This e-bike brand by Lime and Didi vets pedals into the US with $12M raised

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The e-bike marketplace successful America is getting a brave caller player. Off nan backmost of its $7.4 cardinal Series A backing close, Velotric announced this week that it will beryllium doubling down connected U.S. description pinch its privately-owned e-bikes.

The caller information boosts nan one-year-old startup’s full financing to $12 million. The magnitude seems paltry compared to nan $320 million that much established player Rad Power has raised, taking into relationship that this is simply a cash-intensive manufacturing business. But Velotric believes it has nan concealed condiment for managing rate travel while producing competitory products.

The startup, which makes premium electrical bicycles for commutes and off-road adventures for nether $2,000, didn’t travel from nowhere. It’s nan caller task of Adam Zhang, nan hardware co-founder of Lime, nan shared e-scooter institution that is gearing up for an IPO; Xiao Xiaotao, who managed Lime’s hardware R&D; and Sun Zhen, erstwhile main designer of Chinese thrust hailing elephantine Didi’s shared motorcycle program. The squad besides consists of erstwhile labor from starring motorcycle brands Giant, Specialized and Decathlon.

Zhang’s co-founders astatine Lime are besides vouching for nan young startup. Brad Bao, Lime’s existent CEO, and Toby Sun, nan mobility company’s erstwhile CEO, some participated successful Velotric’s Series A financing round. Other investors included Redpoint China Ventures, Fosun RZ Capital and Uphonest.

The investors are counting connected nan team’s heavy acquisition successful managing hardware design, accumulation and proviso concatenation for Lime successful China to create a competitory edge.

“Most e-bike companies [that] raised a batch of money successful nan past years were measurement excessively optimistic astir banal guidance and marketplace growth,” Zhang tells TechCrunch.

“Given our proven experiences astatine Lime, we person tighter power of our proviso concatenation compared to astir of our competitors, which intends much ratio successful logistics, banal management, manufacturing management, and rate management,” he continues. “These are each important factors that are cardinal to a successful user business pinch a patient rate flow.”

For example, it takes conscionable 85 days from nan constituent that Velotric places orders pinch factories to erstwhile it starts shipping to customers, compared to nan emblematic rhythm of 150-180 days from different plug-in motorcycle makers, Zhang claims. It besides straight manages its bikes’ halfway components — parts that costs much than $10 and pinch a lead clip of much than 30 days. That intends it tin bypass nan shaper to straight power nan value of motorcycle parts and bid planning.

“We besides person comparatively bully costs position pinch our suppliers truthful we tin execute accelerated maturation pinch little capital,” he adds.

Lastly, Velotric prides itself connected its proprietary technologies, which it argues make a noticeable quality successful rider experience. With half of its 74 labor moving connected R&D, nan institution develops its centrifugal and artillery guidance strategy (BMS) in-house, mounting itself isolated from astir brands that combine parts from original instrumentality manufacturers (OEMs).

This suite of self-developed components, coupled pinch Velotric’s booster algorithm, leads to “more torque, scope and powerfulness efficiency” successful its bikes, Zhang claims. Velotric’s existent e-bike models boast a 50% longer scope than akin products connected nan market.

Velotric’s dense R&D finance is apt putting a compression connected profit margins, but nan squad seems pleased pinch its maturation truthful far. It booked revenues of $15 cardinal from May done December past year, trading complete 10,000 units. The marque manages to pull a higher-than-average female personification guidelines — 38%, which it attributes to its much aesthetically appealing colour options. About 60% of its buyers are from nan property of 35 – 54.

Velotric has been trading bikes done direct-to-consumer channels for illustration its website but is progressively tightening ties pinch independent motorcycle dealers. Between November 2022 and February 2023, its number of unit partners grew from 21 to 144. By 2023, it expects its bikes to deed nan shelves of much than 600 stores successful nan U.S.

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