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Cyberpunk 2077 moving connected a gaming monitor.Jacob Roach

I cognize it sounds excessively bully to beryllium true, but there’s a $7 app that will double your capacity in immoderate game, pinch immoderate graphics card. There are immoderate caveats, arsenic you astir apt suspect, but The app useful shockingly good considering what it does — and I haven’t stopped utilizing it since downloading it connected Steam.

The app in mobility is called Lossless Scaling. It does 2 things. When The app released in 2018, it allowed you to upscale games (or immoderate different content) utilizing a much blase algorithm than what your show uses. More recently, Lossless Scaling has added framework generation, and conscionable a mates of weeks ago, that framework procreation was overhauled.

Lossless Scaling isn’t perfect, and there’s decidedly a learning curve for getting The astir retired of The utility. But it’s without a uncertainty 1 of The astir powerful utilities installed connected my PC, and it’s thing I’m shocked I’ve gone truthful agelong without.

Get your play teardown of The tech down PC gaming

A typical utility

Logo for The Lossless Scaling utility. THS

There are various forms of upscaling and framework procreation available, but Lossless Scaling is typical because it doesn’t attraction astir what crippled you’re playing aliases what hardware you person installed. It useful astatine a show level, wherever devices for illustration Nvidia’s DLSS 3 and AMD’s FSR 3 activity astatine a crippled level, and AMD’s Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) useful astatine a driver level. Lossless Scaling trades immoderate value pinch wherever it sits in The show chain, but it makes up for that shortcoming pinch support.

You Can usage it in immoderate game, and that includes online games. There are various ways to inject upscaling aliases framework procreation into games done mods, but you usually can’t usage them in online games. They’ll emblem The anti-cheat software, which could consequence in a ban. Lossless Scaling doesn’t messiness pinch immoderate crippled files, truthful it’s wholly safe to usage in an online game. I moreover took it retired for a rotation in Destiny 2 for a bit, and it worked flawlessly.

It besides useful pinch immoderate GPU. Support for framework procreation is sporadic, sloppy of if you usage an Nvidia aliases AMD GPU. Some games usage FSR 3, others usage DLSS 3, but astir games person neither. Lossless Scaling fills in The gaps. In addition, it useful pinch GPUs that don’t support these technologies for illustration Intel’s Arc cards and older AMD and Nvidia graphics. Most impressive, you Can tally it connected handhelds for illustration The ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go as well.

The Lossless Scaling app connected The Lenovo Legion Go.Jacob Roach

I’m chiefly focused connected The framework procreation here, arsenic that’s The astir awesome facet of Lossless Scaling. Upscaling is present, however, and it works. The app includes 9 different upscaling types, including Nvidia Image Sharpening (NIS) and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 1, which you Can use to immoderate game. It useful peculiarly good pinch older games that don’t support this tech, arsenic good arsenic emulators. That said, some Nvidia and AMD connection this aforesaid functionality done their ain drivers, truthful you don’t request Lossless Scaling for upscaling alone.

The upscaling is besides applicable extracurricular of games. Filters for illustration Anime4K let you to upscale older animated contented to a higher solution and compression retired much quality. In playing astir pinch Lossless Scaling, that’s chiefly wherever I recovered myself utilizing The upscaling portion.

For games, however, it’s each astir framework generation. Lossless Scaling useful shockingly good considering what it’s Can of doing, but you request to usage it decently to get The champion results.

Configuration required

The Lossless Scaling app in Windows.Jacob Roach

Lossless Scaling includes 2 framework procreation algorithms. There’s LSFG 1.1 and LSFG 2.0, and they’re algorithms made for this app specifically that were created pinch instrumentality learning. Frame procreation was introduced to this app astatine The opening of The year, but LSFG 2.0, which was added this month, is simply a monolithic assistance in quality.

The measurement The app useful is simple. Either you motorboat it done Steam, aliases configure it to motorboat astatine startup. Then you commencement playing a game. From there, you Can prosecute The framework procreation either by hitting a hotkey aliases by pressing The Scale button in The window. The second action will trigger a countdown, during which you request to move backmost to your game.

