier nan indebtedness ceiling is raised astatine nan past infinitesimal successful bid to debar a default. In immoderate lawsuit nan threat of a default if Congress does not raise nan indebtedness limit is not apt to beforehand assurance successful nan American currency. Increasing Government spending is astir apt going to lead to much inflation.

More Inflation

The MSM (Main Stream Media) rejoices that ostentation is apparently slowing down. This does not mean that ostentation is going to spell distant immoderate clip soon. As dedollarization proceeds, ostentation is going to proceed because imported equipment will beryllium much expensive. The US has a immense waste and acquisition deficit. and moreover if caller figures bespeak a slowdown successful imports, nan US depends connected imports. See nan bully article by Wolf Richter connected imports. If nan US Dollar depreciates and it is profitable to make things successful nan US, it will still return respective years for nan outsourced intends of accumulation to beryllium shifted backmost to nan continental US.

There is besides nan evident problem that nan Government successful Washington has go accustomed to shortage financing, and nan national indebtedness is astir apt going to proceed to summation beyond nan coming $31.5 trillion, which is costing $526 cardinal annually to finance. See nan US Debt Clock (U.S. National Debt Clock: Real Time). With nan Fed raising liking rates, this sum will summation and soon beryllium complete $800 billion. That will measurement heavy connected a national fund of $6 trillion. It is improbable that nan politicians successful Washington are going to work together connected fund cuts that will swipe retired nan deficit. If fund deficits proceed successful future, which is highly likely, past nan costs of servicing nan national indebtedness could spell complete $ 1 trillion annually. The conclusion is that ostentation will go moreover worse.


Dr Paul Craig Roberts, erstwhile Assistant Secretary of nan Treasury for Economic Policy, predicts a US Dollar illness that will bring connected hyperinflation ( Dollar Dies ). The consequence of nan extremity of nan petrodollar will beryllium much ostentation and higher liking rates. It is not yet clear whether nan Saudis are going to ditch nan petrodollar aliases are only utilizing nan threat of accepting costs for lipid successful different currencies successful bid to person leverage successful trying to get immoderate advantages from nan US (see above). ( Washington's Power ) Paul Craig Roberts’ arguments were picked up by RT ( Warning ).

The Bottom Line for Investors

What dedollarization will mean for investors is that precocious ostentation is going to go entrenched successful nan American economy. The Government will do its portion to thief ostentation proceed while nan depreciation of nan rate successful Forex markets will usher successful nan caller property of a multi-polar world, which will mean an extremity to US hegemony. Investors will person to travel to grips pinch inflation, whether it is nan consequence of disastrous home financial guidance aliases caused by depreciation of nan rate successful Forex markets owed to dedollarization.

Physical golden is simply a bully hedge against inflation, assuming that nan Government does not travel nan illustration of FDR, who practically confiscated beingness golden successful nan US successful 1934 during nan Great Depression. Investors tin unafraid beingness golden extracurricular nan US successful nan dream of avoiding confiscation.

Normally existent property is simply a bully hedge against inflation, but astatine nan coming clip rising owe liking rates person sabotaged nan lodging market. In this lawsuit investing successful rental properties is preferable arsenic galore group will beryllium forced to rent because they will not beryllium capable to spend buying a house.

In a precocious inflationary situation bonds are not ever nan champion finance because nan liking complaint paid is usually little than nan complaint of inflation. Stocks that salary dividends tin beryllium preferable, particularly those successful sectors that defy inflation. At nan coming clip weapons manufacturers person a agleam early arsenic they are getting immense caller orders. Tech stocks could besides beryllium a bully finance arsenic caller layoffs will consequence successful higher profits for nan tech sector. Tech companies will beryllium much businesslike and frankincense much apt to move a handsome profit.

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