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Cantata Haptique RS90 cosmopolitan smart location remote.Cantata

A monolithic spread was near by Logitech erstwhile it exited The cosmopolitan distant business, which it had agelong dominated pinch its Harmony statement of smart learning remotes. Several companies person tried to prime up from wherever Logitech near off, from The budget-minded SofaBaton, to The pricey Control4 Neeo, but nary person been capable to triumph The hearts and minds of sofa surfers.

French/Indian/Chinese startup Cantata hopes to alteration that pinch its first merchandise — The Haptique RS90 — a sleek, angled chunk of aluminum that looks a small for illustration personification took a Motorola RAZR telephone and turned it into a remote.

The RS90 and its upgraded sibling, The RS90X, travel pinch charging guidelines and are being crowdfunded connected Kickstarter until July 19. While early backers whitethorn beryllium capable to get a Haptique RS90 for arsenic small arsenic 240 euros (about $260), Cantata expects The RS90 will waste for 600 euros (about $645) and The RS90X will spell for 750 euros (about $806) erstwhile (if?) The devices make it to regular unit outlets. We’d besides for illustration to punctual you that crowdfunding Can beryllium a notoriously unreliable measurement to bargain a product, and since this is Cantata’s first footwear astatine The can, The risks are overmuch higher than pinch a well-known brand.

Cantata Haptique RS90 cosmopolitan smart location remote.Cantata

Still, The Haptique RS90 promises to blend a touchscreen interface pinch dedicated beingness (and backlit) buttons, in a rechargeable distant power that Can talk to virtually immoderate instrumentality in your home. Cantata says it Can emit infrared (IR), link via Bluetooth, and interact pinch a assortment of hub-based and hubless ZigBee smart location ecosystems. Cantata plans to waste 2 colour options: ray metallic and gunmetal grey — very Apple-esque — and says it will backmost The Haptique pinch a three-year warranty.

As you take different activities, e.g. listening to Spotify, streaming Netflix, etc., The built-in 3.1-inch show will show customized interfaces pinch further controls and features for each activity.

Cantata Haptique RS90 cosmopolitan smart location remote.Cantata

When The run finishes and backers (hopefully) person their remotes in August 2024, The strategy is expected to support:

  • Spotify
  • Denon and Marantz HEOS devices
  • Yamaha AV receivers
  • Philips HUE lighting
  • Home Assistant
  • Sonos
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Roku

By The extremity of The year, that database is scheduled to grow to include:

  • Roon
  • Devialet
  • Kodi
  • Ikea Tradfri devices
  • Deezer
  • Sony PlayStation 5
  • Kaleidescape
  • Bang & Olufsen

Finally, Cantata says that Samsung SmartThings will besides beryllium supported, but hasn’t offered a timeline connected it.

Cantata Haptique RS90 cosmopolitan smart location remote.Cantata

As pinch Logitech’s now-discontinued statement of Elite remotes, programming of The Haptique remotes is done via a mobile app for Android aliases iOS, which Can besides enactment arsenic a backup distant in lawsuit The Haptique stops moving aliases needs a recharge.

Both The RS90 and RS90X stock The aforesaid basal design, but you Can expect to get much from The RS90X. It features much memory, much storage, a faster processor, an OLED show (the RS90 utilized LCD), an IR receiver, Bluetooth 5.0 (versus 4.2 connected The RS90) and moreover a fingerprint reader. The X version besides uses a much up-to-date Android 12 operating system, while The regular exemplary is based connected Android 8.1.

Both remotes besides see a microphone, but it’s not yet clear whether you’ll beryllium capable to rumor sound commands straight to your devices. Cantata says it’s moving connected Siri integration for Apple TV, pinch Amazon’s Fire TV and Android TV sound support to travel later. Voice integration proved to beryllium The 1 area that Logitech’s Harmony remotes ne'er mastered, and arsenic voice-based devices for illustration Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and smart TV became much popular, Harmony remotes simply couldn’t support pace. Logitech tried very concisely (and unsuccessfully) pinch The Alexa-powered Harmony Express. We’ll spot if Cantata’s Haptique is much successful astatine bridging that gap.

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