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General Information

Muskrats unite! Finally, a merchandise conceivably arsenic explosive arsenic Tesla Inc's (TSLA) rollercoaster thrust to nan pinnacles of motorized stardom. It has been immoderate clip successful nan making but Direxion has managed to trade an ETF (NASDAQ:TSLL) premised connected leveraging up Tesla, packaging it up, and serving it basking to agelong fanbois and evil shorts alike.

Popularity has thrust nan headline-grabbing automaker from zero to leader while providing a captive assemblage for passive ETF money raising. No different banal is arsenic divisive arsenic nan electrical automaker. None.

Besides, that is nan measurement Elon (as his devotees telephone him) would want it. Trademark Musk jawboning (when are robo-taxis coming retired again?) and imaginative licence person generated unprecedented tweetstorms not only accusing a Thai rescue volunteer of pedophilia but besides promoting nan righteousness of taking Tesla private.

Only Musk could propulsion it off. When nan SEC - who Musk had tagged "the short sellers enrichment commission" - flagged him for a penalty, he was forced to springiness up his president domiciled and to bargain $20M of Tesla stock, only for it to quadruple successful nan pursuing 18 months. A fitting punishment successful anyone's mind.

We person seen it each from nan South African visionary whose ngo connection is to prevention humanity from an biology calamity while jetting from mill to mill successful his Gulfstream G550ER.

Soon Tesla robots will put paid to nan tight labour marketplace easing Federal banker anxieties. Solar panels will lick nan world's power needs and nan outspoken engineer, now proprietor of Twitter, will possibly power nan world. Indeed, nan banal marketplace was boring earlier we had our very ain rocket man. Arguably, nan ETF beingness was boring until we had TSLL.

Price Action


Over nan past 5-years Tesla Inc (TSLA) has delivered 9x returns!

Musk's larger than life characteristic perchance eclipses Tesla. The $640B electrical conveyance leviathan has unrepentantly transformed nan automotive manufacture - from income of $4B successful 2015 to $81B successful 2022, nan story-stock has go nan poster kid of world sustainability.

Over nan aforesaid period, nan patient navigated $900M losses (FY 2015) to nose-bleed profits of almost $13B past year. So, who cares if nan institution has a guardant P/E of 53x and is much valuable (?) than each azygous automaker combined? Forget 2% terminal rates for world GDP and discount models - this banal whitethorn proceed its voyage to nan moon, successful sheer contempt for businesslike marketplace theory.

So, for anyone reasoning Tesla's epic thrust is not volatile enough, queue derision daily, er I mean Direxion Daily's leveraged Tesla ETF (TSLL). Who cares astir risk? Let's lever it, ore it, compound it regular and service it to nan masses. For nan boring money managers among you, smug pinch skepticism possibly for illustration america astatine ZMK, now is nan opportunity to find retired much astir nan latest craze successful concentrated, leveraged ETFs. To nan moon. (Neutral)

ETF unpackaged

Direxion Daily ETF spot TSLA bull (TSLL) provides 1.5x leveraged vulnerability to nan Texas-based EV leader. Investing successful a plethora of derivatives for that added boost, nan money intends to emulate nan EV maker's unpredictable value action. It employs a wide array of strategies including long/ short equity while utilizing derivatives specified arsenic switch contracts connected nan artillery electrical conveyance pioneer; this money is your summons to Tesla equity outperformance aliases monetary misery.

Key data


You wanted large beta and eye-watering value action? You sewage it - pinch TSLL turbo-charging Tesla's tumultuous ride.

The newish ETF is engineered by Direxion, a leader successful exotic ETFs, and destined for nan Teslarati and CEO worshippers alike. The money is simply a tradable instrumentality to build directional vulnerability aliases simply hedge retired a short position while embracing nan EV elephantine arsenic a modern-day mobility messiah.

The emblematic "daily" branding known by galore ETF watchers underpins a cardinal trait - regular resets connected compounding making semipermanent returns diverge from expected ones. That intends semipermanent holding is not suitable. Along pinch embedded leverage, and way dependency, nan levered ETF makes up for a volatility-charged package - a fitting tribute to nan outlandish Tesla CEO responsible for nan EV gyration sweeping nan world.

Product Structure

The money capitalizes connected Elon evangelism, charging you 97 ground points for nan privilege. That's possibly a shrewd move from Direxion, realizing fans whitethorn heap successful head-first without scrutinizing nan word sheet. TSLL was only launched successful August past twelvemonth but has since managed to build a $378M warfare thorax of funds.

Roughly ~$108M successful shares alteration hands regular - almost 1 4th of full AUM - underscoring nan fund's short-term bloodline. Spreads (0.13%) are large arsenic is attraction consequence fixed nan no-holds-barred wager connected Tesla nan ETF represents.

There is nary distribution nor diversification perks usually communal to astir ETFs. So, hide modern portfolio mentation and nan superior marketplace statement - this is simply a concentrated wager that Tesla will proceed to flourish sloppy of headwinds aliases title laying siege to nan EV firebrand.


The superior consequence surrounded leveraged ETFs is beta slippage - it's a multi-day search inefficiency. That intends value movements are calculated connected a percent ground for that time only. It is besides nan logic why Direxion uses nan trademark "DAILY" to item these are only tactical trading tools, pinch superior risks for semipermanent hodlers. Before investing, it is worthy familiarizing yourself pinch risks described by nan SEC that tin beryllium recovered here.

Beyond nan modular perils linked to leveraged ETFs, TSLL differentiates itself pinch egregious amounts of concentration. Its unsocial holding intends that diversification benefits often acquainted pinch ETFs are non-existent. Over-the-counter derivatives which nan money uses to make leverage implies notable risk. Unlike standardized derivative contracts, OTC implies nan absence of an intermediary specified arsenic a clearing location and imaginable downside, peculiarly successful times of heightened volatility should 1 of nan counterparties fail.

Tesla's dependence connected Elon Musk, possibly much truthful than immoderate different personage CEO could spell problem should he beryllium distracted aliases incapable to tally nan institution successful nan future. The ostentation simplification enactment has provided immoderate upwind for Tesla's sails and its first movers advantage has provided a meaningful head-start.

But title is coming pinch each awesome original instrumentality shaper announcing an EV line-up, slashing costs, and initiating possibly a drawn-out value war. Tesla has precocious slashed costs, its Shanghai mill remains specifically exposed to geo-political risk, and nan patient could possibly find itself a governmental punching-bag should China determine to retaliate against an extended scope of sanctions linked to its semi-conductor and exertion industries.

Musk has taken connected important indebtedness pinch his Twitter takeover - that excessively whitethorn unit banal prices as he offloads equity to finance continued woes astatine nan San-Francisco based societal media platform. He has promised not to waste much which is assuring. At worst, nan firm crusade could extremity successful a financial trainwreck - astatine champion a distraction but successful immoderate case, it is difficult to reason those commitments don't compete for nan visionary's time.

Key Takeaways

You wanted much volatility, much action-packed value action, much contention and Direxion Daily conscionable supplied it. Boatloads of it. Forget nan adults successful nan room, this levered play connected nan Texas EV titan's early fortunes provides nan action to outperform, time trade, aliases simply return a position - successful perchance nan astir divisive, disruptive and defining US corp of each time.

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