Your results disconnected The bat will beryllium bad. I considered trashing this full article aft booting up Remnant 2 with framework procreation turned on. Not only was my framework complaint little pinch framework procreation turned on, but I besides encountered a messiness of stuttering that made The crippled highly unpleasant to play. In bid to get The astir retired of Lossless Scaling, you request to beryllium capable to headdress your framework complaint in a crippled astatine a accordant spot.

I sewage The champion results by acold erstwhile I capped my framework complaint to 60 frames per 2nd (fps). Assuming I could deed that framework complaint consistently in a game, Lossless Scaling would springiness maine a near-flawless 120 fps pinch minimal hiccups. I stumbled upon The framework complaint headdress erstwhile testing Elden Ring, which is usually capped to 60 fps. Lossless Scaling worked perfectly in that game, starring maine to group a headdress in different titles. The only statement present is to group your headdress connected a per-game basis. A world framework complaint cap, specified arsenic The 1 you Can prosecute in The Nvidia Control Panel, will limit Lossless Scaling.

Elden Ring moving connected The Asus ROG PG42UQ.Jacob Roach

You Can spell lower, pinch 30 fps being The absolute floor, but The value deteriorates quickly erstwhile you spell beneath a guidelines framework complaint of 60 fps. It doesn’t request to beryllium precisely 60 fps arsenic agelong arsenic you’re close, though. With Lossless Scaling, I went from astir 50 fps in Elden Ring on The MSI Claw each The measurement up to 90 fpg to 100 fps.

Outside of mounting a framework complaint cap, you’ll besides want to tally in borderless full-screen mode. The app gets retired of sorts erstwhile moving in afloat screen, particularly if you’re utilizing upscaling and framework procreation together. In addition, I usually for illustration engaging Lossless Scaling pinch a basking key. Switching from The app backmost to a crippled Can origin immoderate issues depending connected what crippled you’re playing.

Perhaps astir important retired of each of The settings in The app is The Performance mode, however. With LSFG 2.0, there’s a toggle for The Performance mode. The framework procreation algorithm has rather a spot of overhead, overmuch much than FSR 3 aliases DLSS 3. The Performance mode trades immoderate value for amended performance, which is peculiarly useful for weaker GPUs. If you don’t usage it, location are configurations that will consequence in lower performance pinch framework procreation connected than pinch it off.

Not perfect, but bully enough

LSFG 2.0 in Cyberpunk 2077

Lossless Scaling useful very well, but it’s surely not a afloat replacement for DLSS 3 aliases FSR 3. During accelerated motion, peculiarly in first-person games, location are artifacts. You Can spot that in action in Cyberpunk 2077 above. Around The tree, there’s a batch of ghosting arsenic I quickly move backmost and forth. Thankfully, these aren’t excessively distracting in motion, and they’re surely easy to forgive in games that don’t support DLSS 3 aliases FSR 3.

In addition, The app Can beryllium fickle. I’ve already mentioned The issues pinch full-screen modes in game, but location are definite games wherever you whitethorn request to discontinue and reopen The crippled earlier The framework procreation will stick. For The astir part, however, I didn’t person excessively galore issues enabling Lossless Scaling in borderless mode pinch a framework complaint headdress enabled.

Finally, you request to person immoderate level of unchangeable capacity feeding into Lossless Scaling for The champion results. In Dragon’s Dogma 2, for example, I was oscillating betwixt a soft acquisition and a choppy 1 depending connected wherever I was astatine in The game. Ideally, you’ll want to deed 60 fps consistently pinch minimal drops if you want to get The astir retired of Lossless Scaling.

Going from a unchangeable 60 fps to a unchangeable 120 fps is nary elemental feat, though. Lossless Scaling is simply a spot of magic for your PC, and moreover connected a high-end rig, I’ve been utilizing it prevention powerfulness and get much accordant capacity retired of games. I particularly for illustration it connected handhelds specified arsenic The ROG Ally, wherever you Can get overmuch smoother capacity retired of The device.

There are immoderate issues pinch artifacts from clip to time, and The messing astir pinch The app isn’t ever a soft experience. I’m consenting to make those compromises considering really powerful Lossless Scaling is, though. The truth that it useful pinch immoderate crippled and immoderate GPU is simply a immense plus, moreover if you’re conscionable filling in The gaps betwixt FSR 3 and DLSS 3. I would urge rolling The dice and seeing really you for illustration The app — I could deliberation of overmuch worse ways to walk $7.

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