Treager’s latest pellet grill features improved hood (yay) and a touchscreen (nay)

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Traeger’s latest pellet smoker brings welcomed innovations to a caller value point. The institution conscionable unveiled its latest Ironwood design, which features a fistful of features that debuted connected nan much costly Timberline merchandise statement a fewer months ago. As a long-time Traeger smoker owner, I’m excited astir these updates arsenic they make utilizing nan grill much manageable and cleaner.

I’ve been utilizing nan $1,999 Ironwood XL grill for nan past week. So far, I’ve cooked a ample batch of title chickenhearted thighs, a mates of full chickens, and a tray of brussels sprouts. I expect to people a afloat reappraisal connected nan smoker successful nan coming weeks; I request to navigator a fewer much things first. So far, nan smoker has made a bully belief though I person immoderate reservations astir build quality.

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The awesome invention involves nan grease trap. It’s truthful overmuch easier successful nan caller Ironwood and Timberline grilss. In erstwhile Traeger models (and astir each of nan competition), nan drippings travel down a ample metallic cookware and into a constrictive transmission that leads to a bucket. This transmission is often nan problem, requiring changeless attraction and predominant cleanout. Now, nan full underbelly of nan smoker is nan channel. All nan drippings autumn onto a slopped portion of metallic that leads to a ample bucket successful nan mediate of nan smoker. Traeger introduced this redesign connected nan revised high-end Trimberline models a fewer months back, and I emotion it.

This creation offers a important advantage. Every spot of nutrient scrap and drippings goes successful nan aforesaid spot, resulting successful a cleaner burn. And then, erstwhile nan smoker has cooled off, nan proprietor tin push nan remaining scrum into nan bucket without removing immoderate portion of nan grill. It’s truthful easy. I dislike cleaning my different Traeger grills. The caller creation changes nan game.

The different important alteration involves nan smoker’s hood. Instead of having a doorway connected nan beforehand of nan hood, nan full hood folds back. As a result, nan hood is 1 portion prevention a mini spread for thermometer wires. The upside is much-less aerial leakage without a door. The downside is erstwhile you unfastened nan hood, nan interior somesthesia drops very accelerated — successful chilly wintertime Michigan, I mislaid 100 degrees of soul temp wrong 2 minutes, and it took astir 25 minutes to recover.

Overall, nan redesigned smoker is impressive, but I person concerns astir nan durability of nan LCD power surface and somesthesia knob. The power knob is captious successful nan cognition of nan grill, and it’s constructed retired of inexpensive plastic. The gearing wrong nan knob is made of moreover worse plastic. I fearfulness it will upwind poorly and quickly degrade erstwhile exposed to nan elements. This cardinal touchpoint feels chintzy, and nan remainder of nan grill feels bombproof. As for nan touchscreen, it useful poorly successful utmost weather. Thanks to an overnight crystal storm, my Ironwood XL trial was covered successful crystal this morning, truthful I tried nan touchscreen aft quickly brushing it disconnected immoderate of nan snowfall and ice. It didn’t work. The touchscreen had to beryllium wholly cleanable of crystal earlier it responded accurately to touch. Will it activity successful nan rain? I’m not sure, and that’s a awesome interest of mine. Who runs a smoker successful nan rainfall and snow, you ask? Me; I do.

I request to unrecorded pinch nan smoker to springiness last impressions. So look for a reappraisal successful nan coming weeks. But from my first cooks, I’m impressed pinch nan improvement of Traeger’s design. Key areas were updated to lick basal shortcomings, and that’s a awesome start.

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