These are the biggest French startups in 2023 according to the French government

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It’s that clip of nan year. The French authorities and nan government-backed inaugural La French Tech gathered applications, processed nan numbers and classed nan 120 top-performing startups successful France correct now, pinch a typical class for nan apical 40 ones. The consequence is two rankings that are based connected nonsubjective criteria — nan Next40 and French Tech 120.

Before I show you much astir nan criteria and what you get erstwhile you’re portion of these lists, here’s this year’s French Tech 120 and Next40:

Image Credits: La French Tech

Compared to past year’s Next40, 29 of them were already portion of nan apical category. It intends that 11 startups joined nan group — some of them were already portion of nan French Tech 120 and out-performed nan remainder of nan startup industry, specified arsenic EcoVadis, NW Storm, Innovafeed, Pigment and Verkor.

Newcomers successful nan Next40 are ClubFunding (a existent property finance platform), Electra and ZePlug (two EV charging startups), Flying Whales (airship manufacturer), SAFTI (real property marketplace) and Wifirst (a master telecom company).

As for past year’s Next40 startups, immoderate of them became nationalist companies — nan French authorities only wants to see backstage companies successful these rankings to springiness immoderate visibility to companies that don’t stock their net publicly. That’s nan logic why Deezer is nary longer present this twelvemonth and OVHcloud was removed from nan database past year. Others moved down to nan 2nd class aliases dropped of nan rankings altogether. For instance, Meero is obscurity to beryllium found.

The Next40 ranking is still mostly wished by really overmuch VC money you’ve raised. If your institution is simply a unicorn, which intends that if you person raised a backing information that led to a valuation of $1 cardinal aliases more, nan startup automatically becomes a Next40 company. That’s really 26 companies joined nan Next40. As for nan remainder of nan group, they person raised a backing information of €100 cardinal aliases much betwixt 2020 and 2022 ($107 cardinal astatine today’s speech rate).

In nan adjacent category, nan French Tech 120, nan authorities selected nan 40 companies that person raised nan biggest backing rounds. For this year, these startups person raised astatine slightest €40 cardinal ($43 million).

Finally, for nan past 40 startups that person been selected, nan authorities looked astatine revenue. These companies generated astatine slightest €10 cardinal successful yearly turnover and person been increasing astatine a accelerated gait pinch astatine slightest 25% successful year-on-year gross maturation complete nan past 3 years.

And it’s existent that immoderate of these startups now make immoderate superior revenue. For instance, Mirakl has reached $135 cardinal successful yearly recurring gross successful 2022. The startup operates marketplaces for third-party products connected celebrated e-commerce websites. The institution processed $6 cardinal successful gross merchandise measurement past year. Digital trading automation work Sendinblue reached €100 cardinal successful yearly recurring gross ($107 million). Younited reported €190 cardinal ($203 million) successful gross past year.

These French startups tin scope retired to La French Tech if they look an rumor pinch nationalist administrations. La French Tech tin past make an intro pinch a French Tech typical successful 1 of nan 60 different partner administrations. These reps effort to thief startups erstwhile it comes to obtaining visas for overseas employees, getting a certification aliases a patent, trading a merchandise to a nationalist administration, etc.

Overall, nan 120 companies successful nan French Tech 120 activity pinch 47,800 employees. These startups make €11.3 cardinal successful gross ($12 billion). In different words, astir metrics are moving up and to nan right, but immoderate are increasing much quickly than others. For instance, only 15 companies person astatine slightest 1 female co-founder aliases CEO. There’s still a agelong measurement to spell erstwhile it comes to female practice and diverseness successful nan French tech ecosystem.

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