TikTok’s new ‘Series’ feature lets creators put content behind a paywall

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TikTok is launching a caller characteristic called “Series” that allows eligible creators to station contented down a paywall, nan institution announced connected Tuesday. The caller monetization characteristic adds different measurement for creators to gain money for their contented connected nan app. Series is existent only disposable to prime creators, pinch applications to subordinate opening successful nan coming months.

Series enables eligible creators to station collections of premium contented down a paywall that viewers tin acquisition for access. One Series tin see up to 80 videos, each up to 20 minutes long. Standard videos connected TikTok tin presently only beryllium up to 10 minutes long, truthful nan expanded video magnitude for Series gives creators much clip and elasticity erstwhile filming things for illustration cooking demos, beauty tutorials, acquisition content, drama sketches and more. The alteration marks yet different measurement that TikTok is inching further into YouTube’s territory.

Creators tin prime nan value for their Series that they judge champion reflects nan worth of their exclusive content. The contented tin beryllium purchased for entree via nonstop in-video links aliases done a creator’s profile. A spokesperson for nan institution told TechCrunch that creators will beryllium capable to support 100% of their net aft applicable fees for a constricted time. TikTok will apt commencement taking a trim successful nan future, but didn’t opportunity really overmuch it would be.

It’s worthy noting that users won’t beryllium capable to usage Series arsenic a measurement to station big content, arsenic Series contented must abide by TikTok’s Community Guidelines.

“From nan apical postulation of must-know spreadsheet shortcuts to nan most effective workouts or nan latest baked oats recipe, nan divers scope of valuable and entertaining contented connected TikTok has quickly go a portion of a cardinal people’s lives astir nan world,” nan institution said successful a blog post. “Today we’re introducing Series, a caller measurement for creators to stock their stories, talents and productivity arsenic premium contented while further deepening their relationship pinch nan TikTok community.”

Today’s motorboat isn’t precisely a surprise, fixed that The Information reported past month that TikTok was moving connected a paywall feature. The caller characteristic will let TikTok to amended reward creators, who are nan driving facet of nan app, arsenic their viral videos person been captious to nan app’s maturation and popularity. However, nan thought of exclusive contented for paying users isn’t a caller concept, arsenic Instagram lets creators share subscriber-only content.

The caller characteristic comes 2 weeks aft TikTok launched the beta type of a revamped creator fund called nan “Creativity Program.” The programme is designed to make higher gross and unlock much opportunities for creators. The Creativity Program is disposable to prime creators connected an invite-only basis, pinch readiness to each eligible creators coming soon.

TikTok said it developed nan caller programme based connected feedback from creators connected its existent earning opportunities, including its Creator Fund. The fund, which rewards creators for celebrated videos, launched successful 2020 with a $1 cardinal committedness complete 3 years. Its exemplary has been criticized by creators who person complained astir debased payouts. TikTok is now acknowledging these concerns pinch nan motorboat of nan caller program.

The caller Series characteristic and Creativity Program are nan latest additions to TikTok’s suite of monetization tools, which includes LIVE subscriptions and TikTok Pulse. The institution besides has tips and gifts monetization features.

The description of TikTok’s existent payout offerings for creators comes arsenic its competitors are ramping up their offerings. Last month, YouTube began sharing advertisement revenue pinch Shorts creators. No short-form video level has rather figured retired really to stock advertisement gross up until now, which gives Shorts a notable limb up connected nan competition.

TikTok’s latest announcements show that it’s looking to appease creators and springiness them much ways to gain money done its level amid enhanced title from different companies.

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