Thousands of Gen Z creators are using Fanfix to monetize content and interact with fans

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More and much Gen Z users are hopping connected The contented creation train in an effort to gain a surviving beyond a regular 9-5 gig. According to a 2022 study by Adobe, astir 45% of Gen Z creators surveyed said they want to gain money from their content.

However, fixed The caller play surrounding awesome societal media apps, pinch Meta discontinuing its monthly Reels Play prize program and The imaginable TikTok ban, galore creators are getting worried. Sixty percent of Gen Z creators usage TikTok to monetize content, The study said.

Fanfix, a Patreon competitor that is focused connected Gen Z creators and only allows cleanable content, whitethorn supply an other gross watercourse for creators. The subscription contented monetization level enables influencers to gain money straight from their followers.

Fanfix has attracted complete 10 cardinal users — including 3,000 creators, The institution claims. The mean yearly income for progressive creators is $70,000, its information shows.

As of this month, Fanfix says it paid retired $11 cardinal to creators truthful far, pinch projections to beryllium astatine $50 cardinal by The extremity of The year. It besides claims a gross tally complaint of $35 cardinal and believes it will beryllium profitable by Q1 2024, co-founder Harry Gestetner told TechCrunch.

The figures are notable for a two-year-old startup, particularly erstwhile The existent marketplace makes it harder for creator-focused startups to succeed.

Fanfix is simply a web exertion wherever creators Can create a membership, group a paywall and past station contented down The paywall. Creators Can group their ain subscription price, pinch The minimum costs being $5 per period and The maximum being $50.

Influencers Can besides gain moreover much pinch features for illustration “Tip-to-DM” a pay-to-message characteristic that allows fans to salary betwixt $3 to $500 to chat privately pinch their favourite creators.

Fanfix besides precocious launched a one-time purchases characteristic arsenic good arsenic a caller connection blast feature, wherever creators Can scope retired to each their subscribers astatine once.

Other features in The useful see one-to-one calls, personalized videos and livestreaming.

Additionally, Fanfix has an analytics dashboard, allowing users to way their earnings, subscriber count, and different capacity metrics. This Can beryllium a useful instrumentality if creators want to stock metrics pinch brands and hopefully onshore opportunities.

The level generates gross by taking a 20% committee fee. This is simply a small precocious compared to a fewer competitors, specified arsenic Fanhouse which only takes 10%. Patreon requires creators to motion up for 1 of its subscription plans, charging a monthly interest that ranges from 5% to 12%.

Although Fanfix doesn’t scheme to little The committee fee, The institution pointed retired that it has nary hidden fees and offers a much “premium service” than astir competitors, said Gestetner.

“If you look astatine different platforms, a batch of them complaint The creators a costs processing fee. So, location are a batch of hidden fees, and we’re very transparent astir really we monetize,” added co-founder Simon Pompan.

“Fanfix is 1 in this abstraction that’s emerging arsenic The leader in The cleanable Gen Z-first monetization abstraction because our platform, very simply, has been The spot wherever creators gain The astir money,” Gestetner said. “Creators mostly are very happy pinch The committee interest because they cognize that they’re earning much money connected our level than they do elsewhere.”

Simon Pompan (left) and Harry Gestetner (right)

Gestetner and Pompan person been friends since precocious schoolhouse and launched Fanfix in August 2021 erstwhile they were attending college. Shortly aft launching Fanfix, Gestetner and Pompan brought Vine prima Cameron Dallas onto The team.

The thought of Fanfix came astir erstwhile Gestetner’s relative blew up connected TikTok, gaining tens of millions of views yet incapable to monetize. After doing immoderate research, Gestetner recovered that a batch of creators were struggling to make money.

In general, The creator system Can beryllium a tricky abstraction to tackle– particularly for full-time, smaller creators looking to make ends meet. Smaller creators seldom unafraid marque deals fto unsocial accordant ones that supply a unchangeable gross stream.

“Brand deals underserved a immense mostly of creators, and location needed to beryllium a measurement that creators could monetize straight from their loyal fans without having to trust connected brands, agents, studios aliases grounds labels. There was a spread in The marketplace for a clean, family-friendly Gen Z instrumentality rank platform,” he said.

Fanfix’s target assemblage is 13 to 24 years old, truthful The level has strict content guidelines and prohibits nudity arsenic good arsenic contented that promotes forbidden activities.

The level makes judge to protect users and creators nether 18 pinch further information features for illustration study functions and quality moderators that show backstage messages 24/7 arsenic good arsenic reappraisal creator accounts doubly a day.

Regardless of a creator’s age, they Can usage The “safe mode” feature, which allows them to alteration human-reviewed messages.

Overall, The full level is human-moderated.

Fanfix only accepts creators pinch a follower count of 10,000 aliases more. The creator must fresh pinch Fanfix’s “brand image” and beryllium capable to convert.

We said pinch Savannah Rae Demers, a 22-year-old contented creator who started utilizing Fanfix in The outpouring of 2022. Demers said that, truthful far, she has made astir $100,000 connected The platform.

“My subscription complaint is presently $8, which leaves maine making astir $6.40 from each subscriber per month,” Demers told us. “With astir 2,100 subscribers, that is already astir $13,500 a period conscionable from subscribers. That does not moreover see further tips and net from messaging.”

Fanfix hosts different successful creators, including Madi Monroe, Brooke Monk and Anna Shumate, among others. There is an mean of astir 200 Fanfix subscribers per creator connected The platform, according to The company.

“I was instantly intrigued pinch The wide conception of this level – having a spot to archive behind-the-scenes contented and not having only marque deals to trust connected sounded beautiful awesome to me! Also having a spot to genuinely chat and prosecute pinch my organization of followers is ace typical to maine and that is precisely what Fanfix gave maine pinch The messaging broadside of The platform,” Demers added.

Gestetner and Pompan were only 21 and 23, respectively, erstwhile they sold Fanfix to SuperOrdinary in June 2022 for 8 figures. SuperOrdinary partners pinch much than 140 brands, specified arsenic Farmacy, OLAPLEX, The Honest Company, and more.

SuperOrdinary has its ain e-commerce level called GalaGala, which offers a action of brands curated by influencers.

Eventually, Fanfix creators will beryllium capable to collaborate pinch SuperOrdinary to waste products in their ain online stores.

“Being a portion of Fanfix, these creators get entree to The full SuperOrdinary ecosystem. Whether it’s giving entree to The brands aliases immoderate it is, entree to a strategy that really nary different level Can provide,” Gestetner said.

In November 2022, The institution launched SuperLink, a monetization-focused link-in-bio level that displays a creator’s Fanfix page. Creators get 46% of The advertisement revenue.

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