TikTok adds dedicated video feeds for sports, fashion, gaming and food

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TikTok has softly added caller taxable feeds to its homepage alongside its existent “Following” and “For You” feeds. Some users are now seeing caller video feeds dedicated to “Sports,” “Fashion,” “Gaming” and “Food.” Swiping betwixt nan feeds shows you contented for each class without having to specifically hunt for it.

With this redesign, TikTok appears to beryllium looking to make it easier for group to find precisely what benignant of contented they want to watch aliases enactment up to day with. The app’s existent Following and For You feeds aren’t organized, and alternatively show you a scope of different types of contented wrong minutes. For instance, you could travel crossed a funny feline video and past spot a video correct aft it astir a sad story. With these caller categories, you tin prime nan type of contented you want to spot successful that moment.

If you’re looking for manner inspiration, you tin look done nan Fashion feed. If you’re looking for meal ideas, you tin browse done nan Food feed. Of course, you tin ever conscionable hunt for these things wrong nan app, but nan caller feeds connection a seamless measurement to watch circumstantial types of content.

TikTok's caller taxable feeds

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The alteration could beryllium a invited summation for users who want much statement wrong nan app on pinch nan expertise to watch what they’re successful nan temper for. On nan different hand, immoderate users whitethorn not beryllium fond of nan change, arsenic it somewhat overcrowds nan app’s homepage, which already features a batch of different things.

With this latest update, TikTok is apt hoping to scope a much defined assemblage pinch nan caller categories. It could besides beryllium a measurement for nan institution to amended align itself pinch its competitors. For instance, YouTube has had taxable categories astatine nan apical of its homepage for rather immoderate clip now, allowing users to find contented that they’re peculiarly interested, whether that’s music, gaming aliases podcasts.

It’s chartless if TikTok plans to instrumentality pinch these 4 categories aliases if it will rotation retired much successful nan future. It wouldn’t beryllium astonishing if nan app introduces much categories for things for illustration books and movies.

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