TikTok begins blocking links to app store pages from creators’ bios

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TikTok has begun blocking links to app stores successful creators’ bios, TechCrunch learned and nan institution confirmed. The block, which will person important effect connected CPI (cost per install) run deals betwixt creators and brands, besides extends to third-party link-in-bio solutions for illustration Linktree.

The alteration was first spotted by Sendit’s co-founder David Tesler, who remarked connected Twitter he and others had tested nan functionality crossed a scope of accounts and recovered nan links nary longer worked to redirect clicks to nan App Store. Instead, erstwhile clicked, nan links displayed a connection reference “action cannot beryllium completed.”

Tesler besides noted nan 1 objection to nan rumor appeared to beryllium accounts that had an advertizing narration pinch TikTok.

While TikTok didn’t connection an charismatic connection connected this caller change, nan institution did corroborate that individual creator accounts will nary longer person nan expertise to nexus to app shop pages. However, they will beryllium capable to nexus retired to websites, arsenic before.

Going forward, only TikTok business accounts will beryllium capable to nexus to app shop pages. There won’t beryllium immoderate interest for this functionality — successful different words, businesses don’t person to salary to adhd nan nexus aliases work together to advertise connected nan level successful bid to utilize this option.

In addition, TikTok says it’s rolling retired a caller “Download app” fastener for business accounts to usage — and this is besides not an advertisement product.

The institution believes this alteration will amended nan clarity betwixt businesses and individual accounts by making their characteristic sets much distinct. But it’s besides intelligibly a push to displacement much of nan advertisement dollars that are coming flowing to creators done campaigns to spell straight to TikTok’s coffers instead. Now, businesses looking to constituent TikTok users to their app’s App Store listing will apt want to beforehand nan relationship pinch nan functional nexus by measurement of ads.

In caller years, TikTok has had expanding power connected nan App Store’s Top Charts — sometimes artificially inflating nan real-world fame of definite apps arsenic a flood of TikTok users unreserved to instal nan app from a trading campaign. These users don’t ever instrumentality astir beyond nan first install, yet nan velocity of nan caller downloads would nonstop nan app into nan apical charts, allowing others to besides observe it. With this change, TikTok-driven installs whitethorn diminution connected nan app stores, arsenic creators wouldn’t beryllium capable to tally nan aforesaid benignant of campaigns arsenic before.

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